A Cause Worth Fighting For!

I’m not sure if you have heard of a group called the, national pro-life alliance, you should check them out because they really can use your help.

It seems to me like a life time and or at least for as long as I can remember that this feud has been going on. Pro-life folks on one side and Pro-choice on the other. All I know and feel in my heart is that I would like to see that laws that protect human rights be carried to the point of conception. If not than in my heart it tells me it murder. And by Gods grace I understand what is meant by thou shall not kill.

We have many fine organizations that stand up for human rights but I ask, where are those folks now. What ever happened to the folks that have tried to voice their opinion on the issue, have they got permanent laryngitis? I don’t get it!

We the conservative right have given in on so much and for so long, that I’m afraid that we’ve lost our will to draw a line in the sand and stand up for that which we know is right. That is, what is right in the sight of God, and the world. Here we are fighting for about every cause that has ever needed a cause to fight for. And federal legislation has been adopted and now is enforced not only here in the “good Ole US of A” but internationally as well. But on this one issue there seems to be no end.

Well it’s that thinking that is tearing down the moral factor of this great nation known for “equal rights” who I ask is speaking for them that can not? I know I am! We pass laws to protect children of all ages with things like the Amber alert system and Megan’s law and so many more. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that an international law banning human trafficking will pass before a ruling or law is past to help protect the (unborn child).

It is those very two last words, that both sides agree on. “( the unborn child or fetus) which means the same thing. And yet the pro-choice movement seems to be gaining the upper hand in this verbal wrestling match. Look I am only willing to concede on four factors of this issue. So listen up all of you pro-choice advocates, It seems logical to consider other ways of handling the situation, that is rather than yelling and screaming and pouting because you aren’t getting your way. The four things that I agree with in your argument are these and only these. 1) in case of rape (at any age when conception is identified and before it hits any other stage of development). 2) in the case of incest, and again only if all other avenues are exhausted. 3) in the case of the mother to be, may die if and only if proven, will case her death. And number 4) if the infant will die before, during or immediately after the child is delivered if it were to go to full stage and also only if all other avenues are exhausted. Such as adoption, or plan parenthood or the such. This would include by any means, be it natural child birth or induced child birth or lastly by “C-section”. Outside of that, I draw the line in the sand.

Folks, please, hear me loud and clearly, I will continue to stand up for the right to life. That is to say, every time this issue comes up. I myself as well, I’m sure hundreds of thousands if not millions and maybe a few billions of folks world wide, would like to see this issued agreed upon sometime in our life time.

It seems as I have stated, a logical understanding of what is life and for what we as human beings need to stand for. I mean lets get real here for a moment. You can not deny that here in the USA as well as around the world there are organizations that protect most everything imaginable. So I ask why is it so difficult to come to any agreement?

If you have a valid argument them fine, bring it. But as we are willing to listen to you, then you will have to give us the same respect. In other words, lets deal with this issue once and for all. I’m sure many of the pro-life folks as well as the pro-choice would like to see an end to this argument and a law in place that will stand the test of time. So what do you say? I say lets talk.

Now for us pro-life folks I recently signed an on-line petition that will be added with others and sent to the Congress and Senate. I did this because I was lead to do so. There are many programs and campaigns out there that need some volunteering, or taking a moment and signing a petition or even working in programs that “educate” folks on both sides of an issue.

When I was about 25 years old I personally worked on a campaign that dealt with the organizing or several hundred hours of video tapes of actual abortions. And yes maybe now both sides can see why I take such a bold and hard headed stand on this issue. What I did was organize this videos into categories. Categories that would be understandable and acceptable for most any age group that watched them. I had to make sure that no one would take offense to the educational process.

I had broken them down into three categories, 1) effective and acceptable for teens and adolescents, 2) for the parents and other organizations that were wanting to aid them in getting the message across and to have a better visual concept of what the process of an actual abortion was at any stage and by any means possible. And for number 3) I had organized them for the “professional”, like Doctors, Attorneys, Clergy, and planned parenting groups as well as councilors that dealt with individuals that either were contemplating an abortion, or aid those to deal with the trauma and fact of what they had just done.

I’d like to reiterate this last point for you, because the average person can only imagine what that individual is going through. That is, mentally, physically, emotionally and in a lot of cases, spiritually speaking. No offense here intended, but really, unless you have been through the actual process or had to directly deal with an individual that just went through the process than you have no right to pass judgment on the issue. An opinion yes, but to be fanatical about the issue. NO! You don’t have the right to incite.

This is the greatest country in the world and we have rights that only some, in other parts of the world can only imagine. So I ask this question directly towards you, the loud mouth that is the boisterous one that incites rather than gather peaceably in making your point. It is your attitude that needs to be remanded and removed from demonstrating.

Hold your own demonstration, put your name on the permit to hold an event. Just make sure that you take out enough insurance to cover the damages when it gets out of control. It will be no one else but your own fault. But then again I reckon you are to much of an instigator to be responsible in a peaceful way.

As for anyone now on both side of the issue, you to can not relate to the level of “ torture” that, that fetus goes through when the instruments are use to “extract ” the helpless and innocent. I can! And it ain’t “ humane.” !!! It is plain, down right “murder.”

Non of you have any idea unless you have taken the time to “truly educate” yourself with “ unbiased,” facts. Then and only then can one truly debate this issue. As for me working with the videos, I must say that it was an eye opener. And yes, I could get very, very graphic in my explanation of what I witnessed through those “hundred plus hours” of categorization. But I won’t unless it becomes necessary.

Yet I know that there are tens of thousands of other professionals that deal with or have dealt with this issue first had. That’s to say could maybe do a better job of explaining the procedure to both sides.

Listen, in any sport that uses a coin toss to choose which side plays offense and the other plays defense. But then, the other side gets to now play offense and yet the other one plays defense. This goes on until one wins. But in this case, is not it kinda like the same thing? It seems like much the same. Doesn’t it seem to kinda work the same way? At least for the most part?

One side yells their belief and the other side counters with yelling their side on the issues. So I ask you Pro-life folks is this the only way to resolve such an important situation? What I mean is, and I mean it for you Pro- choice folks as well and that is “ has it gotten us any further in solving the question?” NO! It has not. So then, why not put both sides of the issue on the ballot and let the “people decide the out come?”

No matter what the out come is, the other side should be proud enough to say, we put out our best and it just wasn’t enough to get the law enacted. But like with any law, there are ones that we except and obey, and there are ones that we wish were not laws at all. But no matter what, for the most part we obey them just the same. At least the majority of us do. So please, take the time to voice your opinion through the petition process, It is a very, very effective way to get a final result. Which is what we all really want, isn’t it?

As for all that read or hear this message and request, please do not take offense in any way, for I am just trying to find an end to the means through communication. There is no fighting, no shouting, no physical protest, even if it is our constitutional right to do so. There is no reason we can’t present both sides of this issue before the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches now, when they really need to show us, the American people some action to what we all want. And yet still stay within the freedom of rights to not only the mother to be, but to the child that is.

If you decide to want to get involved than by all means get involved until the issue is resolved. To start please, contact Mr. Martin Fox, President of the National Pro-Life Alliance, and ask how you can help or get involved. Even if that involvement is starting a grass roots program to take this issue to every corner of America. Lets turn up the heat a bit, and I don’t mean in a literal since of the words turn up the heat, but rather to just be dedicated to which ever side of the issue you think is worth the time and energy to make a difference. This issue needs to be dealt with once and for all.

And here is one place you can start…
Contact…( Martin Fox )…At…

( martin.fox@nationalprolifealliance.com via returnpath.bluehornet.com )

( martin.fox@nationalprolifealliance.com )

Sincerely, Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley, DD., O.S.P., and the O.S.M.
Patriarch of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry,
Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross , and also the
Independent Catholic Churches International.



  1. Martin! I got your email regarding The Big Four Senators!!! Rand Paul, Senator Lee from Nevada, Senator Jim DeMint and their other supporter, ( I lost his name) in the time it took me to find a way to tell you that I did immediately send each of them a “thank you” email. My Senators (California) are not big pro-life supporters. So, knowing that there must be lots of people who support pro-life from the God-View of from conception,but we have four Senators that stood up for those precious babies….Everybody needs to be sending them emails!!! So, Thanks! Martin, for letting us know who the HEROS are. Cary


  2. There are some instances where I have always wondered why the Lord has not taken our ” power of choice or ability to choose” away from us and of course this is one.. I understand that sin is sin but somehow as a human being the degree of sin seems to mean something in these instances. God however does not see things as we see them. I will spend the rest of my life teaching the Word of God to those who will listen and I believe the lives of the unborn who may have been lost because of the “power to choose” will not be aborted as their mothers come to Jesus. God I thank you for you Son and the blood that washes away ALL SIN and to us this is a big one.


    • Yes, Dr. Yaeger! I am part of that group, or maybe an arm, leg or eyelash!!!! We call everyone we know! Send e-mails! Answer questions! Talk to our neighbors and friends “mano-a-mano”… Some people do not approve of abortion. BUT, they hold positions of “if the kid is not developing properly” “if the parents can’t afford it” ‘what if the kid is retarded?”….I have explained to them on several of those stances: Three of my children were “supposed to be Downs Syndrome babies”.I refused to terminate their lives, and I bless God each day, for all are so capable, intelligent and loving, each a gift of God!!!! I pray that God will continue to help us as we show the absolute destruction that happens in a woman’s life when she chooses to kill her unborn child. It is the beginning of so many actions that ultimately destroys her. Drugs, even more sexual actions, alcohol. Most of the women in prison are there by drug addiction convictions. Many, Many of those women had never used drugs prior to the abortion that killed her child. Please continue to add your voice! We need women who care about women! In Jesus! May He watch over the women of America and heal their souls! In common love for Our Father Who loved us enough to send His Son for our salvation, through His Spilled Blood! Cary


      • Sister Cary, I hope it is OK to call you by your first name. I understand fully the message you left for me this morning. I thank you for it. Not only was your message personal, I could tell that this subject is close to your heart as well. Please trust when I say that I will continue to lift up you, your family and your request for women in America. You have my word on it. This Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm, I conduct an Internet prayer vigil called My Prayer Closet. You may catch the broadcast if you like at blogtalkradio.com/universallifechurch . I tell you this because I would like your permission to put this request of yours out across the world as a prayer request. Please let me know if I may do so. Until later. God Bless you Sister, for taking the time to read my ministries blog here at wordpress. Sincerely and with Gods love, Bishop Andrew


      • Bishop Andrew! Yes, of course you may! And you may use my post remarks however you feel will help the most. When Jesus helps us deal with trials, our response is Praise to Him! BUT!!! It is also our response to help other women who are hurting, and may/will hurt if this destructive action is not stopped. Our God is On Our Side in this Battle! My job is to say “You do not have to go there! You can get help!” Praise God, my famiy and I are doing well in that area. They are now All Grown Up, with children of their own! But the telling of my decision may help others to KNOW there are many other avenues to find resolution for a pregnancy that has “happened”. My reason for sharing is to point to Jesus and His Father for guidance! As we pray for this help for women, let us also pray re: obamacare @ the supreme court. This is the ‘automobile” that is carrying many women to their destruction as well as the passing of the bill: Live begins at Conception” which effectively stops Roe vs. Wade forever! Is the 6:00 pm time in what time zone…so that I will not miss. Thank you for your kindness. In Jesus! Always! Cary


      • Sister Cary, sorry to take so long to reply. The broadcast is in a little while. The time zone is (Eastern Standard Time).. If you miss it, you can always go bake in to the archives and listen to is. Or even down load it from the link for iTunes. God bless and have a wonderful evening.
        Bp. Andrew


  3. Bishop Andrew!!! I meant to ask for the prayer to pass the bill “Live begins at Conception” !!! I got a little flighty there! If this bill can be passed (it now sits in “committee” at the House) it will redefine the beginning of life at the moment of Conception ~ Just as God designed it to be so! Thanks! Cary


    • Thank you for your courage to get involved. I see your point in the way you describe it. Plain, simple and to the point.

      May the Father of all watch over you and continue to give you guidance to write in the defense of those that can not speak for them selves.
      Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.


      • This is my comment God will NEVER get involved with the world of humans unless he is invited to. He gave ADAM dominion and authority the earth and everything in in. (Read Genesis) and Adam gave it away. Jesus bought it back for us and its up to US to take the authority given us and make things happen here. Without God we CAN NOT and with out us He WILL NOT He will NEVER break his Word. He esteems His Word above His name. So Stop blaming God Justin and go look in the MIRROR!!!


  4. This is my comment

    God will NEVER get involved with the world of humans unless he is invited to. He gave ADAM dominion and authority the earth and everything in in. (Read Genesis) and Adam gave it away. Jesus bought it back for us and its up to US to take the authority given us and make things happen here. Without God we CAN NOT and with out us He WILL NOT He will NEVER break his Word. He esteems His Word above His name. So Stop blaming God Justin and go look in the MIRROR!!!


    • Rev. Dr. Roxanna!!!! Can I just attach an AMEN! to your rebuttal! He will, however, get totally involved if One, just One of His Children ask for His Help. Take a peek at Psalm 62:8 to get an insight of how much He wants to be invited to help Mankind! Then, look at 1Samuel 1:15 and see how He answered a woman’s prayer! Awesome! Finally see Jeremiah’s Lamentations 2:19. The Prophet, Jeremiah, pleaded with the besieged people of Jerusalem to get up out of bed and cry out to God for Help! Lift up your hands to His Holy Temple for Him to see your sincere desire for forgiveness. In that time and place, the people did not “Ask of God” and were forced into exile. He wants us to cry out to Him. He wants us to “pour our hearts out to Him”. He wants us to want Him in our everyday affairs! In Jesus! csr


  5. I am smiling from ear to ear because I am asking Him to get involved in everything!!!


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