FUN FACTS !!! Do you know the Twelve Apostles of Ireland ?

Salutations Warriors, Bishop Andrew here, I do a lot of research for the ministry and every once and awhile something pops up that catches my interest. Mostly because Celtic Cross Ministry is the newest Irish American and World Wide Ministry on the planet, and we are also the fastest growing Christian Ministry that deals with a true and very proud ethnic heritage. On occasions we find it interesting when something comes along that we feel folks around the world including our fellow brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church, may not know about their own faith.

Now with that said I came across the title of the blog piece from a Wikipedia search, whom I am so very thankful for their collaboration with others on this subject matter. In apart, to help folks like you and I, to have a better understanding of the “History of our faith, Christianity”. Centuries in the making even if it is just a glimpse into the characters of those that have show a dedication and love for Christ and His ministry of faith that is Christianity. The Twelve Apostles of Ireland was a topic that I as an Irish American had never heard of. Not even when in my youth being raised by the Franciscan Sisters at our little convent here in Ohio. Convent might be a slight stretch of the word however, we did just called it home.

Nonetheless, this subject definitely caught my attention and I thought it might be nice to help you, and others around the world to explore the faith in a new and interesting way. Most every person in the world with the exceptions of a few, celebrate this heritage at least one day a year. That day many folks, maybe even you, call themselves Irish with the celebration of the feast of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Maybe in this small way you might understand and appreciate the awesome history of the heritage of this small but very great Irish Nation.

So read on and if your curiosity peeks during your glances, than by all means click the links and follow where it takes you. That’s just half the fun of it. I am very sure you will be very, very blessed for taking an interest in the Saints that made a difference in their time as we here at Celtic Cross Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network pray, that you do with your life. Making a difference in a positive way in your personal journey through life, is one of the gifts God gives you each day. And that is to try and not only make a difference in the world but make it positive as well. Just as these holy men of God did in their journey here on earth.

I pray you will enjoy you experience through the works of people that thought you should know. I say for now, God Bless and have an awesome day. Oh, and remember, knowledge is power. Besides being great for trivia games…

Sincerely blessed because of you, and them,  Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley, DD., O.S.P.

The Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.

Twelve Apostles of Ireland

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St. Finnian imparting his blessing to the Twelve Apostles of Ireland

This article is about the group of Irish saints. For the IRA unit sometimes known as the Twelve Apostles, see The Squad (Irish Republican Army unit).

The Twelve Apostles of Ireland (also known as Twelve Apostles of Erin)(Irish: An Dá Aspal Déag) were twelve early Irish monastic saints of the sixth century who studied under St Finian at his famous monastic school Clonard Abbey at Cluain-Eraird (Eraird’s Meadow), now Clonard in County Meath.[1]


Dá apstol décc na hÉrenn

The twelve saints are grouped together as such in the text Dá apstol décc na hÉrenn (“The Twelve Apostles of Ireland”, the modern Irish being An Dá Aspal Déag na hÉireann). The text is preserved in a manuscript belonging to Michael O’Clery, Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale MS 2324–2340, and elsewhere. When the so-called twelve apostles of Ireland are gathered together for a feast in the house of St Finian, a magical flower appears in their midst. It is decided that a voyage to the flower’s homeland is to be undertaken by one of them, the choice of person then being determined by casting lots. When however, the lot falls on the old Brendan of Birr, his younger namesake Brendan moccu Altae goes in his stead. Brendan sets out with many companions and undergoes many adventures, much as related in Brendan’s Life.[2]

Clonard Abbey

Main article: Clonard Abbey

In Early Christian Ireland the druidic tradition was succeeded or absorbed by the new Christian faith. Study of Latin learning and Christian theology in monasteries flourished. Clonard Abbey, situated on the River Boyne in modern County Meath was one of the main monastic schools. During the sixth century, some of the most significant names in the history of Irish Christianity studied at the Clonard monastery. It is said that the average number of scholars under instruction at Clonard was 3,000. Twelve students who studied under St. Finian became known as the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.[1]

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles of Erin, as they were known by old Irish writers, are said to have been:

Finnen of Cluain Iraird, now Clonard in Meath. He died in the year 522.
Ciaran of Cluain Mic Nois, now Clonmacnoise, on the Shannon, in the barony of Garrycastle, County Offaly, died in the year 549.
Brenainn of Birra – St. Brenainn, or Brendan, of Birra, now Birr, County Offaly. He died on the 29th of November 571.
Brenainn, the son of Finnloga, the patron saint of the see of Clonfert, in County Galway, was born in 484, and died in 577 aged 94.
Colum Mac Crimthainn, was abbot of Tir-da-glas, now Terryglass, in the barony of Lower Ormond, in the county of Tipperary, and died in 552, the same year as St. Finen of Clonard.
Colum Cille. – St. Columbkille was born in the year 521, and died in the year 597, aged 75. Columba was an outstanding figure among the Gaelic missionary monks who some of his advocates claim introduced Christianity to the Kingdom of the Picts during the early medieval period.
Mobhi Clarainech, patron of Glasnaidhen, now Glasnevin, near Dublin. He died on 12th of October 545
Ruadhain of Lothra – St. Ruadain, the patron of Lothra, now Lorrha, in County Tipperary. He died on the 15th of April 584.
Ninnadh the Pious, the patron of the parish of Inis Muighe Samh, now Inismacsaint, in the north-west of County Fermanagh. He was alive in 530 but the year of his death is uncertain.
Molaisi, the son of Nadfraech, he was the brother of Aengus, the first Christian king of Munster and died in 570.
Cainnech Mac h-Ui Dalann, the patron of Aghaboe in County Laois, who died in 599 at the age of 84.
Finnen of Magh Bile, now Movilla, in County Down. He died in the year 576.

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The Path in Life…

Warriors, there are times that the paths in life are filled with obstacles, it is how we deal with those obstacles that will influence the final outcome of our journey in this life. So, as this photograph I took several years ago illustrates, we must all keep our focus on the prize. That being the gift of our Lord and Saviors suffering for each and everyone that seeks the kingdom of God above all else in their life. Until we meet again, may God bless you and stay with you as you venture the righteous path of eternal bliss with the whole family of God… With great humility and Christian love for all mankind, God bless and may He keep you on course to His pearly gates of heaven… Bp. Andrew.

An unrelated note of personal history yet to know something can help us to know everything :

This picture is taken in what is known as the Wheat field on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I have meditated here many times over the last 30 + years of my life, because it was in this field on July 2nd 1863 that a great cousin of mine (Timothy Manley of the 63rd Irish Brigade) was mortally wounded in the battle that took place. When I would come to this portion of the battlefield I always seemed to be at peace within my heart and soul. Most likely because of this connection between Timothy and I, to this piece of hollowed ground.  I would contemplate what took place here as well as, what was taking place in my own personal life and the world around me.

The Holy Trinity, the saints (as I call them) and lost souls of this horrific killing field have aided me to realize many things over the years. It is a special place to come, that allows one to reflect and sort out what is important in one’s life. It also aided me into seeing what was important in my life and what might occur if I chose one path over another.

On this piece of hollowed ground over 6,000 men and boys were either wounded or dead in less than 2 1/2 hours of close quarter fighting. It even went hand to hand in the Rose Woods and on the Stoney Hill. The total area of this one battle took place in about a 25 acre piece of land. A killing field and a part of American history that would be just as major a place as any other battle that would set this country onto the path which it is on now.

Men have said that these men that fought and died here did not die here in vain, but that they gave there last full measure of life, fighting for what they believed in. A United Union. A union of states that still stands today and is mighty only because of their sacrifice as well as those that continue to sacrifice today for our freedom. Not only in this country but for others around the world.

The world. It is a much smaller place now than it was back in 1863 that fateful day. It never ceases to amaze me when I see what is happening to our world let alone our country. I do not feel that those men, like my cousin died so that we could lose our freedom of faith, but it seems to me that is exactly what we are doing, just for the sake of an argument. Of what is fair and what is not.

Freedom is a gift that has come at a very, very high price no money can buy it and no one can give it except for God. Yet mankind continues to raise the stakes of the cost of that freedom. A country and a world and it’s total population in lives, and in deaths of principles which stand for equality. Principles that are not necessarily the best path for a God-fearing nation or world. The things that effect all mankind need to be talked about in the open, although there is a time and place for closed-door meetings as well. As well as the outcome of those meetings are brought forth to the public and that outcome will benefit all humanity. Not just a few, or a few that feel they have all the right answers or even those that feel they have no rights at all and that the world is against them personally. It is not personal. It is only personal if one makes it personal.

We don’t, have the answers but our faith in Christ does. Yet many don’t care about their faith here, in the realm of Christianity which makes up the back bone of our freedoms here in the United States. Others faiths around the world set aside public time for prayer by the masses of their own belief. Yet Christianity and those that call them selves Christian are hypocrites to their own faith. Folks here in the U.S.A., that claim Christianity as their belief are blind to the concept of not wanting to offend, yet we are doing just the opposite, we are just rolling over and hoping things will get better. Well it won’t and those that don’t get involved are doomed to be servants to those that impose their personal will on the masses. Others in far off lands are willing to die for their belief no matter what it is. While we here in the U.S.A., are to busy complaining about self-centered ideals to give a damn about what else is important in life or even what God thinks.

This is where humanity across the board is making the biggest mistake of all. That being that this world is only ours for a short while and that it really belongs to the one that created it. God ! God is where we as Americans and Christian Americans at that, need to focus, for if we don’t, I am afraid that men like my cousin and maybe someone you know personally today, will have died in vain after all.

We need not wait to fight back, although we do need to fight back for the right reason. And that reason is obvious. That is if you are not ignorant to the belief of a supreme being that has control over all life. And that can send even the least of the that which offends, to hell or to heaven. The choice is yours to make. “W.W.J.D” ?

I know which path I chose and that is a righteous path that leads to the glory of God in the highest. Not through demands, not through disrespect, not through fear of terrorism and not because man says so. But through the love and peace that is Jesus Christ lest we forget, that Christ does not come to bring peace to the world, but rather the sword.

My sword is my voice, my writings and my ability to see past the smoke and mirrors, the saber rattling of empty words and above the noise of a disgruntled world. Jesus is the way ! And heaven is where we need to be looking. Not just the few, but the masses that claim Jesus Christ and Christianity are the truth and the light and the way to heaven and eternal peace. By the tens of hundreds of thousands we need to act as one truly united. Those that truly want what God wants. Not what man wants. Our priorities are all screwed up and we as a Christian Nation had best become united sooner than later because of it. For later, will be too late.

Sincerely yours in the servitude of our Lord, Jesus Christ, now and forever,

Bishop Andrew Robert Moses Manley DD., O.S.P., O.S.M., O.S.F.

Patriarch of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.

70 x 7, forgiveness… That is the point…

Folks a short while ago I received this statement from a young gentleman who seems very angry and needs to attack verbally the Church that is Jesus Christ. I will place his comment, if that is what you want to call it, here in just a moment. I would like to take a moment and ask you to continually up in prayer. I’m sure you people just like young Luke here that have the same attitude. Anyways, Christ tell us to bear fruit for the kingdom of God and that His sheep are scattered because of those that do not lead or live His word. So please help me to help young Luke and the many in this world like him. That they find Christ and except Him as you have into their lives. For ever soul is in need of truth, love, hope and salvation. Let us pray and lift up to the Lord our God those that need him the most, just like young Luke.

His statement is verbatim here. “You crazy Jesus freaks need to Fuck off”…

As for my response to his comment, is as follows…

I’m very sorry to hear you say that Br. Luke. Keep in mind I did not seek you out to be apart of this ministry, yet here you are. Here I am and here Christ is also, we are only trying to help you to have a better life, a fruitful life, a life more abundant. I’m sure some where in your heart you have some love and compassion for something in your life. And that is a wonderful thing to have.

It is a gift to stand up for something you feel so strongly about. Helping those that ask you and doing whatever it is you do for another members of your family, friends, fellow classmates or even at your work. You have a lot to be thankful for.

I know you have a very well-rounded education and your teachers at GB high are some of the best I know of, you are lucky to have such opportunities available to you on a daily basis. I know that if and I say that with great compassion for you, (if), God grants you a long life here on earth I am hopeful and prayerful that you will someday seek Him and the kingdom of God first before all else but, (if) not, I want you to know that I will for as long as God grants me life here on earth shall continue to lift you up personally in prayer for anger and hate are not Godly traits of Christ, but rather are of Satan. I’d be willing to say that not even you want Satan to guide you through life. At least I hope not, for your sake.

I will however, as Christ will, continue to watch over you for the rest of your life. And one last thing, there is no reason to show immaturity with your language and attitude. It is very unbecoming of you, I would think you better than that. Matter of fact I know you are better than that.

If you wish, (you do have a choice here), you may remove me and this ministry from your list of friends however, I pray that you don’t for I can tell you could use a bit more “Christian Love” meaning Gods Love around you on a daily basis. Yet the choice is yours and I’ll do what I can to leave the light on for you just in case you decide you want to have God’ help in your life.

May God have mercy on you and please know that He loves you more than you will ever know and whether you like it or not He will continue to do so. Now and forever…

Sincerely, Bishop Andrew.

To Truly Forgive….

Forgiveness is the key that sets one free. And being the one that has been forgiven also is free. So we can say that by an act of forgiveness is also one of the keys to heaven, for by the act of forgiveness we show a true act of unconditional love.

Reaffirming Christ’ commandment to love one another as thy self. Yet in order to forgive you must understand how it feels to truly be forgiven. You are forgiven when you forgive.

Pretty simple but why is it so hard to forgive. It is because we have not fully excepted Christ’ commandment as fact. Yet we know that, that to is not true but rather a perception of what one considers to be true forgiveness.

Just remember that to forgive is to love and to love is to show forgiveness which is an act of love. Christ forgives you to prove His love for you. So what about you ? Have you forgiven all ? Have you forgotten it all ? Only you can answer to all and will answer to all. I guarantee it to be so…

Sincerely yours in the repentance of true sin, your sin and my sin, in the love of Christ Jesus now and for always and forever…
Bp. Andrew

Let Us Pray…

Christian Warriors it’s another sad day here in America. Many of you have heard about the senseless shooting that has killed so many and wounded so many more in Colorado today. Let us pray that those effected by this incident will find the answers and peace they seek.

( + ) Lord Jesus, you are Love, you are Peace, and you are Mercy. We beseech thee to look upon the victims you have called to you, an advocate for them that their place in heaven is assured enough to have them all, be able to stand with you by your side forever.

Please Father, look upon your children that are left behind to grieve, and mourn in the loss of those they loved and cared for. Stand by those family’s that are with others, in that part of time that is known as a waiting game for answers. Let them have patience to endure the long-suffering that is to come. And as they wait to find out what the condition is of their friends and loved ones, let it also be a time of inner spiritual reflection of positive emotions and loving memories that help carry them through this time of sorrow.

Lord, please give this Christian Nation the ability to stand up in support of that which is right and righteous in your eyes and in your sacred heart. Allow thy Holy Spirit to come upon all those that seek you and stand for love and forgiveness.

And lastly dear Father, Lord of all in Heaven and on Earth, allow this incident to help turn this nation back on a course that is of your will for all people. Let this or any act of violence not define us as weak or even meek in those eyes and hearts that want so badly to hurt this nation and it citizens. Grant us your shield of protection and out fit us with the armor that is your word and your will for all humanity.

Your children in Israel and other people’s, in other nations, have been dealing with incidents like this for decades. Let us take notice of their patients. Let us come together as a united world to fight back Satan and his henchmen where ever they lie in wait. Let their chance to cause havoc become uneventful in the lives of a tolerant nation of Christianity.

So brothers and sisters pray with me in the words our Lord and Savior gave to us as an example on how and what to pray in all times and in any event.

Our Father who art in heaven, Hollowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that have trespassed against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. – Deliver us Oh lord from every evil and grant us your mercy. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen.

May our Lord watch over us and keep us ever mindful as to the power of prayer and it’s ability to conquer evil and perform any miracle that is asked for in His, Holy name. And let us all remain united in giving our Lord, and Savior, our praise for the love He shows us each and everyday. Let the world take notice of an Americans resolve for proper justice in all parts of our world. Which we all call home. Amen…

Sincerely and with a heavy heart and mournful sorrow,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P., O.S.M., O.S.F.
Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross and the,
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry
Lorain, Ohio U.S.A.

You don’t say !

Warriors, you just never know what someone has done in their life unless they decide to share it or someone else walked with them when they did it. So never sell your self short. You have done something memorable with the gifts the Father gave you. So don’t ever say you can’t for there is no such thing as can’t, there is only won’t. And that is always a sad day… Be blessed everyone, I know I am, just for knowing you…

Serving you and our God.

Bp. Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.


Read All About It !!!

The Celtic Cross Guardian Gazette, is HERE NOW !!!

What did Christ say that in order for us to have our place in heaven we needed to do what ? It’s not just that we have to be born again or even be baptized. It is that we are to “Bear Fruit For The Kingdom Of God” !!!

This link is to our newest initiative for that bearing of fruit for the kingdom of heaven. So go ahead and click on it. It will open in a different window. If you like what we have done than by all means please click the subscribe button, the like button and also please be sure to share us with our inner circle. It’s not like your passing around an old newspaper, right!  loloollol.  But rather by doing so, you will be doing what Christ told you to do. That is to Bear Fruit… So click this link NOW !

Note:  The harvest is almost here. Meaning that we are in the end of times, and we need to prepare for Christ’  triumphant return. We need your help to aid in that mission. We all must take part in making sure the harvest is plentiful and that means it is serious work. Not hard work, but just a few clicks is all we are asking. So come on and help us, to do that which we know is right.  Go Back Up and Click it !   Click it now !

Sincerely yours in His mighty service, Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.

Power Outage and Stuff !



GM warriors, what a way to start the day. A power outage. Only lasted about an hour and a half, but still got everyone’s attention. This is not anything like 10’s of thousands of folks are having to deal with. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those that have lost so much and find themselves having to start over from scratch.


Well let me try and lift your spirits, we all have heard that better day’s are coming. And I’m sure they are however, their not here now. Have no fear for your Father in heaven knows what you need and with your faith, he will provide you with all that you need. Nothing more and nothing less. That doesn’t mean that you just sit back on your laurels and do nothing. If you listen and talk to Him, (meaning pray), he will hear you. He knows you are suffering. But worry not for I want you to open your Holy Bible to Matthew, Chapter 10 verses 29 – 31. And I want you to meditate on those three verses as you pray and talk to your Father.


You are very special to Him and worth a heck of a lot more than two sparrows. So if they neither scatter or harvest what they need and the Father supply’s them with all they need to survive, how can you not believe that God will not take care of you. You are committed to Him aren’t you? Well true is the fact that it is not going to be handed to you and sometimes we have to humble ourselves before Him as well as mankind, in order to get what we need.


A sparrow has to leave the nest to find food and drink. And so must you. This is not the time to give up and or even have a pity party for yourself. Here’s what you need to remember. If you had much and lost everything than you were and are blessed. And, if you had just a few things and lost those, you to are blessed. Keep in mind that you are a Christian first and for most. That long suffering is just part of be that commitment to God.


He said to us that, he that has a lot will be given more and he who has little, it will be taken from him. Granted it may not make a lot of since when you are the walking example of these quotes. Yet, are you truly committed to serving God as He is at serving you?


Two things and I’ll end this little pep-talk, one, you being a professed Christian, are not “of this world”, yes, you live in it as we all do, but what does that count for? Nothing! We are only here temporarily and you can’t take anything with you to the grave, except for what God gave you. That being your soul. It is the most valuable thing you have in your possession. More so even over people, loved ones or things. So what if you lost material things. Things can be replaced but memories can not be taken from you.


That means the good ones as well as the bad ones. So you may not be able to take that once in a life time vacation or leave your children a little better off than you had it. Who cares? Although if you do care more so for those things than you need to re-evaluate your priorities. I say this not to sound mean. By no means, do I say it that way. I’m referring back to Matthew, Ch. 10, verses 29 – 31.


If God allowed you to loss everything you owned materially in this world and you find yourself having to start over, than you should rejoice. For God will and I mean that, “WILL”, give you everything you need. As for the children or whom ever you planed to leave your things to. God figures that they don’t need it because it is He that will give them including your loved ones, everything that they will ever need.


So have faith in God. He knows what you have lost but, He just wanted you to realize that He is still around, just for you. So go ahead and call yourself by an new definition and that being of the prodigal son or even daughter, which has come home, He will provide for you what you need and if there is something in this world that you want, but don’t really need, than go and get it yourself. You may realize that He even loves you that much, that He has also given you something that you want. Pretty cool. God is an awesome provider except all and be glad, knowing you are worth more than many sparrows.


Sincerely yours in service to the kingdom of God,

Bp. Andrew…

What a Blast !!!

Happy Independence Day America !!! This is the 4th of July Fireworks extravaganza here in Lorain, Ohio U.S.A. What a view !!! If you did not get to see fireworks where you live because of the weather or due to mother nature drying things out so much that it would not have been safe to have a show, than please, sit back and enjoy ours. Sometimes living near large a body of water has it’s benefits. Every year we have a show that is just awesome. Nice thing is no traffic when you have a birds eyes view from the 12th floor of a high rise apartment building and all the comforts of home. I’m watching the celebration in Washington D.C. on the TV, with all of the glitz and glamor and music of their display as well as kick in back and watching it with folks like you. And I’m telling you, some of the explosions are huge. They must be as big as 3 or 4 city blocks in size. Maybe even larger than that. The only thing cooler would be to see them from outer space. So sit back, relax, kick your feet up and enjoy the show from Lorain, Ohio. It’s a great day when everyone can feel like and American…

Sometimes I wonder who people serve when they call themselves Christian…

This is a comment made by an man in ministry about me and this ministries affiliation with the ULCWHQ. I thought You might want to see how a man of God perceives other people he is charged with in teaching them what Christ would do in the same situation. It proves the point I have been making for a very, very long time.

I’d like to know what your thoughts are to his comment and my response. Thank you for your time and God be with you, always…

Prophet Km Livingood The Universal Life Church IS A JOKE ! I have spent 7 years in actual Bible College and i EARNED my MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS !

And now my rebuttal,

Br. Livingood, I am sorry you feel that way. There are many different types of ULC organizations, such as Modesto, CA., the Seminary in Elk Grove, CA. and the Monastery in Seattle, WA. area. And I have to say in their cases, I agree with you. However, my ministry is chartered with the ULCWHQ in Carrabelle, Florida and we work very hard on the legal aspects of representing our ministries with the up most professional criterion that any main stream Church or University would call for. Trust me when I say that I do understand your comment. Even the tone in which the way you decided to frame it. But we are nothing like them, not in any way shape or form.

As for my back ground I was raised in a convent with the Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church out of Manitowoc WI. which is where the mother house is located. Growing up in that environment was a curse for a young adolescent male to grow up in. Yet in another way it also taught me first hand what a faith based organization is and having grown up in the Catholic faith and later on in 1986, I became a born again Christian through the First Church of God. Anderson IN. affiliate and not the Cleveland Tenn. Organization. And not in name only but in faith and have remained proactive in ministry for over 30 years and that is not counting the 17 years affiliated with the sisters.

So please tell me how much education and dedication does it take to live a life that is by the true examples of faith and being Christ like in all that one does in their life? Did your education teach you that Christ taught and then commanded us to love one another and to bare fruit? And did they teach you that there is no greater gift than to lay down ones life for another?

I live by a principle of the WWJD syndrome (That’s how I like to call the act of What Would Jesus Do), and it has never failed me. It also has kept me from lashing out at another Christian in such away that would be unpleasing to the honor of His, Holy Spirit. Also, His examples that I have studied, taught me to never dismiss one of Gods creations and call it a joke. I don’t see that helping people to find and come to the alter of the Lord is a joke. I hope you will enlighten me as to how this can be Christ like in nature.

If you are what you say you are, and I do not doubt that you are a true licensed minister with a very high moral code that you strive to portray to those you minister to. You are to be commended to the highest degree for your convection of bring God’ word to the masses. Thank you truly and sincerely for your service to the harvest that is always ripe and ready to be picked and given to Him for His glory and praise.

But please, keep this in mind for the next time you show your human side. We are not all created equal, but we are all created in His image and since God did not make junk but people do, I find myself always trying to do what He asks of me and go where He leads me. Which in my case was the ULCWHQ. (Universal Life Church World Headquarters). And by the way I am not going to challenge you, nor your credentials.

But as for me personally, I do have a Bachelors degree in Divinity a Masters in Divinity, as well as a Masters degree in Religious Philosophy with (and I grant you) an Honorary Doctorate degree in Divinity and at this present time at the age of 51 years old, I am working on my third year towards a PHD in Religious Humanities. Also I’m pretty sure that a degree from Cambridge and or any legitimate legal church organization would and will hold up in any court of law.

However, I do have a philosophical question for you (you may answer it if you want and if you choose not to, than that is OK as well), that is, do you think Christ would be proud of you for making such a comment to one of His Christian Churches and do you think He would be patting you on the back and giving you a wink and two thumbs up for your act of showing Christian charity and Christian love for one of His congregations? Please, feel free to answer if you feel lead by His divine and ever Holy Spirit. I’d like to know if your Jesus, is telling you that you are a good Christian and leader in His ministry. Or are you trying to tear down His Church? For what your comment states, it sounds nothing like the God I serve and preach to others about. So, what say you?

Sincerely, Serving The Holy Trinity in the best way I know how,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the,

Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.