Make my day your day…

A blessing is a blessing no matter how small the blessing is. Remember that when you are a blessing to someone else, than the world is a better place because you are in it. So, have yourself a blessed day and make it a blessed day for someone else. No matter how small, or how little, it maybe.

I have a Double Life !

I realize that this title may sound cynical or even implement me into some form of who knows what. I assure you it is nothing like that at all. Even though it really may not be so far fetched in away and or even for someone else.

In away we all lead a double life in a way. I mean to say it in a manor that might be obvious to some and than to others, maybe not so much. We as human beings in a way morph into any number of things in the course of our day to day activities. No, I don’t mean it in a since that we turn into some form of Power Ranger or even one of the Ninja Turtles. That would be extreme for just about anyone to be able to do. Also I am not referring to the word morph as some sort of costume and make up drag queen either.

Besides any of these situations might require the need for some sort of mental or psychological intervention in a professional way. That is if it became a life style rather than just for a party of some sort or even an event program. Yes, there is always that sad case when it becomes a reality for someone that maybe schizophrenic to some level or degree. In this case what would be needed is a lot of prayer as well as professional council.

What I am eluding to however, is that our persona changes as quickly as our mood changes. And there should be nothing strange about that. Yet just the that someone has or even would admit to having such a personality or even life, is in away very intriguing. Even I would be curious to know more or see it with my own eyes.

Yet this to is not what I am referring to in this message. So let me just explain it the best way I can. I in a small way, I am trying to take care of two things at one time. Two personalities if you will. Note this is not a strange thing by my standard only do to the fact that I was born in the later month of May. Which make me a Gemini in the Zodiac since of the definition. So in being a twin in this case as it refers to my personality. And so now you understand how I came up with the title.

Anyways, I am trying to live two lives and in doing so I need your help. Yes, I need help. For a person never to admit it, than that would be a person setting themselves up to fail. And a failure I am not. I have accomplished many wonderful things in my short 50 years. Some of it was accomplished on my own and much of it was with help from people just like you.

So here it is. Even if some of you already know what I am about to say, than please bare with me. I don’t ask for much from people because I am a firm believer that people want to help when they can, and in this statement I am asking nothing less. That is with no pressure on you, do as I ask. But please go with your heart. For when one leads with their heart than positive things are accomplished for both parties. With this said, and please note that it is very difficult for me to even say it. I need your help to aid me to continue to accomplish what Christ put into my heart to do and to what I have set out to accomplish to do in that mission. That is to say to build a program that will be in operation long after I am called away from this existence. As we all will someday.

My double life has come about by a life changing event for me. And I do not regret it one bit. For it put me on the road of life I am now. And it is a wonderful life. See I am not only a Minister of our Lords service, but because I have never asked anyone for tithes, mainly because those that I work with now are destitute in their own life and just scraping by to say the least. Anyways, last year I began to try and figure out away that I could continue to the Lords work, full time and still make a living at least part time. So I have been looking into the affiliate marketing business and though it is a every tough racket to excel at, I figured it is my best shot. Due to my circumstances at this present time in my life.

So with that said I am sure you have noticed at the top of my ministry word-press blog, there are several links for folks like yourself, can go and checkout the service or product available. And only if you like it, because I would not want it any other way. Than I ask that you please continue all the way to the checkout for with each item bought by you, I receive a communication. And it is a lot better to have this type of income come in to support myself and the ministry than to put pressure on those that I help that can’t really do so. That situation doesn’t work for anyone and it may also cause these fragile lives to loss faith and than pull away from our Lord instead of giving them selves 100% to him.

Which is the whole purpose in ministry right, Helping others. Well as I said this is difficult for me to ask even of you. But maybe, if you are unable to help me than maybe you can re-post this message and pass onto someone that might be able and willing to help this ministry to go on. Even though I have been ministering for many, many years, I have only started this part three years ago. And to this day I have not asked anyone for aid and by the Grace of the Father we now have helped many people around the world with services I provide to them and to those here locally with me here in northeast Ohio.

If you like I have another site here on word-press that I have started to help folks to get into this venture and in doing so there are several programs that I will be adding over time that won’t even cost a penny. In other words there are things right now on these sites that are free. Absolutely, free.

See I’m not a guru in this stuff and nor do I want to be. I just want to offer something to you that I found to be a help or interesting. That maybe could help you in someway or even for someone you may know. Well I’ve said enough but if you would like to send me a message with your ideas for products and or services, I would love to hear from you. And if you like what I am trying to do or not, I’d like to hear that as well. For in every ones life there is room for improvement.

The sites for now are located at this blog which is,
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So it is like I have said, I have a double life. Quite mannered as a minister by day and marketeer by night. I just had to say that you know…. 🙂

Also that you know, I will always keep the two separate from each other as to the products and services offered. I also want you to know how deeply appreciated I am that you have taken a bit of time out of your day to even read this message in the first place. I am so very grateful and humbled.
Thank you so very much for your show of support. God bless you from my heart to yours.

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P. ~ Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross

A. Manley Company ~ Affiliate Marketing International

A cause worth fighting for! Part 2

Abortion is murder and it is not a choice that should be tolerated or excepted as OK or even as a personal right. So lets call the act of an abortion what it actually is, ( an Assassination, a Bloodbath, Butchery, Killing, even as a Massacre, Mass Murder, Murder as we know it in a court of law, even as a Slaughter ) and I can take it even further but, this last one here pretty much says it all, and that is as a Homicide.

I don’t know about those that advocate abortion as a freedom of choice, when in it’s self is an act of condoning the taking of innocent life. And it’s like those that advocate the act as a choice, want the rest of us to give them amnesty when doing so. I know that I am not willing to do so, at least not so quickly.

The reason is this, where I come from ( the U. S. of A. ) all the union states have pretty much the same discourse when it comes to prosecuting the sudden death. That is when it is perpetrated by another in taking life. As I see it the act of an abortion is a criminal act not to forget as an abomination to the respect of Gods gift. Is for all intents and purposes is still illegal in all 50 states.

Wasn’t it Dr. Jack Kevorkian that advocated for the support of sponsored suicide? Did he not go to prison, for his actions and his belief? Isn’t it still to this day illegal to assist someone in ending their life? So what is the difference between Assisted Suicide and Assisted Abortion? Besides when you advocate for abortion to be legal than you to are in violation of the laws here in America, by advocating is to assist in. I don’t know but, it seems pretty plain to me.

The only difference I see here is that one was done out of compassion for ones fellow man and preformed by the request of the individual. The other example here is done without the patients approval, ( that is to say the child is the patient )and that it is a more horrific way to meet the end of ones life.

If you think this is not an except-able way to frame these types of analogies and or descriptive words with the act of choice than,

1.) You need to go back to school.

2.) If I have offended you, I’m sorry. Yet if I have offended you, than lets look at “pro-choice”, in another way.

And yes, this is now the part where I bring up the big guns. As if you thought that last part wasn’t a big gun. Here it is. As a “Christian first” and a minister of Gods word secondly, and excepting that Christ being an innocent human being, was unjustly accused in a court of law (so to speak, kinda like a court). Was punished, Crucified and died on a cross. An God just sat back and allowed His only begotten son to go through the agony of torture, disgrace and humiliation so that mankind could have forgiveness of sin.

That is pretty remarkable that not only did God allow this to happen, it was professed long before it ever came to frisson. And Jesus’ life as well as his death were what? An example of unconditional love, for all man kind to live by. Kinda like a code to live by, a moral code of decency that is to say.

That is if you believe in that sort of thing right? (Christ’ life, moral code, example). Besides if I understand this and except it to be correct and factual, than that would mean only God can give the right to sentence death. And if so, than that means that it is not a circumstance for personal grounds to advocate choice. Yet, He (God) is the only one that has the power to give life as well as to take a life.

I say this because that through my entire life, I was always taught that to make a baby was a miracle or at least, nothing short of a miracle. So again I don’t see the grounds to advocate pro-choice in this case. But let me put it another way then. How many times have you heard of someone trying to have a baby, wanting it so badly, wishing to no end and praying to the point of almost begging God to answer their request just to have a little bundle of joy of their own, Yet God most assuredly heard their repeated prayers but for His reasons and His alone, did not chose to grant them their prayer?

As I said in the very opening remarks of this message, abortion should not be allowed to be a choice, it should be a definitive yes and or a definitive no. For the main reason that there are so many other ways to bring that little miracle and gift into the world and give the blessing to a family. There are thousands of folks that want so desperately to have a child of their own to raise and give a good home and a good upbringing to.

I must say that some of you folks are not going to like this analogy but I have to say it, only because it is true and has happened, way to many times in this country. And for no other reason but make you think or get riled enough to stand up for what is right.

The analogy I am leading to is this, what is one mans trash, is another mans treasure. So if this old saying is true, than also that means someone out here on this big blue marble, wants to look or rather window shop before you throw your trash out. And if this offends you, than good. I’m doing my job. For when a pro-choice individual has an abortion, the remains end up in the trash or incinerator. There is no sign of respect, no funeral, no love, and there is nothing but pain or hardness of heart to the woman that gets this procedure done. It is a life sentence of suffering that one gives to themselves.

Trash, hummmm, no that’s not strong enough or clear enough of a metaphor. Lets use the word garbage. That’s more of what it is. Trash is something you throw away and that is what a pro-choicer does with their life when they have an abortion. Garbage is something you take out before is stinks up the whole place. Literally throwing life away and washing it right down the drain and or flushing it down the toilet. Need I go on.

Sure I do. I’m not going to let you folks off that easy. It’s because you won’t look at the situation for what it really is. That is all I am trying to do. Open your eyes, your ears, and your hearts. Just enough to clear the window dressing away after years of lies and deceit. Well you know something, this is what it is.

No pulled punches here but, anyone that advocates pro choice, I am just so very glad that you are not my mother. Because if you were and you decided to end my life, words could not be heard to express to you how I feel about what you are going to do to me. And I would never get the chance to tell how much I loved you, even though you obviously didn’t love me.

Silence is all I would be able to offer. But remember that silence can and does, speak loader than words anyhow. And yes, I’m still very glad you are not my mother. For you obviously do not know what love is and nor are you prone to understand or even care what true love is. And yet, let alone to have the gift of compassion for another human being.

Remember, your good works in this life time are not going to make up for going through with this “choice”. Yes you can and most likely will be forgiven for having this procedure done. Only you can make things right with Jesus. The way to do so is to repent for the horrible act you committed. As long as you do it with a sincere heart. Nothing short of that will do. Also, God will know if you are sincere or not, and it will be by His mercy and grace to redeem you. Although even with the blessing of redemption, you will always have to relive the “choice” you made that lead up to this point of your life. So yes, you can still be accepted into the pearly grates of heaven. But you also will be condemned to a life time of suffering. A suffering that will be so very emotional and at times painful to deal with let alone live with. Remember that “only Jesus Christ” can ease your sorrow. A sorrow that for the action you made of having to abort a gift from the Holy Father.

That is unless you don’t believe in heaven and then in that case keep advocating for Satan, he will be glad to accommodate you for an eternity. Makes no difference to me, it’s as you have repeatedly said, your life and it’s your choice. All I can hope for is before that day of judgment comes, you are repentant for your actions. Just as any other Christian or even non-Christian would be. Nothing more, nothing less but just the facts being spoken.

Although true, we are supposed to lay up good works for heaven but, not just for that reason alone. Although I can admit one thing on your behalf and that is that man kind has been making bad choices since the beginning of time. Just ask Adam and Eve about going through with a choice and what the price is for that.

So, I’d like you advocates for the right of abortion to tell the whole world, who gave you the power to be prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. Cause I know without a doubt that it was not and is not the U. S. Constitution.

Folks when in school, our science classes taught us, ( at least those of us that paid attention ), that life begins with a single cell. I believed my teachers, for they are our authority in such matters. With that said, one human cell, makes a life. For at that moment of conception, life begins and not only that but exists without a doubt. It might not at that very moment in it’s growth have a beating heart, fingers, toes, and even a nose. Yet it is still “LIFE” it has a soul. If this is fact as most educated individuals would consider it to be, then I’m sure that there is a liberal out there some where, trying to figure away to get this changed as well. That is trying to get this fact changed in our childrens text books.

Don’t full yourself people, they are doing it right this very minute. Pushing their personal agenda through the U. S. Congress, the U. S. Senate, the State and Local governments. The Universities have all ready given into their demands and now they are going after the local school boards and at PTA meetings arguing their rhetoric. The sad part of it all is, that they believe it.

There will be liberals reading this and discussing my remarks that will say I am no different or better than them in this case. For that is what I am dong here. Filling peoples heads with my rhetoric. And you want to know something, their right, I admit it, yes I am trying to sway public opinion. However, what I am saying here is in the open. Head on. I am not hiding behind some blasphemous, bogus speech that condones the right to murder a life and say that it’s a right of the people. Like hell it is. Although I could stand corrected here. Maybe, it is by Hells standard. Although I would say that it is defiantly not to Heavens stranded.

Back to the point of the teachings of our youth, what we learned, is not what our children are learning. Granted, if there is something that comes along that makes an issue more correct as to fact, than fine, change it, profess it and or retract it but explain why. Let others who may know something about the topic or issue have their say. But this shoving it down the throats at the tax payers expense and without discussion has got to come to a stop. I mean STOP it, right here and right now. It is these types of circumstances that come along that become rooted, and for the most part people are none the wiser to the evil that is being done. I guess that is another reason that home schooling is growing at such an alarming rate.

Listen people, these are the “warning signs” that everyone says they did not see. How could we have know sooner. Well listen up and listen good. Because this maybe the only place you hear it. The things that are happening and getting by folks “are the warnings signs”. Things already are on the verge of chaos. And then what are you going to do? Hummmm! Damage control? I say no! I say we need to use preventive measures, checks and balances to stop what is happening to our society. Well ours for now that is. It will soon enough be our childrens and grand childrens and so on and so forth. I wonder what 5 or 10 generations from now will say about us as we have asked the same questions of our ancestors.

Give both sides of an issue. Just as I am trying to do here. Granted it may seem to be one sided however, that is all I am asking. Make the debate about proving that what you are doing by having the right of “choice” is beneficial to all of society. And or what you stand for is truly understood by everyone. Pro, or Con to this subject of pro-choice. And that it is excepted by the majority. Even if that majority happens to be liberal. Then at least, these tings discussed are then considered to be acceptable to all. Consider it as leveling the playing field. As for now, in this time of modern history, the field is not level. To many innocent folks are caught up in the middle and now the playing field looks more like a battlefield rather than a group of caring, loving and respectful folks from all walks of life from all kinds of backgrounds all joining together to support an injustice.

I might be wrong though, none of this may work, sorry. What is fact today in our society is that our children will look at and read or even listen to, what they are told to. As an example, the rhetoric of Darwinian over Creation, Open Gay behavior being excepted, Also the degradation of the term Marriage. Need I go on? I already know this statement is not going to sit well with folks. I say to those that will ridicule me, cast foul language at me. And yes may even get violent with me. I personally don’t care if I’m hurting folks feelings. If I am saying inflammatory remarks. I only care about peoples soul. Being right with God is and always will be with me the one thing I will fight fore. That being that everyone’s life be acceptable to God. I don’t if you make the choice to do whatever you are going to do. It is your choice. But that doesn’t mean I have to sit back an just let you liberal minded people have it your way. I’m sorry life is not a Burger King commercial. I say No you can’t have it your way. At least not without a verbal fight. I’m sure that for every protester out here that stands for these abominations to God and Christian principles, I to can garner enough people to protest your protest. That just the way it is. Again, nothing more and nothing less than the facts. I have no intention of losing even one inch for those that advocate these things that offend the sanctity of decent, moral values. Heck, you don’t even have to through the Christian aspects of the issue in. Although I know that there are millions of them that feel the same way I do. This is not an issue of good verses evil, it is about the direction of not only this great nation called America, but it is an issue that has the ramifications to destroy civilization world wide. Either you stand on one side of the line or the other. But no one can have it both ways. Who knows there maybe room enough to debate the bring back a segregated society once again. It is not about hate, it is not about a minority or even a majority. It is about what is right for you. It doesn’t give any group the absolute authority to force legislation on the society as a whole. Maybe it is not a federal governmental thing at all. Maybe it will all boil down to a state by state policy. In other words if one sate feels that they want their society one-way or the other than it is just that. Nothing more and nothing less. I would hate for it to come down to that because the only way it can happen that way would be for the State governments to succeed from the rest of the union. And that folks is something I don’t thing anyone wants to see happen. At least for sure me, as one that does not want to see another civil war. But if we can all just take a breath, let it out slowly and come and communicate a better way than I am all for it. Because nothing else has worked up to this point. Not even our supreme court justices are willing to make a distinctive ruling on these issues. Yet the Advocate can and have made up in their own minds which way they stand on any so called controversial issue. I just don’t want to see our children ( what ever age they are ) have to deal with all this. For even they are split as to what they feel is right for them or not. The responsibility still falls directly on the shoulders and back of the adult population. It seems that it comes down to a respect to those in this world that are God fearing people against those that are not. This is the fact of the matter the very root of all controversial issues and or topics. And, peer pressure, and in some cases from the pulpit will be the deciding factor. Because one side or the other will not except the call in any other for mat. Although I hope and pray I am wrong and that all sides will come to an agreement. And yet I real would not hold my breath until the system breaks. It is going to be the biggest mess anyone will see first hand. But like I have said. There is always hope.

It is this that folks cave into and except as right peer pressure. Letting others dictate what will and will not be allowed. Well again this is about par for the course. Meaning that to many people don’t want to get involved. Even if it means losing a certain amount of personal freedom. or in some cases gaining a bit more personal freedom. I think at times it is because folks like yourself, want to live their life one way, and others want to have it their way. And the two ways are like oil and water.

Well, ignorance within these issues is no excuse. Even if it is 9/10th of the law. No one wants to be treated as an outcast. And yet folks say they are Christian. Shucks, if if this were true and I mean your a real true Christian, than you should follow Christs example to the letter. Every waking moment of your life. Than if you are, you should than be used to being an outcast. An outcast of the present norm. Persecuted in the name of Jesus Christ Himself. It is either you are a Christian or you are kinda a Christian and or you are not a Christian, living to the true principles of Gods word and nothing else. The bible tells us that people will be marked either for Christ or for the devil. Why else will Christ have to come back to earth and harvest or rather gather up the chives, and separate the two groups. If this is not so, than I would rather live my freedom living His way than not. It is my pro-choice to do so. You can come along and do that which you know is right or you can stay behind and accept your fiat.

Only if not for any other reason you are in this world but not to be of this world. Still does not give anyone the right to allow someone else to tell you or your family what to do. At least again without standing up for what you think is right. For God sake people, are you not listening to Christs Ministers, Priests, Clergy, or are you listening only to what you want to hear? I have a great feeling that is is the second part that is happening to our culture. We are supposed to be an Americans. We are supposed to stand up and be counted. We are supposed to be the ones that set the example and help those in the world that do not have this right. Freedom, is a gift it is not a right unless you except the true principles for which it stands. As an American with tough skin, and a devout right to speak up. That is what we have been doing for centuries. Standing up and being recognized for what we stand for . No matter what it is or what the issue is for that matter.

And yet you sit back on your laurels and throw even this precious gift away. I’m sure someone in the world would be grateful to have your freedom, even if you don’t want it. Oh, again I forgot. (pro-choice), you think it is your right to not worry about freedom How free do you think you will be once your pro-choice system starts to break down and then you will have to enact laws to protect what you think you have. No people, you will then become the minority or lets say the conservative in this new world order. I say this because it can’t go any other way. For once you start to give in to the radical position, than you have gain nothing, but what is only in your mind will you be free. That is no different than around 50% of the people in the world have right now. So go ahead and throw it away or keep it. The choice is yours. Even if you have it all wrong. You will be stuck with it and protecting it is going to be near impossible. Because you have allowed others to dictate to you and excepted it as your right. Well not so! For when you disregard even a small part of your freedom, for what ever issue you think you will gain, then you are saying that freedom is only worth what you decide. And everyone else has to accept it weather they like it or not. And why not? It’s your right to give up a portion or even all of your freedom, it is your right. And mine is to hang on to what I have and fight for it against any group that comes along and says differently.

Well here is a question for you, what is it to you if you throw it away? You say your OK with that and, it is your God given right to do so as an American. You will be forcing the limitations of your freedoms on future generations, why? Because this is exactly what you will be and are doing by the act of not doing. You are limiting what is to be someone else s right. Sure you may be able to get by on a certain amount, but what of them? They may need to have even more freedom than we have at this point in history. Don’t you think they have a right to choose what is right for them?

At least with the system we have now, have been pretty set with minor changes in more than two hundred years and it is still working for the most part as I said earlier. OK, lets bring our Lord Jesus in to the conversation. Was not Christ himself treated as an outcast? He was considered to be an outcast. Only for standing up for what He knew to be right. I know for a fact that Christ would have liked to have a bit more freedom, there are several clues to point out His human nature and yet He never got it. How you ask do I know this for sure, without a doubt to be true. Easy. Mind you this is only one fact and it occurred when Christ was crucified, and just before he took His last few breaths, He asked God the Father one question, and that was “why have you forsaken me”? Granted there is debate for the actual translation from Hebrew to English, but scholars far smarter than I have settled on this vernacular to be prudent as the statement made. That is how I know. And I accept it as and through faith. Just as you feel that through faith that you will get your way on the whole of society. There really isn’t much difference. Faith is a spiritual thing it is in no way a tangible thing. And a greater amount of faith comes from within ones self. Your inner being that place in your gut, in your heart and in your brain it is that which gives you that sure your doing the right thing feeling when ever you have a decision to make. Be it right or wrong. Only time will tell and if your lucky enough to see it come about it will either be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you, or the worst and having to realize that you have been wrong about many things. Love is one of the biggest answers that can steer you right. The other is read the bible, faithfully. You might be surprised at how relevant it truly is.

So now that we have taken Christ word by faith that to love they neighbor is one of the greatest acts anyone and everyone has the ability to accomplish. I do have to interject here that in order to love others as thy self you must first love your self. If you don’t you will need to find away to assist. You again might be surprised as to how much you can love. And this type of love is not a selfish love, for it comes to you through awareness, a very personal awareness. Th type that only Jesus can help you with. And I pretty sure that you won’t have to look to deep in to yourself to find it. And when you do rejoice, except it as a loving gift from the Father directly to you. As I was saying, genuine love is not selfish, or a self centered love. A love for selfish reasons, just so you think you will be able to live with the pro-choice attitude. Well in my book. The Holy Bible, says that your way would be a selfish way. And for you pro-life folks it is not a right for you either, but it is a individual an moral right. To show unconditionally that love can survive even over greed is a really cool thing to witness. Weather it comes from your self or you witness it in someone else. For there are not too many ways to look at the stand you are taking. That is if you stand on the side of pro-choice. Trust me when I say that the will to live is and will always and forever stronger than the will to die.

Most folks in America are God loving and God fearing people. To say to them that they can’t do this or can do that is unacceptable. Unless it is a safety issue or something else that maybe life threatening. ( Hint: like having an abortion ). Accidents happen and you all know that the road in life is paved with good intentions. Even while under a doctors care. I could imagine the worse but then again I do not own a crystal ball to tell me what the future will do in such a case. But just have a little faith.

Pro-choice folks, I can assure you that not everyone or everything is against you. There is a time and place for everything. I’m talking about having an open dialog. Yes, there is need for improvement and order in order for the two sides can sit down and have a talk. No yelling, threatening, and or demanding what folks on both sides of the abortion issue. Why not start over with a new resolve. In this case, the topic is life over death. And that is the way this subject needs to be look at. Not “Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice”.

Listen folks I have to be honest with you and that is no, no I have not lost my mind with all of this. Don’t worry you will be happy to know that I don’t believe half of what I just put down here. Except for the positive things. The things that aid you in to looking real close at why you are taking whatever stance on this issue. We need to look at ways to protect those that have no voice. We do it all around the world so why not here at home?

The only reason I have mentioned the need to protect life here is to show that the U. S. A. is the most impassioned country on earth. What is that old saying, never put off until tomorrow what you should have done yesterday. Again, we need to be ever vigilant in order to see the warning signs in people. Nothing more and nothing less.

Maybe I should have said this at an earlier place, but it’s never to late to clear up that when I say liberal or liberals, I am “not”, talking about political parties. So whenever I use that word, know that those who read this know who they are. Here’s another clue-shay, if the shoe fits wear it. Which I think fits in fine right here.

What is happening here is unprecedented and I am for a progressive change in what is right and fair for all Americans, even those that are not an inkling in their mothers eye, yet. Are we there fore saying that it is alright to kill. By giving in to the extreme pro-choice movement? Just because a woman does not want this baby or if she says that is not ready to have a child at this time? Forcing the agenda of either pro-choice or pro-life is as I have said, is the wrong way to come to grips with said moral issue. I am really not sure otherwise as how the opposition looks at what they want. Or rather asking for. The argument does not hold up and maybe it is for this reason that we in America don’t have the definitive answer that we all seek on this issue.

It makes me sick to even think of these things. As a reason to have an abortion. It goes against everything I was taught. I as well as many other folks wonder what went wrong in our country that has propelled us to this far left way of acceptance of the degradation of our good and noble morel values. What all citizens are allow to happen is a complete disregard for ethics in our society. I would not doubt that far, far to many of these same folks that advocate abortion as a right would be the first to demonstrate at a funeral of a fallen American solder (just because they can). Or maybe they might be the one advocating against a sentence of death by lethal injection of society worst offenders in our prison system.

I wonder though how they would react if danger, torture, physical and even mental abuse would be fall them or one of their family, friends or anyone that would be close to them. How would they react? This folks is the million dollar question, for folks to often say one thing and do another and then try to justify it to fit their needs.

Pro-Choice as I see it, is a double slandered. If not so, than how would you explain it? Why are we even considering the thought of the Pro-Choice movement as constitutional. Granted, personal freedoms of speech, etc., etc.. I know all that, but it seems pretty clear that when the Pro-Life folks try to exercise those same rights, they are made out to be the bad guys, the evil ones, the “ anti-American”.

Segregation was supposed to have been abolished in the 1860’s and again in the 1930’s and again in the 1960’s and most likely once again here in the 21st century. How many times must we tear at the very fabric of Americana and what makes America great. Look I may sound redundant here and admit-idly I am but, that is only for the reason that they to are exercise their rights in much the same way but more aggressively. The only difference between me and the pro-choice folks is that I love all people, even those that are not born yet. And I love all life. And since I eluded to it earlier I might as well say it here so as to “shut up my critics”, or at least take the wind out of their sail. As to their opposition to this message. So here it is, be it known, that I do not condone the death penalty under any circumstance. If a criminal has done something that cause them to be on death row, than make it 99.8% of their life in solitary confinement with no special privileges. To me that would be worse than death. As for the criminal of lesser offenses, I say bring back corporal punishment. The chain gangs, the walking around with an “A – framed signage”, and as well as the public square stock-aids with notice of what the individual had done. There are some parents today that are doing some of this with their own children. And I have never heard of one child ever doing whatever it was they did a second time. In all rights this action on the parents part is corporal punishment. And in my view I say you go parents. Your child may not like it now, but they most likely will thank you in the future. They will most likely attribute it to an act of unconditional love, on your part for them when they do.

The reasoning for saying these things are mainly that a criminal has a better life than most Americans. They also have more rights than the most Americans. And as each day passes we Americans, are having a little piece of our rights taken away from us. And because most Americans don’t seem to think it does really pertain to them, than let the liberals have their way. What a mistake! Don’t give in so easy. Lets make sure that what they are doing is for the right reason and for the betterment of the total society.

However, when someone tries to stand up against them they go to their old war chest of things that have so far been successful for them. And then put into action the next phase of their plan. Which is how to silence the opposition. One reason why this mentality is growing is partly because our country is shifting towards the acceptance of ill-morality and because they have 88 to 95% of all media in the world putting out nothing but their propaganda and liberal ideas.

You say it isn’t so. And I say it is. The facts of the matter is that on most every station put out only what they consider news worthy. Even in the TV talk shows like Ellen, the View, I would have said Opera as well but she has bailed just in time. Although you folks should watch from time to time just to see in which direction is being put out for Americans to see and hear. On (02/21/12) on the Ellen show made a rather raw comment about the advocacy for Hollywood to brainwash the public. And No, I am NOT taking “her” words out of context. I also know that many of you that take the time to read my rants, agree that you see it or have from time to time seen it happening.

What was scary about Ms. Ellen’s remarks was that the audience was cheering and applauding the remark. Folks I can’t make it any plainer. These are the warning signs that our country is in a spiral of ethical and moral decay. I know I have done an enormous amount of soul searching and I’ll be darned if I’m just going to sit back and keep out of it. Nether should you. If you care about issues like these than get busy. Do something about it. Do it now because you are already behind them and catching up will only be harder to do later on.

Have some back bone America and organize. Round table ideas to quite the opposition. I see it all the time. If you can’t make ground going one way, than go back to the drawing table and try again. Just do whatever you plan within in the full restraint of the laws of your state, county and or city. And make sure you have the right permits if needed. That way instead of quitting, just keep trying. I guarantee that the opposition is doing these very things.

They will not quit until things like abortion are legal in all 50 states and the Federal Government agrees with it by pushing the bill into law. We need to be ever watchful that a proposal does not get through under the radar so to speak, as it rides piggy back on another bill. Congress is know to pull such a trick. I mean both sides of the aisle are pron to pull such a stunt. Why else would a line item veto be needed. Also don’t forget that they won’t quit with the issue of abortion, they’ll push until Gay marriage is legal and they will keep pushing to the point that we no longer oppose illegals coming across our boarders. Making it law to come and go as one pleases.

Before someone gets bet and riled here let me clarify my position. I am a Christian first. I am just one of Gods messengers and I have heard all of your excuses and I laugh at those that try and use the gospels of the Holy Bible to make a case that would justify their actions. Well folks you want to be pro-choice, than be it fully. You have Christ’ blessing. And know this, you will have no other circumstance but to except the consequences for your action. I just don’t want to see the rest of society have to suffer along with you.

I weep in my heart when I see how much you have allowed control of your eternal life over to the great deceiver, Satan himself. But by deciding to take this path, you have dishonored yourself which you maybe able to live with, but know also that you rejected Christs invitation to join Him at the last supper, and by doing so you have refused the bread life and the blood of eternal salvation.

You and you alone are to blame for turning your back on God. Remember you can not serve two masters, for you will love the one and hate the other. Turn now away from the darkness, for Christ Himself, is calling you back to his light. He offers unconditional love and full redemption of your sin and all you have to do is say “yes!” With a sincere heart, for God knows if your are truly sincere or not, he can not be fooled. He is the eternal truth. So let Christ know that you love and respect him enough to give up your old ways and start a new life, that is eternally by his side.

Know folks that I am here for you. I am here like you but for a little while. No, we don’t know the time nor the day of his return so wouldn’t it behoove you to quit letting the world dictate what is moral and what they say is right. Come back before it is to late. I beg you. Make haste as quickly as you can. Many a person has thought that they would have more time to come around, but the question is do you have enough time to make things right? Your mortal life time is only as long as God says it is. And you can bank on the fact that when that day comes there will not be a second chance. Eternal life is longer than you can even imagine and no you don’t have all the time in the world. You may think you will have time to come around but I am telling you here and now that your time is running out. However, long that is. Accept and be counted worthy of His grace and mercy and you will then know peace on earth. I would not lie to you for we have never met. Though through Gods grace and mercy has lead you here and he wants you to be free from the bonds that hold you from him.

I am here now telling you that your time is passing you by and at that finial moment, that last breath you take, that last beat of your heart I don’t what to see you on the outside of heaven looking in. Rather in and looking out, knowing that, that was almost you eternally trapped in utter suffering looking in. But somewhere, somehow Jesus got to you just in time and you answered his call. That is when true living begins and then when I will meet you by the still waters just make sure you bring your fishing pole.

I am firm in my love for Christ first and my love for you. My heart has joy and sorrow in it at the same time for you. Only you can make the right call for your life. Not me and not anyone else. All I can do is offer you another way and Christ is offering you another chance. So don’t blow it and throw it away. For when you reject the corner stone, your house can not and will not stand, but crumble up and be dust in the wind once again. Keep this in mind while you contemplate my words just take a moment and read the verses I have written here and then come back to me and we can talk about what is truth. I am a true follower and Christian of Christs word. I can show you as He showed me as to how to live his word and grow to completeness for the rest of your life, never having to look back but to be a light your self and shine so that others who know you will want what you have and you to will be able to aid them in their journey toward righteousness. All I can say is read the later part of the book of Revelations chapter 22, verses 7 – 21. Then turn to the book of Ephesians chapter 5, verse 31. Which most all who know these verses will be saddened to know that in this same chapter of Ephesians is the tall tail of the armor of God. Verses 10 – 18. I guarantee that I will NEVER betray these commands and nor will I give into those two demands (abortion and gay marriage), as long as I live.

Granted, I’m making myself a target for their anger by these words in this message, and to tell the truth I’d rather them keep me in their cross-hairs, than you. No I’m no martyr, nor do I what to be, but I will stand against Satan and anyone he sends at me for Christ’ sake. For I know I am never alone and that he (Satan) can not win against me and my Lord Jesus Christ.

What kind of person would say that has no concern for another except for their own personal gain or satisfaction? What would you call a person that goes after and puts so much effort into trying to corrupt our children? What of society? Isn’t it us that allow evil to strike? The principles that this country was founded on are in jeopardy. It is our fault if we don’t try with all our might to aid God to be not only a beacon on the hill so all could see the way to truth but more so to fight for those that are lost forever. If we do not fight than why should Jesus. Why should He let us in through the gates of heaven? He should not. Why, because we did not give 100 % of our abilities to doing His work here on earth. So by not doing all we could we to have let Christ down. All we could say in our defense is but, but, but. Take my word for it that “but” is not going to open the gates for you. And worst of all, when you stand before God with Christ at your side He will have no alternative “but” to say He knows you not. Begone and except your fiat. Then you to will be on the outside looking in. Forever. Only if you keep allowing these things to erode your life and the communities of this great nation. If not than we become no better than any other oppressed country.

Again I have not meant to hurt anyone here today and though I have made many a bold statement here, I will no longer bend or bow or concede until we can be a nation united, not divided. So even though you may think that you can’t change anything as big as these types of issues mentioned here. Just know that is the liberal mind set’s greatest weapon, that being the administering of negative propaganda. In other words, it is their rhetoric that says you can’t, rather than you can. Unless it is for their cause or purpose. What I am saying to you is the opposite. That being yes, you can change one person at a time, and as a verse in an old hymn says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. Yep, just one person at a time. Let it begin with you.

Remember, I do care however, if you meet any of the four “exceptions” that I wrote about in a blog earlier that is on this ministries blog site. Titled “A Cause Worth Fighting For”, so if you want to really know the things I consider to be exceptions, than you’ll have to go and read that one as well.

I told you folks I’ll use any and every avenue to open your minds and hearts to the underline root of this problem. And yes, it is a problem for society here and everywhere on this planet. For if you look at abortion from a logical point of view. Here is my thinking on this.

1.) First of all “feelings” are an emotional act where one examines the cause and then expedites a solution to turn the negative feeling (which takes emotional thought) and make it a feeling of better. Gee, did anyone else notice that another serious crime is being played out in every person that supports pro-choice. And now that commitment to have and going through with an abortion is now what? It is but nothing short of “premeditation and or premeditated” killing/murder/butchery, etc.,etc. Which is, one of the worst offenses man prosecutes for in most any other circumstance. Just a reminder, nothing else.

2.) When you think of committing an abortion who does that satisfy? Who makes out on the act of supporting such an act? I reckon the clinic would benefit, the doctor surely would benefit, the nurse that assisted with the procedure would. Lets see are there more that would benefit, I’m sure there are plenty more. Yet coming up with excuses to go through with the actual abortion or desecration of the tiny human being ever, a life which God gave them. Just so they won’t be embarrassed, ridiculed or even disenfranchised by their friends and family. Oh yes, mark my words that there are those that have had the procedure done to themselves and those that are contemplating having the procedure.

3.) And as I sit here thinking more, here is a third thought I’ll toss out to be debated. In the late 1960’s and into the mid 1970’s when our fellow American fighting men and women came home from doing what this country asked them to do mind you that many were drafted and did not want to go yet they came back to a massive group of protesters waiting to shout hate at them. These protesters did not come out to show support them. They did not call them hero but hundreds of thousands of protesters went out of their way to call the service men or women, baby killer. And nothing was done to suppress that social up rise of inhumanity and disrespect then. Why than are we even considering the pro-choice format? Why are they expecting different treatment? Pro-choice advocates will truly be the real baby killers and their way will be voluntary, not like our men and women were when they came back from Vietnam. Remember? they were drafted and did what we asked of them, they did not like it but did it anyways. Unlike the pro-choice movement.

We are not the bad guys, we are standing up for life and trying as hard as we can to preserve life and trying to let life be as well as live. So how is that a monstrous act. It is not, not one bit. I reckon no matter how you advocate supporting choice, it really doesn’t matter “how you slice it up” as long as you get your way. No pun intended on the slicing up part, but than again I have the right to say it that way, don’t I ?

Gee I wonder how your going to explain it to God. I guess it will be all those self proclaimed Christians that don’t go to Church or thank God for every little thing they have, that will most probably say to God on the judgment day, I didn’t go to church because I had other things to do. Or, I did not have time to go. Or even I just did not feel like it. No excuses are going to work. Get it through those thick heads of yours.

People that are advocating abortion what are you going to say in order to redeem yourself? Here is a thought for you. When Christ said at the sermon on the mount, don’t stop them bring the children unto me, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t referring and or advocating that it is all right to send His children back to Him in little pieces or even in anything like a Ziploc bag or even full child size – body bag.

Besides, how many reading this will still show support for such a ludicrous behavior after being to a baby or even a small child’s funeral. It is heart wrenching, but that’s right if you advocate being pro-choice on the issue of abortion, you have no heart or compassion. I’ll grant there maybe a few however, then tell everybody how saddening it truly is. To witness that tiny, tiny coffin be exhibited all the way to their final resting place. How disturbing is it?

But on the other hand, most aborted remains are never given that much consideration, for the so called lucky ones get incinerated is the best they get. While the others, well you know. And if you don’t than read these two messages over and over again until it does make since to you. For I guarantee that the little helpless human being in the womb of a woman about to have an abortion, has NO CHOICE.

Well folks I’ve said quit a bit here maybe even to much yet I could not keep it bottled up any longer and this is the end result of that conviction in my heart. So I’ll let you all think on these remarks. Remember, Before you take offense to this, do a little soul searching. Who knows you might get lucky and realize you do have a heart. Outside of that if you still have issues and a deep conviction on advocating the view of pro-choice than by all means, lets have this international debate while the iron is hot. And always believe this, cooler irons can be handled and handled with ease.

God bless you all whether Pro or Con to this issue,
Sincerely your servant in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.,
Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.
We are a Non-Denominational and Independent Catholic Church Ministry and our motto in this ministry is ” Ready the Watchman and prepare the Christian Warrior for battle”.

Thought for the day…

” Faith is your greatest asset. ” Keep this close to your heart and rely on it when you feel weak, battered and distraught. You shall be renewed with the Spirit of our Lord to help you through whatever it is you are wearied from. It is a new day and a new beginning.

Remember, starting over is never as hard as quiting on yourself, for when you quite on yourself, you quite on God. For it is God who strengthens you. When you quite, you quite on God and in that case, you will never get to where God wants you or for you in your life. For all things are possible with Christ at your side. Believe it and it shall be so. That is what faith is all about. Which is to say to believe in yourself… Bp. Andrew.