Is God Calling You? ( Part II )

This post is a continuation or rather an addition to the post on this Blog called ” Is God Calling You “. The statements being made in this addition, are being placed here to help aid you in your decision to become a Christian minister. By becoming a servant in Christ’ Army of Christian Ministers. This will enable you to be apart of an organization which will aid you in what ways we can with your ministry. It will enable you to aid Him, in tending to His Christian and Non – Christian children. It is a commitment we cherish here at the Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross and the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

The following statement is being ” reposted, ” here from the link which will be attached to this Blog. Please do not make light of the following information. It is accurate and 100% factual. I would never mislead you or anyone in any matter. Neither would the leadership of the ULC World Headquarters.

It is a great and wonderfully blessed thing that God our Father has called you to be a minister. And it will be our pleasure to aid you in all aspects of not only becoming a legal minister, but to assist you to be a blessed care giver of His flock. There really is no limit in tending to and gathering up the harvest of new souls for Christ. It is a beautiful and amazing calling, that is to say, be able to continue His work here and now.

So please take your time and read the following statement. If you have any questions, then by all means contact our World Headquarters directly. The staff will be more than happy to assist and assure you of your choice to be come a minister of God. by doing so you will be able to represent Christ’ mission any where in the world.

And another thing.
( ” It does not cost anything to become ordained with this ministry !!!!! ” )

By choosing to be ” ordained ” with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters Ministry. You can feel confident in your choice. The ULCWHQ is an incorporated, 501 (c) (3) organization.

So if you except a calling from God to join the Christian Ministry, I just want to let you know that you can be assured that our Ministry will aid you in the proper course needed to be a viable asset to serving our Lord Jesus Christ. By tending to His flock which will be in trusted to your care for spiritual guidance and growth.

The information which I leave with you now, will aid you in your quest. Remember this as well, the Universal Life Church World Headquarters, Inc. is a Non Profit Worldwide Religious Organization. And is a Member of ( The Committee of NGO’s to The United Nations ), so Contact us at, Tel No: (850)720-1061. You’ll be glad you did !

So with the utmost sincerity, I am your humbled servant with the family of Jesus Christ, and aiding you for His second coming. May the Holy Spirit guide you to your final decision. And also, after you become an Official member of the ULCWHQ, go ahead and ask to be affiliated with the Order of St. Patrick, here at the, Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross, which is a, Independent and Non – Denominational Catholic Ministry and is also a, ( Congregational Charted Affiliate Church ), with the ULC World Headquarters. Come and be a apart of the ” Order of St. Patrick of Ireland.” When you make the choice to be partnered with our ministry, you will most likely be referred back to me directly. In this way I will be able to grant the order upon you. This will be done after proper verification of your ordination is made. Then I will grant your request for acceptance into this ministry known as the,
Celtic Cross Ministry…Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross…Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network. Then there are several different additional names we use for our different programs that we sponsor.

You may also chose to decide to be associated and or, affiliated with the two other spiritual orders. They are the Order of St. Michael which I am associated with and or you can ask about affiliation with the Order of St. Frances.

And now, in closing of my comments on this matter. I leave you as a new friend and brother,
Bishop Andrew

The ULC World Headquarters message and link are as follows…

” As Jesus Did, So Do We Accept Both Men and Women to become ministers ”

Very Important Legal Notice
Universal Life Church World Headquarters, Inc.

We are the Universal Life Church World Headquarters. The 2nd century origin of our Universal name comes from the Greek Language and is defined Christian or Catholic. It is the name associated with the first Roman Church.

Please do not confuse us with these other so-called ULC’s or Online Ordination Assembly Lines.

We are the only Christian Universal Life Church. We are the only Universal Life Church to offer Legal Faith Based Ordination, that allows you to serve as a Wedding Officiant (any where in the world ) and in all facets of Christian Ministry.

Ordination with these others affords you only one thing over and above what the 1st Amendment already allows and that is you can serve as a Wedding Officiant in some states within the USA. However, with that said many marriages through these other organizations have been annulled by the Courts.

Furthermore, unlike the others we DO NOT ordain followers of satan, atheists, pagans, wiccans, dogs, cats or goats. We are a legitimate Church & Religious Organization.

Check out our Staff Page and we are The Only ULC to Offer Non-Denominational or Catholic Faith-Based Ordination.


We Possess An In-House
Medical Advisory Board as well so go ahead and Compare it with there’s.
You will see a noticeable difference.

So then, Be Safe – Be Secure – Be Sure, You Are Doing it Right.

Please, copy and paste this link into your browser, hit send and you will be instantly taken to our On -line Ordination Application Process. When complete, you will receive an answer to your request shortly after we receive the application.

We know you will feel comfortable in making your choice to become a Christian Minister with us.
God bless and we’ll see you on the other side…

( ( ) )

Harken my words !

Those to the Right, to the Left, to the East, and to the West…

My fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters, and also to those that are not “Christian”. This message is ripped straight from the headlines. It appalls me, and is an abomination unto heaven, to see such hate taking shape as if it were a cancer spreading out of control. Our country from it’s beginning was built on “Christian Values”, but those same values are under attack right here on our door step.

In all actuality, I am beginning to think that there is no such thing as a “Conservative Right” any more. Or, better yet, I wonder, if they do exist. I than wonder if they have a yellow strip running down their back rather than our, Red, White and Blue.

For what is happening to our communities, our states, or our country. There is surely a deep rooted hate and disgust being accepted as the average norm. I under stand the logic behind the separation of church and state. I can except the pledge of allegiance being taken out of our public schools. I can even see and except the concept of taking the words “in God we trust”, off our currency. But for the federal government, the state governments as well as our local governments caving in or rather, rolling over and not backing the very principles that this nation was built on, is the most baffling thing that you or I are “forced” to except.

I wonder what all of those that have died in any of our conflicts since before the revolutionary war must be thinking. It is getting to the point that the “Christian Holy Bible” will come under attack and some minor group of activists will come along and demand that the word “Holy” be taken off the cover, because it offends them.

And we, meaning all, will most likely give into that request. O’ excuses me, demand is in all actuality the way it will be deemed. It is not enough that we (meaning Christians), have, of our own free will taken the word “Holy” out of the phrase Holy Bible Study, to a shortened version as “Bible Study”, but then again I’m sure it won’t take long for a group of phobics, to yell that the word “Bible” offends them and demands that it be taken off.

Yes, I used the word “phobic” to mean liberal or even left, for I know without a doubt, that when those two words, liberal left are used together it is like throwing fuel onto the fire. No matter what word or words are used to describe them, will nonetheless, offend them just the same.

But now, that I think about it, maybe a better choice of words to describe the “liberal left”, would be “Paranoid Phobics”. Either way we Christians are darned if we are not danged, for it anyways. So I ask, what of our rights? Who will stand up against this hate of Christianity around the world? Or for here on the home front, where are those special interest groups? Like the ACLU, ACORN, or even our major American news networks like, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and even ABC. I don’t know about you but I get more relevant news from the PBS World News agencies than any other outlet, even Al Jazeera gives me more information about what our American Government is doing than our own news agencies. But I reckon most of you already knew this.

Where have all of the good and honest and fair people gone? Even here in the good old US of A, we can’t get one to run for the leadership of the free world, America. Oh, again as I think of that last statement I realize the problem now. The problem is that there is no longer such a thing as a leader of the free world, and soon to be no “super power nation”, either.

The reason I say this, is the very point I have eluded to through out this message, that being we as a nation built on Christian values and faith, along with a strong morel character, have decided it is to dangerous to stand up. At least for standing up for what is “right”, “good” and decent in the world.

This does not mean we as a nation have not done some good in the world, but I wonder what if, we did the big brother thing for the right reason rather than for our special interest in a another country that has chaos, unless we only do it when it benefits us in the long run. Any way I don’t blame other cultures around the world to resent us as they do, for the fact that we are or have in their view lost our “moral fortitude, our resolve, and our determination,” which is what made us great in the first part. So how dare we stand up for other oppressed cultures when we won’t even stand up for our selves.

I ask one final time, where is the real, true and loyal Conservative right in this nation, for truly I don’t see them running for public office and getting elected. For it is true that if they did come out and vote, come out and speak up, and or even come out period. This nation and our world, would be a much different and possible even a better place than what it is today.

So folks, get on the roof top, go to the highest mountain, sail the shining sea and yell out with one clear voice, Praise God our Father who art in heaven thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I vow this day and for the rest of my days, to stand up and fight Satan and his demons, where ever they are and by what ever means be necessary. To stand up and fight for the rule of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, now and to the hour of my death in this world. As a country, a nation, a community, a neighborhood, or even as an individual, I shall not be silenced anymore, for tyranny is the degradation of the will of the majority, no matter where it is found and or it needs to be called by it’s own definition, and that being, the death of human decency where ever mankind is found.

I would like to say to my fellow human beings. That is to say those that stand to the far left of me or even to those that claim to be a Conservative members of the right or even those that call themselves Christians. You may say that this message is hateful in it’s self. You may say that it is inflammatory, and some may even say that it is incitement or even border on anarchy. But I say it is my God given right as an American, to speak out when it deems necessary, and necessary it is. If you take offense than you need to examine your heart so please, don’t take offense anyone, for I am just calling it as I see it. Nothing more, nothing less. The situation at hand is just that simple, there is no “gray” area. Just the opposite is true and that being from a clear, transparent, view.

This message is directed towards those that are hard bent on tearing this country called America down from the inside as well as to this planet we all call earth. Doing what you are doing may seem to be the right thing to do at this moment. It is the long term I am talking about that final out come of these actions that will cause much heart ache to the generations to come. And by these causes you deem offensive, in most views, just have no merit. Instead, and if you don’t ad hear to my words, note here and now that it will be your own actions that bring us as a nation or as a world, down to the very door step of hell, and for where there is “NO RETURN.”

Just one man doing what he thinks is “right” for myself and those that he calls family, which in this case, means all inhabitants of mother earth. Should rejoice in the fellowship of others, and in Christ Jesus, who is the all of man kinds savior and that means you as well, And it doesn’t matter if you like it or not or even want it or not, He loves you even when you hate someone or something. Also note that there is only one master, and I plus several “billion around the world”, call him the “Lord of ALL !” And yes, God is good and God is merciful but remember this if you remember anything I have said here today, that being He (meaning Christ Jesus) has not come to bring peace on earth but rather a sword. Keep in mind that if you think I jest, in my remarks, than you need to read Matthew chapter 10, verses 27 through 42. And here by know, I do not jest, I speak only that which the Father has put into my heart for all mankind to hear. Even you. So those that have ears, let them hear.

Sincerely and with stern Christian Love for all man kind, Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley first a servant of Christ and secondly and American by Gods grace.

Help Wanted ! A Christian Warrior may DIE !

Warriors and anyone that takes the time to read this statement. Just note: I’d like for you to cut & paste this link ( ) or the link address below this statement. I know I’d do it for you…besides, what will you say to Christ if you don’t ?……Sometimes guilt is the only weapon a minister has to get Christ ‘, “faithful” moving in the right direction…So PLEASE do it, and do it NOW…It’s painless for you, but maybe deadly for Asia…It takes a great deal of courage and faith to not waver in ones faith and love for Christ. But now a fellow Christian Warrior is in dire need of your loving support. I’m pretty sure she would do it for you, if it were you… Bishop Andrew

Cut and paste this link into your browser, you’ll be glad you did…Also click the like button so as to show other readers you had mercy for and on a fellow Christian Warrior…May God Bless You for your compassion.

Ring, Ring … Ring, Ring … Hello, heaven here…

The wants of others, always out weighs the resources. The need of others is back logged in a swirling pool in heaven. I reckon that is why God created Patients…
So everyone, be patient, Gods line is just a little busy right now. And being on hold is nothing new to you, God will get to your request ASAP. Thats always been His time frame and not a minute sooner…Oh and in your requests, be specific. He likes directness more than being vague… Have a Blessed Day Warriors… 😉

Is God calling you?

ULC of the CC, Official Shield

Warriors, Do you feel that Christ is calling you to be one of His ministers? I’m sure their are several out here that do.Since I have been ordained as Bishop in the Independent Catholic Church and we here at the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry sponsor our own Non-Denominational ministry. I have been told that I personally am able to ordain anyone into our Order of St. Patrick of Ireland or the ( ULCWHQ’s ), Order of St. Michael the Archangel, that requests to do so. There are many benefits one can partake when being ordained and when you do, you can ask about them. However, this ministry and I are not, set up to do on line ordinations at the moment. So until the official day comes, I am posting a direct link to our Charter Ministry in Florida. That organization is the U L C World Headquarters. So click or cut & paste it in your search bar…BP. Andrew

Offical Seal

ULC of the Celtic Cross is an Affiliate Charter Ministry