The 12 Commandments – Introduction

To begin with I want to apologize for starting this blog so long after I announced it, but I want my readers to understand, that when I announce that I am going to prepare to publish a message from God, I am going to begin with an intense time of personel prayer because the last thing I want to do is misquote our heavenly father, I will misquote a politician, But I will not misquote the creator of the universe.

Let me tell my readers at this point that I was raised in a Jewish Home On Long Island in New York so for the first 18 years of my life I only studyed the old Testament, so I know it pretty well. BUT I want you to also know that since November of 1971 I have made a serious study of the entire Bible.

I will only do an introduction today and next week we will begin a 12 week study going over each one of the 12 (no misprint) Commandments.

As I said these are called commandments, not recommendations, suggestions, or ideas. When God gave the first ten to Moses as the Children of Israel were camped around Mount Sinai God came down and told Moses to come up and God spoke to him words that would change the aincent world