Could The President’s UN Remarks Undermine Religious Liberty?

In an address before the United Nations, President Obama proclaimed to the planetary assembly, “No children — anywhere — should be educated to hate people.”

The President went on to clarify, “There should be no tolerance of so-called clerics who call upon people to harm innocents.”

The President suggested that this could be accomplished in part by composing a “new compact…to eradicate the corruption of young minds by violent ideology” and by “contesting the space that terrorists occupy — including the Internet and social media.”

Such proposed policies sounds like a prudent course of action to take against those out to destroy the American way of life.

But in deciphering the double talk that spews from the mouths of political elites like phlegm during flu season, the discerning grow concerned as to whether or not such rhetorical pronouncements will only be used against the jhadist menace.

Given the President’s fundamental ideological orientation as a socialistic secularist, what safeguards are to be put in place that these strategies won’t be used against Americans of a conservative Evangelical or Roman Catholic persuasion?

For example, when the average American hears Obama insist that no child anywhere should be taught to hate other people, images of toddlers and preschoolers being indoctrinated by a giant plushy mouse as to the glories of not only killing Christians and Jews but of their own suicide martyrdoms.

However, in the eyes of the crowd that Obama runs with, propagating hate can consist of little more than publicly reading those passages of Scripture critical of homosexuality or peacefully insisting that professing belief in Christ is the only path to eternal salvation.

In fact, columnist Mark Steyn was dragged before a Canadian human rights tribunal for remarks not too much more rhetorically forceful than those made by Obama on the floor of the United Nations by simply exposing what jihadists had themselves articulated.

Obama suggested that different faiths should come together to speak out against this violent worldview.

It depends upon what the President means by that.

Fine and dandy if he means a respect for human decency being enunciated individually from behind each pulpit in a wide variety of houses of worship.

However, if the President is suggesting that widely diverging faiths are obligated to open their pulpits to one another free of doctrinal criticism as to where these guests measure up and fall theologically short, the government will have taken a step one too many to the point where its agencies will likely become the next great threat to our own liberties and well being once the identifiable terrorist menace has been identified and appropriately dispatched.

By Frederick Meekins

Feathered Quill Periodical is Posted

Greetings this wonderful Wednesday, hump day. And appropriately called so. Well several months ago we made an announcement about a particular publication that would be coming online. Well folks, it is with great pleasure to inform you that the FEATHERED QUILL PERIODICAL ministry news letter, is fully up and running.

There are 8 pages of stories, news and updates all available for your enjoyment.

So feel free to let us know what you think and we’ll do better with the next issue. Which is done to come out on the 15th of February, 2015.

We hope you will enjoy reading the columns of our writers with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Global Press Corps.

Thank you for your patience and support of our humble ministry and know you are all as much apart of this ministry as we the clergy and volunteer Brothers and Sisters are. Were here by Gods calling to serve and we are doing the best we can for you and all of Gods children.

So enjoy the Feathered Quills Inaugural Debut. Our Spiritual Love and Prayers are with you always, God Bless you all in all we do in our Lords wonderful, beautiful and ever Holy Name as well.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley … (+)

The Holy See of Antioch – Is Re-established !

Yes folks, it’s true ! Want to know more ? Watch the Message! We are very blessed to be apart of this achievement and very historical moment in our lifetime. We are the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Church and Ministry.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley
Holy See of Antioch of the Celtic Cross

Can Thought Police Evict Citizens For Espousing Criminal Ideas?

A campaign commercial opposing Maryland gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan insists that assault rifles have no place in Maryland and neither do his dangerous ideas.

In a state that wallows in its embrace of diversity, who is to say what ideas belong there?

More importantly, how would this be policed?

The statement goes to a level much more profound than electoral politics.

In all likelihood, Larry Hogan will continue to reside in the jurisdiction (and thus his ideas) even if he loses the election.

What if a similar advertisement was broadcast promulgating nearly the same perspective insisting the proponents of gay marriage, amnesty for illegals, and radical Islam were not welcome in the state of Maryland either?
By Frederick Meekins