W.W.J.D. ?

Folks I apologize for the no notice on Saturday evenings broadcast on Celtic Cross Radio and the Christian Warrior Network. However, my computer had a major crash and I have had to rebuild it with XP once again. Anyhow I’m still having a few difficulties holding a WiFi signal, I’m not sure if it is the computer or just the poor reception on the signal. Still working on it and I do intend to be live in My Prayer Closet, tomorrow evening at 8:00 pm EST.


So I’m asking you folks to keep your toes crossed and maybe even your eyes until tomorrow night.

Ohhhh, if anyone asks you why you look as you do and walk as you are and or even wonder how you are able to even use your fingers crossed that way. Just look at them with the most serious look you can muster, (praying that you don’t crack up from the laughter your trying to hold in), and do your best impression of Rodney Dangefield and ask them if they’ve had one of those days when you get no respect.

Then when they answer you with a yes, then turn back to them and say your sorry to hear that and that you hope your day isn’t as bad as theirs. An then let them know your day isn’t like that.

If you like you may go ahead and blame me at that point. Tell them that unlike Flip Wilson, the devil didn’t make you look like this but, your preacher did. And don’t forget to smile.

I’m pretty sure they will be walking around all day with this very inquisitive and perplexed look on their face for the rest of the day.
See it just goes to show that life is just about expecting the unexpected.
But if you don’t want to go out in public sporting your new look then I’ll let you off easy and just have you take a picture of yourself in this new look and post it on my timeline. I’ll need a good laugh by then… Besides I’m pretty sure folks will get a real charge out of it.

Well anyways, it’s always the thought that counts. God bless you all and I’ll chat with you ASAP. And yes, ASAP, really does come for those who wait… WWJD… 🙂