To all the people of the world and also those that call themselves Christians, I have a few questions,take a few moments between each question and ponder your answer and then please answer them truthfully within yourself.

What is it that you seek?

What is the one thing that consumes your thoughts?

What is your focus in your life?

What is the one thing in your life you want most?

Do you feel that you have achieved what you want?

Are you ready to handle what it is that you want?

People and Warriors, these are real questions you must have a definitive answer for, in order for God to be able to grant them for you, making it a blessing in your life. But be careful what you ask fore because he just might give it to you.

The answer to these questions are already known by God. Now I will ask. What should you be seeking, thinking, and wanting? And have you achieved it?

That answer is much more difficult to answer because most, are not willing to pay the price for it and will never achieve it. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and work hard at what we want.

If it is your hearts desire, then I pray it is granted to you.

But even after all of these questions I know that some of you have no idea what I am really asking. Or realize the importance of what I am asking. It is shielded from you, because you are not looking, seeking, thinking, and wanting the same thing God wants for you in this life. Haven’t your ministers, preachers, pastors, and priests taught you the answer to these questions? I’m sure they have!

Now then what is the problem, it is simple, so simple that you over look it most every time and that is listening. You need to slow down and wait on the, sometimes whispers of the word of God in your life. Also, you must except it by faith that it is His word in your heart and mind. Then you have to act on that instruction to it’s completion, other wise the word of God is not full filled in your life or for your life. The blessings of which will be lost to you and to those around you. It is the Love of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that seek to help you and give you all discernment in regards to all matters of the heart, if you do not listen and seek and strive for, than you are lost to this life and the promise of the Father.

I am sure that all people that call themselves Christian do not want this to happen, but I am here to tell you that you are not doing enough to full fill the wishes of the Holy Trinity for your life and that your priorities are all backwards. Think again my questions, stay in the light by reading your Holy Bibles and the answers to theses questions will be granted to you.

I will pray for you that you recognize and reorganize your priorities in your life and put back in order the things that are pleasing unto God. And that your life will be filled abundantly with the glory and love and peace that only can come from Him for your life.

Rev.Dr. Andrew Manley D. D. Chaplain, CCM, ULCCC, ULCCF, TGMCMA, NACM, AOCI

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