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Carrabelle, FL — (SBWIRE) — 06/13/2012 — The Universal Life Church World Headquarters has a well defined infrastructure in place and is poised for long term, explosive growth. Presiding Bishop Brother Michael states; It is not that we want to be like the Vatican and the bureaucracy associated therewith, we simply want a foundation that will stand for many future generations.” In accord with the Presiding Bishop’s wishes, the Universal Life Church World Headquarters hierarchy in place includes as follows;

President – Rev. Michael J. Cauley, OSM
Vice President – Rev. Daniel Chapin, OSM
Executive Secretary – Rev. Dr. David Stembaugh, DD.

Executive Director of Medical Board – Rev. Dr Joel Lamoure
Executive Director Board of Bishops – Rev. Jerold Norris

Their Board of Bishops includes within an Electoral College of Bishops as chosen by their peers and based on how active they are within the Ministry. Board of Bishop requirements include the respective Bishop to have a Church Charter and/or a Religious Congregational Affiliation on file with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters. To be chosen for the Electoral College of Bishops, the respective Bishop must be a host on the Universal Life Church Radio or distribute a minimum of 2000 communion hosts every six months, as well as meet other reporting requirements.

Brother Michael, the President of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters states; “We are not an online ordination assembly line that ordains dogs, cats or goats and sells Bishop Titles. Our ordination is authentic faith based ordination and our titles such as Bishop are very real, you will not see disclaimers on our webpages stating our certificates and/or titles are only honorary! Wherefore, we will not become a ready resource center for individuals with visions of grandeur or for those where the only effort put forth regarding ministry work is staring at their certificates or titles as they hang on the wall.”

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters wishes to announce the appointment Board of Bishop Members:
*Asterisk denotes active member of our Electoral College of Bishops (Voting Member).








Electoral College of Bishops

* Bishop Jerold Norris, Kansas
* Bishop Francis Gada, Massachusetts
* Bishop Andrew Manley, Ohio
* Bishop Jeffrey Kelly., California
* Bishop Bruce Micciulla, Texas
* Bishop Bertha Montes, Kansas
* Bishop Cesidio Tallini, New York
* Bishop Robert Gerber, Delaware
* Bishop Robert Steinmeyer, California
* Bishop Le’Roy Broxton, New Jersey
* Bishop Joan Fairall, Florida
* Bishop Rodney Price,
* Bishop Joel Lamoure, Canada
* Bishop Larry Sweeney, Colorado
* Bishop Eric Carpenter, Pen
* Bishop Jerry Epperson, Seoul, South Korea
* Bishop Carla Breakey, Idaho
* Bishop Kelita Leroy, Haiti








Board of Bishop Members

Bishop Larry Tanner, Georgia
Bishop Clessan Brown, Nevada
Bishop Kevin Lunceford, Nevada
Bishop Tokara Norville, New York
Bishop John Campitelli, North Carolina
Bishop James Boarman, Florida
Bishop David Nazarewicz, Pennsylvania
Bishop Robin Hackworth, Arizona
Bishop Timothy McCann, Illinois
Bishop Debbie Chambola, Louisiana
Bishop James Spotts, Pennsylvania
Bishop Nino Sanchez, California
Bishop B. Alan Little, Oregon
Bishop Nicholas LaMonica, Arizona
Bishop Joseph Tesmer, New York
Bishop Gene Walters, Pennsylvania
Bishop Bennett van der Grijp, South Africa
Bishop Cecil Lohr, Pennsylvania
Bishop Bethanie Sherwood, New York
Bishop George Herendeen, Illinois
Bishop John Wilson, Florida
Bishop Dawn Jay, Florida
Bishop King Melchizedek, South Carolina
Bishop Lionel Marcel Bernatchez, New Brunswick, Canada
Bishop Diana Lechin-Quezada, New York
Bishop Belinda Eckler, Delaware
Bishop Brian Nutt, California
Bishop Katrina Ringgold, Delaware
Bishop Nilza Santiago, Puerto Rico
Bishop James Breeden, Kansas
Bishop Keith J. Bennett, New York
Bishop Jeremy Wilhelm, Florida
Bishop Burton Rominger, New Mexico
Bishop Eric Rosa, Nevada
Bishop Gregory Peavy, Illinois
Bishop Larry Boots, Arizona
Bishop Paul Barker, United Kingdom,
Bishop Isabel Sinclair, Canada
Bishop James Boehlje Sr., Arizona
Bishop Cindybeth Wendel, Canada
Bishop Benny Lloyd, Texas
Bishop Joshua Cornett, Ohio
Bishop Matilda Cornett, Ohio
Bishop James Burks, Tennessee
Bishop Lloyd Roseman, Wisconsin
Bishop Chris Edwards, North Carolina
Bishop Tabina Bey, New Jersey
Bishop Joel Ensign, Ohio
Bishop James Heini, Illinois
Bishop Susan Wallin, Alaska
Bishop Peter Lockett, Arizona
Bishop Mark Hogg, Ohio
Bishop Jack Ward, Nebraska
Bishop John Chapman, England
Bishop James Hearn, Tennessee
Bishop Lorraine Curran, Massachusetts
Bishop Edward Konkler, Ohio
Bishop Emmanuel Papazoglou, New York
Bishop Craig Conway, Iowa
Bishop John O’Sullivan, New York
Bishop Matthew Tartaglia, Pennsylvania
Bishop Martin Berman, Maryland
Bishop Jean Odige, District of Columbia
Bishop Alan Du Brul, Missouri
Bishop Diane Murdock, Washington
Bishop John Ozanich, Ohio
Bishop Wayne Blackman, Quebec, Canada
Bishop Matthew D. Buck, Georgia
Bishop Nickie Marks, Georgia
Bishop Bertina St John, New York
Bishop Ron Bradbury, Oklahoma
Bishop Gloria White, Oklahoma
Bishop Chas Cottrill, Ohio
Bishop Ian Adams, California
Bishop James Noble, Florida
Bishop Miller Bassler, Texas

The Universal Life Church World Headquarters ordains men or women as Non-Denominational Ministers and/or as Independent Catholic Priests, who serve in all facets of the ministry extending to the corners of the globe. There is room for advancement for all individuals who are ordained. To be able to accomplish many future generations of ordained Ministers, the installation of a sound foundation is a necessary key to the future success of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

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