Show your support to our Service perso and thier Families

To start things off I’d like to let all service men and women know how much I and my family appreciate you efforts and dedication to protecting us from harms way. I wish to also thank the support of your families as the hope and pray for your safe return. We are indebted to you all and if I could I’d shake all of your hands and give each one of you a medal. But for now you will remain in my prayers and wishing all of you a very happy holiday season.
Now for a very special thank you to the U.S. Coast Guard personal, I wish you all the best life has to offer and I thank you for giving me and my family the same opportunity by keeping us safe here on the home front. Please, keep up the good work. I am putting a picture of my old ship the Icebreaker Mackinaw (wagb-83) which is now retired and a museum in Mackinaw City, MI. Thanks to all who severed on her and happy holidays.