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Presented by: Sister Wendy Eriksson, O.S.B., O.S.J.A., O.S.BB.

Hello everyone,

I have recently had a few situations come up which have caused me to ponder long and hard on the treatment and punishment of today’s criminals.

To illustrate, here is one such incident which happened only yesterday.

For those of you who don’t yet know, I am an avid horse rider, and I keep 6 horses agisted on about 45-50 acres. My family and I are well acquainted with the actual owners of the property, and they have other horses agisted on their ajoining acreage. The owners live in a house on the property which is up on an elevated rise, so they have clear views of all their property.

Yesterday, as I am in the daily habit of doing, I went up to ride one of my boys. I didn’t feel like an argument with my stronger-willed horses, so I chose my quietest Thoroughbred. I have owned him for 6 years and have ridden hundreds and hundreds of miles on him over that time. When I haltered him yesterday, he immediately began to display aggressive and VERY uncharacteristic behaviour toward me. Bear in mind that he is my “go to” horse if I am at events or out riding on roads etc.

I was shocked to say the least, but I don’t let horses get the better of me, so I groomed and tacked him up anyway. I no sooner had my foot in the stirrup and he started. First he moved off before I gave him the ok. This quickly escalated to rearing and some mild bucking. I dismounted, checked my tack – all good. I was at a loss. After some thought I decided the most prudent course of action was to untack him and go home to “count to 5” and regain some composure. I needed to figure this out.

In the meanwhile, the property owner had called my mother to say her neighbors had reported seeing a four wheel drive enter my paddocks earlier in the day, and they were towing a boat. They were seen putting the boat into the dam and spent an hour or so in the boat, and, to my horror, also chasing my horses in their car.

That explains Ranger’s disgusting behavior. He was frightened, and being a Thoroughbred he takes quite a bit to calm down after he’s been scared.

So here I am today buying padlocks to padlock 7 gates…..quite an expensive exercise.

What sort of people are so blatantly in disregard of the law, that they would brazenly trespass onto private property in broad daylight and in full view of passing traffic and neighboring houses?

A lady who works at the Pharmacy nearby to me told me this morning that she had thwarted a man in a four wheel drive who had entered her property while SHE WAS CLEARLY AT HOME, and was in the process of hitching her jet ski and trailer to his car. When she approached him and asked him in no uncertain terms what he thought he was doing, he actually said to her, “This is mine”. I won’t repeat what her answer was to that on a public forum. He was obviously not used to country women and took off – minus jet ski – in short order, lol.

Is this what we have become as a society? Are we so soft on criminals, so duplicitous when it comes to ‘truth in sentencing’, that we have created a species of thief (and the Lord knows what else) that has NO REGARD for consequences or the Law? Is this what an explosion of ‘do-gooding’ has generated over the past 30 years or so? And how do we feel, as Christians about things like “reforming the criminal” – is there in fact any such thing for those other than petty crooks?

This line of thought led me to tossing around questions about worse criminals, in fact serial killers. I personally believe these people are demonically possessed, literally. Whether you agree with that theory or not, can beings like this be reformed? Should we lock them up and use tax payers money to keep them? Should they be executed?

These are big questions generated from a relatively minor few incidents, but the point is, do we as a society need to bring in tougher sentencing starting from more minor crimes upward?

It is of great concern to me that people have become so sure of their “rights” that they are willing to brazenly step on the rights of others. Is this ultimately a sign of a world that has turned it’s back on God, removed religious instructions from schools (most any religion teaches that stealing etc is wrong), and created and promoted extraordinary rights for children and adults which almost override the Laws of the Lands???

Had my horse been any other, he could well have gone rodeo completely and I may have been injured or killed. Not so minor then.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and musings on these questions. Please don’t be shy, put in your 2c worth!! Very Happy

Oh, I did ride Ranger again very late yesterday afternoon, and thankfully, he was back to normal. Needless to say, I have prayed over the land and all my horses, and the others, for God’s protection.

Regards and Blessings,
IHS and yours,
Sister Wendy Eriksson, O.S.B., O.S.J.A., O.S.BB.
Convent of Joan of Arc,
Diocese of Queensland, Australia.




Crime and Punishment…

Dear Sister in Christ Wendy, Your comment here is very well thought out and composed. You bring up several good points. Though I do not know how liberal or not your laws are down under, I can say that you are not alone in your thinking. We here in the United States deal with issues like you speak of and worse, more than you think.

I thank God that some states still enforce the “death penalty” for the most harden criminal. However, the liberal mind set is beginning to crumble, so to speak. As the monetary cost continues to rise in order to house and “rehabilitate” the criminal at all levels, it is becoming a growing concern as to the financial cost to the good citizens to maintain the system at a level that is more then lenient with most all offenders.

I myself believe in “corporal punishment”. That is through public humiliation. Once a petty offender is made to stand in the town center in a stockade wearing a notice of their offense, chances are they will never do it again. Then and only then in a three strikes sentencing program should the tax payer be burdened. Even then, the offender will be required to do continual community service during and after the time served, until every penny is paid back.

But that is my opinion. However, what God say’s the punishments should be for offenses of varying degree, is far more stringent then what even I am proposing. I firmly believe that the punishment should fit the crime. Once folks realize what the punishment is, then and only then will they think twice. That is if they are somewhat normal upstanding citizens to begin with.

But no matter what, discipline begins in the home and bringing God, Christ and the Holy Word back to the center of the family unit will be the only way to curve the situation. At least until the liberal mindset has had enough of the way things are. Or it directly effects them in an emotional, physical or financial way. Nothing is going to change, but only get worse.

I’ll keep praying for you and your neighbors and hope that vigilance will prevail. We are all “WATCHMEN”, in more ways then one…

Sincerely IHS and yours, Bp. Andrew
To live is to be blessed. ARM