Think about what you know…

Warriors, Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation. The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. His work is honorable and glorious: and His righteousness endureth for ever.Psalms,111 verse 1-3.

We are His creation,we are created in His likeness, we are His people, we are His congregation we are, His followers.

Well folks I don’t know about you but I’m really glad that He loves His faithful so very much. Because the alternative is to unbearable to even think about.

He is very so mindful of the covenant He made with us, but way is it that we so often forget our covenant with Him, except when we want something for Him?

I am just so thankful that He loves us unconditionally, for without Him, we are lost. So give praise and credit where it belongs, not with you but with what He has given you as an ability to do His work. Then and only then will you be able to stand before him justified in the life He gave you…With love and prayers for all our Christian Warriors, stand tall, stand firm and be glad in His grace…

Chaplain Andrew R. M. Manley DD.

Warriors and all Christians, check this out!

Warriors, I found this very short article, and although the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church find it in well, lets say bad taste. I, as many of you know by now, am much more progressive in my thinking and in this ministry which is of an Independent Catholic and Christian organization.

Anyhow, I believe in using the modern technologies for the purpose of spreading the word of God around the world. Whats funny about all this is that the Vatican probable won’t get any royalties from the proceeds.

Think of it this way for a moment, when our Lord and Savior was amongst our ancestors, I am sure He used every means available to Him as well as the apostles and saints throughout our history to communicate and spread the word. Maybe He even used air-mail from time to time that is by pigeon or even falcons. Who knows for sure?

So with that said it is just another way for me to stay committed to what God has put into my heart and I see nothing wrong with this concept. I’m just somewhat disappointed I didn’t come up with it first.

Look at it this way folks. If having a picture of a heavenly body (for a lack of a better association) on your cell phone is such a bad thing, than what of poster prints and computer wallpaper, and or even paintings or the pictures inside of our Holy Bibles and lets not forget to mention the statuary’s like the display of the nativity at Christmas with all the millions of pictures around the world being taken especially at the Vatican it’s self. So this to me, is not such a bad thing.

Below is the article that started this whole rant…Granted it’s a bit out of date but it just goes to show that the Vatican was losing control of what millions of baby booming Catholic worshipers were trying to bring into the mainstream for years. That being “innovation”. Not just the recent closings of Catholic Churches in this area of our country but across the world. And what of all the lies and cover up of the pedophilia incidents that our most recent Pope, Pope Benedict knew about for the last thirty years, and yet he and the rest of the hierarchy of the “Roman Catholic Church are still and will remain out of the mainstream, and it will be by their own undoing.

No mater how hard they try, their ranks will keep diminishing and the Independent Catholic Churches will keep multiplying around the world. Agree or Disagree everyone has an opinion, but teed-bits like this, on top of the other things going on inside the Vatican, just doesn’t make much sense.

It just goes to show that God remains the head of His church, and the fall of the Roman Catholic Church is and will be the equivalent of the fall of the Roman Empire. Mark my words! You heard it here! The Vatican will always be it’s on sanctuary but the main fascist of the organization will crumble.

Go ahead and follow the links, I’m sure you will find it interesting and some may even find it somewhat amusing yet sad at the same time. But I reckon, we will be in a wait and see pattern for quite a while to come before it happens.

Until then, may our beloved Holy Trinity look upon us with pity and have mercy on the congregation of His Church around the world. God Bless and stay faithful to Him, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sincerely, your fellow brother in His word.

Rev. Fr. Andrew R. M. Manley DD. Chaplain


December 4, 2007,

Saints on cellphones spark controversy in Italy. If you are a Catholic looking for a saint in heaven to protect you, you no longer have to carry a small “holy card”. You can get the image sent to your cellphone. Reuters reports. ”

A company in Italy started offering the service on Tuesday but ran into opposition from some Catholic Church leaders who think the idea is crass and commercial.

The company started the service with 15 saints on offer, ( Nearly every shop near the Vatican sells paper “santini” but not everyone in the Church thinks cellphones and saints are a marriage made in heaven. “This is in really bad taste,” Bishop Lucio Soravito De Franceschi, a member of the Italian bishops conference committee for doctrinal matters, told the Turin newspaper La Stampa. “It is a distortion of sacred things … selling ‘santini’ for cell phones is horrifying,” he said.”

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