What a Blast !!!

Happy Independence Day America !!! This is the 4th of July Fireworks extravaganza here in Lorain, Ohio U.S.A. What a view !!! If you did not get to see fireworks where you live because of the weather or due to mother nature drying things out so much that it would not have been safe to have a show, than please, sit back and enjoy ours. Sometimes living near large a body of water has it’s benefits. Every year we have a show that is just awesome. Nice thing is no traffic when you have a birds eyes view from the 12th floor of a high rise apartment building and all the comforts of home. I’m watching the celebration in Washington D.C. on the TV, with all of the glitz and glamor and music of their display as well as kick in back and watching it with folks like you. And I’m telling you, some of the explosions are huge. They must be as big as 3 or 4 city blocks in size. Maybe even larger than that. The only thing cooler would be to see them from outer space. So sit back, relax, kick your feet up and enjoy the show from Lorain, Ohio. It’s a great day when everyone can feel like and American…

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