Controversial vote at the Democratic Convention 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, A series of thoughts and conversations referring to the following blog from a Rev. Miles.

Here you will find his story in reference to that vote on God and Jerusalem including the remarks of a dear friend who could not believe how I could be taken in by such comments. Note it was not his comments (Rev. Miles) but rather the whole of the matter of the vote and the repetitiveness of it that worry’s me as well as prompted my initial response. You will also notice a brief comment made by another gentleman and Mr. Klump. Then the follow up response to my comment and my friends comment along with a link to the clip that spurred this interaction between friends about faith.


God Booed By Democrats at Convention! Incredible!

by Rev. Austin Miles

Charlotte North Carolina (9/5/12) In what must be a first in American History, the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. took an ugly turn tonight when Dems booed God!

The dispute began yesterday when it was moved to remove the words, “God-given (potential)” from the Democrat platform language as well as dropping the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This stirred up a new hurricane producing heavy public backlash which embarrassed Democrats to the extent that they voted to change it back to the original language. Tonight, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, presented the re-modification of the language amendment, to put God back in.

Those who voted Yea and those who angrily voted Nay (with boos) seemed tilted toward Nay. Unable to determine the majority, the vote was again presented. Again there were boos from the Nays. A third vote was taken with the same results, but Villaraigosa, obligated to read what the teleprompter flashed, said, “The chair has decided that the original language (God-given) remains.

Loud boos were heard when the name “God” was spoken and the cameras picked up angry objectors reacting. The reference to God and the name, God, was booed by more than half the Democrats in the filled to capacity arena.

The speakers who followed included, Sandra Fluke, the young law student who demands that taxpayers fund her contraceptives so she can have all the casual sex that she craves….and then…if the contraceptives don’t work and the sperm still gets through, then she demands the taxpayers, that’s US, to pay to have the resulting baby killed. As she slammed Romney, calling him and all Republicans bigoted in her grating voice, the Democrats CHEERED.

Next, Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren took the podium to extol the virtues of Obama. She questioned election integrity, stating, “We don’t want the game to be rigged.”

Warren is the woman who lied about having Native American Blood in order to gain financial advantage as a minority student in Rutgers University and to be hired by the Harvard Law School that was under pressure to “diversify”

She then put on her Christian undergarments, telling how she grew up in the Methodist Church. She then managed to use her ‘Christian’ identity to suggest that to vote for Obama is a call…yes, like a religious call to elect The One. She closed by saying God Bless America. The audience CHEERED her every word.

The keynote speaker was Bill Clinton, a very gifted orator and charming who referred to the Republican party as “An alternative Universe.”

Ear-piercing applause rang throughout his 50 minute speech which did have some snake-oil, lubricating some of the ‘facts’ he claimed for Obama and against Romney. That snake oil is on sale until November.

So let’s understand this pageant: God was mentioned and most of the audience booed. Sandra Fluke who sins against God while demanding we pay for her sins is cheered. Senate Hopeful Elizabeth Warren, a fraud and liar who pretends to be a Christian is cheered. Bill Clinton, a kinky adulterer is cheered. And God is booed? Something is wrong with this picture.


Mr. Klump’s remark


Harold Klump this is nothing less than anti christ agenda, we are headed for a much worse America than we have ever known. if our fire fathers only knew what is happining to our country, they would trun over in their graves.


My initial comment….


Andrew R. M. Manley I am appalled by this.article, truth be told I’m surprised and then again I’m not surprised. I just pray that not all democrats feel this way. If so they need to change the parties name from democrats to demo-hates. For if they do, God help us and please put me out of my misery now… Flabbergasted isn’t even enough to describe how I feel right now… I feel great sadness in my heart for the human race, I’m almost ashamed to even be apart of it. To know this took place on a national and or international scale sends my mind spinning as to what the other Christian nations of the world must be thinking right now. If one of these people at the convention that feels this way were to boo God to my face, I admit, I’d have a hard time turning the other cheek. 70×7 isn’t enough infinity x infinite may almost cover it… Bp. Andrew R. M. Manley 😦

Now my friend Richards comment to my reaction… along with the link to the video clip…


Richard ChervenAndrew… I’m appalled that you would blindly believe this article. If you step back from the content (which is purposefully controversial) and look at the wording, you may see the way the article twists your emotions. Phrases like ‘angrily voted Nay’, ‘so she can have all the casual sex that she craves’, ‘in her grating voice’, and ‘which did have some snake-oil’ should trigger you to research the claims in the article.

I purposely avoid the DNC and RNC because I do not think they benefit the nation. However, watching a replay of the vote which the article claims God was booed you can clearly see that the resulting booing was due to the questionable handling of the voice vote.

(I only watched the vote, so I can’t speak for the rest of the linked video..)

Thomas Jefferson (who surely counts as a founding father) is credited for wanting to establish a clear separation of church and state. Many early travellers to the Americas were fleeing their countries because they were unable to practice religion in ways that suited them. History is filled with examples where religion was used as a weapon against the ‘non-believers’.

Clearly as human beings we have not learned our lessons as we are again starting to see religion take hold in our governing body. It is being used to persecute people for beliefs that contradict the ‘majority’. Our future leaders are earning your vote by exploiting your fears.

I often hear variations of the phrase “We are a Christian nation.” That could not be further from the truth. We are a nation of the people, for the people, and by the people. Those people may be Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, Wiccan, and even agnostic or athiest. Religion is not a requirement for citizenship and should not be used by politicians to manipulate people.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa approved a controversial voice vote to include Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
My response to Richards comment
Andrew R. M. Manley Br. Richard, Your comment was very well thought out and very well said. I know you well enough, that you are to some degree like me, in that our passion for what is right and fair can be clouded by away a phrase is put into words followed up by the tone which it is delivered.

You are very correct with your comment ( “We are a Christian nation.” That could not be further from the truth. We are a nation of the people, for the people, and by the people. Those people may be Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, Wiccan, and even agnostic or atheist”). I see your point. Yet the fact still remains that this country and it’s constitution are based on a belief of Christian values and in God and for the most part those Christian values have done us good as a nation. However, we do need to take a deep breath from time to time.

All of the, he said, she said that we the people have been inundated with from both parties does leave a somewhat bitter taste in ones pallet. This is most likely the most important election of our lifetime and I’m just afraid that many people won’t even vote, or will vote not knowing where a candidate or party really stands.

As of yet I have not heard either party say how they will get millions of Americans back to work or how they will try and balance the trillions of dollars in debt that we the people have allowed to take place. We need a change and I agree, I’m not even sure which party really has the right answers to put this country back on the track that is with the basic principles for which this country was founded.

I do know that allowing the liberal mind set to influence a personal agenda of immoral turpitude is contradictory of the Holy Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ. (Granted the Holy Bible was written by man however, it is inspired and guided by God). The answers to every problem we face as a nation of independent thinkers as well as a world population should be and can be able to figure out away to settle most any issue we face. The for fathers knew enough that they understood that they did not have all of the answers. That is why they chose to input the moral code of values into the very principles that have been guiding this nation ever since. Not perfectly but we have made concession when it was needed and held a higher moral ground and always kept God in the forefront even in those times of social change that effected everyone. In doing so we unknowingly influenced a world and they to saw a better way that worked.

The true issue is that there is a right and moral way and then there is the individuals way and the two are like oil and water to say the least. The problem is that we as a country of free thinkers, (that is to say being freedom enthusiast), have allowed the voice of a selfish and self centered group (all in the voice of freedom for all and not just the chosen), of individuals to dictate what should be accepted and what should not be accepted for a majority. The majority is not self centered nor do they only care about wanting their cake and being able to eat it to. There is nothing wrong with that unless you try to force feed it to a silent majority who is for the most part of the live and let live mentality. Or rather, if it doesn’t effect me what do I care (group of individuals).

The point of the matter is, that it will, effect them as it does everyone. And yet the liberal mind set can’t see that or they really and truly don’t care what anyone else thinks or feels that opposes them. (Which I am more truly and likely to believe of them. For it is that, of themselves that they have shown the world).

I’m not a hater, although there is a fine line that has a gray area and to me that is where emotion lies in wait. Waiting and ready to snap back when someone tries to push or bully their way into ones life. And your rights Richard, words and how they are perceived are a big part of how we react to any situation that crosses into the gray area. Liberals have away about them or should I say about the way they perceive life in general that makes them want to rebel against logic and morality. They twist moral logic around and make it seem dirty or even hateful. So when that happens true God fearing people take it personal and the should.

I’m not sure which way they think or if folks only agree with them because they don’t want to be told what they can or can not do. And yet we are a nation and a world of laws that guide us and keep us from hurting others and or ourselves. At least most of the time it works that way unless someone becomes selfish or self centered. Yet the same can be said for the conservative mind set as well.

I recon that is why I prefer to see things through Gods eyes and from a principle of guidance of His holy and devout word. It really is a guide line set down for all mankind. Christ did not force a belief onto the world. He did however, show the world that they have a choice to make and depending on that choice, there is a consequence to pay. Just like in everything one person does or does not choose to do. One way or another there is always a price that has to be paid no matter what. That includes even how things are perceived in peoples reaction to any particular thing including the words chosen to be said at the convention. This is why I am so advertent about living the word of God.

You, me, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservative, Extremest and not. Know in our hearts that Gods way is a better way for the most part in everyone’s life. And your also right when you insinuated that many a war and many a life, has been started and or won or lost, do to one belief or another. So with that being true of history, than would you not agree that God is important and that God should be apart of everyone’s life? (Note I did not say Jesus here, although one could and most likely will imply it if, they are Christian or an Extremest or even somewhat liberal minded or not. They would do just that, imply that thought. Although my statement here is referring to God. With that being said would it be taken out of context and there fore insinuating a concept of what they thought I had just said? My point is that people will read into things and react not with the full knowledge except, of only what they want to to hear or believe. Were human, we are not perfect we will make mistakes and yet are we not supposed to learn from our mistakes and “try” not to make the same or similar mistake again? Again my point. Words are sharper than a two bladed sword and if we are not careful to think before we speak than less damage and or harm would be done to others. The thing about the speakers at the democratic convention were “vented and approved” by the democratic committee. So in other words what was said and implied was what was approved. The only speech that was not vented was former President Bill Clinton’s speech. So with that said, than this is what the whole of the Democratic party wants and in this case nothing can be implied but rather fact.

Speaking as one man to another man. I can say that what was implied on the convention floor was wrong and there is nothing wrong in feeling the way I do. I have looked into this vote a bit more thanks to your comment and also do to our personal friendship. I value both with high esteem and yet I still stand by, not closed minded now as maybe I was somewhat before, but by principle that the liberal mind set has crossed a line and that we the people including the conservative right have sat back and allowed it to happen. In other words we have allowed what is and has happened to us as a nation and for the most part looked away, one to many times.

I will not allow anyone to dictate or demand me to denounce God or stand by and allow someone or some organization to denounce what or fore fathers implied to be right and true as a way to live one “freedom”. But what did they know, they for the most part were in favor of slavery anyways. But we did fix that didn’t we? Or did we? Just ask those that voted and you get and earful wither you want it or not. And if you don’t like it tough, it’s their way or get out. And that mentality is what is dangerous for all free men and women.

From time to time concessions have to be made but when it come to God, “NO WAY” for in God we Trust is a part of who we are and I like it that way and it is that way I want my grandchildren to be also.

The concept that was implied by the founding fathers has stood the test of time and several conflicts as well and as I said when things truly needed to be changed it has been. But wanting to silence a Christian or a person that is even somewhat conservative is wrong and denouncing God even in the tiniest matter is defiantly wrong. Stand by and supporting the far left is just as bad as standing by and not taking a side. I just so happen to stand on Gods side, and Jesus’ side and the Holy Spirit’ side and any ones side that stand up for the Holy Trinity. I can’t apologize for the way I was raised and there comes a point when one has to “pick a side”.

Lets be real here, what was said or rather implied was morally wrong. And while a bunch of radical individuals who have the approval of one of the largest committees in the political world grants them what they want, I have to shake my head and ask why. Why make comments like that when the rest of the free nation of many democrats never saw it coming and then say that it is. When in reality it is not! I’m sure there are plenty of democrats not at that convention that feel completely different and hopefully they will make up the true majority of the democratic party and show the world by their voting this November. Not the media, and not the loudest few.

At least that is my hope for our great nation this election. Although I would like to see by a majority vote the God haters denounced and then a law imposed by the majority rule that would put an end to those that want to tear in half the very fabric that made this country of ours great and that is “GOD” !

Was what was said and even implied right or wrong it does not matter, for it is and words implied it with the sanction of the democratic committee that is what is so disturbing. And on the other side what others around the world must think of us as a nation. It’s no wonder were losing credibility in the world and if we continue to allow this behavior than maybe we shouldn’t be king of the mountain any more. Lets just stick our heads in the sand and pretend we don’t see what is happening around us any more. Or is that what were doing right this very minute?

Remember this Richard and don’t let anyone tell you differently, without God we would have nothing not even life. With God we stand a chance against Satan and his may disguises . It is with great compassion and love and respect, I give this statement to you Richard and you know me well enough to know (at least I hope you do), that I really do care for all mankind even if they don’t care about themselves or anyone or anything except for what pleases them. As all ways Richard you are in my thoughts and in my prayers, God bless and I know you know I mean that with great sincerity your friend even in differences of opinions. Bp. Andrew

NOTE: If there is any further communications I will re-post them here as a continuance.
Sincerely, Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P., O.S.M., O.S.F.