Sometimes I wonder who people serve when they call themselves Christian…

This is a comment made by an man in ministry about me and this ministries affiliation with the ULCWHQ. I thought You might want to see how a man of God perceives other people he is charged with in teaching them what Christ would do in the same situation. It proves the point I have been making for a very, very long time.

I’d like to know what your thoughts are to his comment and my response. Thank you for your time and God be with you, always…

Prophet Km Livingood The Universal Life Church IS A JOKE ! I have spent 7 years in actual Bible College and i EARNED my MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS !

And now my rebuttal,

Br. Livingood, I am sorry you feel that way. There are many different types of ULC organizations, such as Modesto, CA., the Seminary in Elk Grove, CA. and the Monastery in Seattle, WA. area. And I have to say in their cases, I agree with you. However, my ministry is chartered with the ULCWHQ in Carrabelle, Florida and we work very hard on the legal aspects of representing our ministries with the up most professional criterion that any main stream Church or University would call for. Trust me when I say that I do understand your comment. Even the tone in which the way you decided to frame it. But we are nothing like them, not in any way shape or form.

As for my back ground I was raised in a convent with the Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church out of Manitowoc WI. which is where the mother house is located. Growing up in that environment was a curse for a young adolescent male to grow up in. Yet in another way it also taught me first hand what a faith based organization is and having grown up in the Catholic faith and later on in 1986, I became a born again Christian through the First Church of God. Anderson IN. affiliate and not the Cleveland Tenn. Organization. And not in name only but in faith and have remained proactive in ministry for over 30 years and that is not counting the 17 years affiliated with the sisters.

So please tell me how much education and dedication does it take to live a life that is by the true examples of faith and being Christ like in all that one does in their life? Did your education teach you that Christ taught and then commanded us to love one another and to bare fruit? And did they teach you that there is no greater gift than to lay down ones life for another?

I live by a principle of the WWJD syndrome (That’s how I like to call the act of What Would Jesus Do), and it has never failed me. It also has kept me from lashing out at another Christian in such away that would be unpleasing to the honor of His, Holy Spirit. Also, His examples that I have studied, taught me to never dismiss one of Gods creations and call it a joke. I don’t see that helping people to find and come to the alter of the Lord is a joke. I hope you will enlighten me as to how this can be Christ like in nature.

If you are what you say you are, and I do not doubt that you are a true licensed minister with a very high moral code that you strive to portray to those you minister to. You are to be commended to the highest degree for your convection of bring God’ word to the masses. Thank you truly and sincerely for your service to the harvest that is always ripe and ready to be picked and given to Him for His glory and praise.

But please, keep this in mind for the next time you show your human side. We are not all created equal, but we are all created in His image and since God did not make junk but people do, I find myself always trying to do what He asks of me and go where He leads me. Which in my case was the ULCWHQ. (Universal Life Church World Headquarters). And by the way I am not going to challenge you, nor your credentials.

But as for me personally, I do have a Bachelors degree in Divinity a Masters in Divinity, as well as a Masters degree in Religious Philosophy with (and I grant you) an Honorary Doctorate degree in Divinity and at this present time at the age of 51 years old, I am working on my third year towards a PHD in Religious Humanities. Also I’m pretty sure that a degree from Cambridge and or any legitimate legal church organization would and will hold up in any court of law.

However, I do have a philosophical question for you (you may answer it if you want and if you choose not to, than that is OK as well), that is, do you think Christ would be proud of you for making such a comment to one of His Christian Churches and do you think He would be patting you on the back and giving you a wink and two thumbs up for your act of showing Christian charity and Christian love for one of His congregations? Please, feel free to answer if you feel lead by His divine and ever Holy Spirit. I’d like to know if your Jesus, is telling you that you are a good Christian and leader in His ministry. Or are you trying to tear down His Church? For what your comment states, it sounds nothing like the God I serve and preach to others about. So, what say you?

Sincerely, Serving The Holy Trinity in the best way I know how,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P.

Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the,

Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.