Cosmos Promotes Universal Deception

The deputy editor of USA Today reflecting upon the update of the series Cosmos remarked, “Carl Sagan fought pseudoscience with a smile and wide-eyed wonder. One of the taglines from the series was ‘The Cosmos is all there was, is, or ever will be’.”

That famous catchphrase is itself non-scientific at best and pseudoscientific at worst.

Even if one grants that the universe is billions and billions of years old (to employ rhetoric of nearly that many parodies of Sagan), on what grounds can one state such an absolute conclusion from the basis of observational science?

For example, in the worldview espoused by Cosmos, it is held that the cosmos began at the moment of the Big Bang.

Thus, if one cannot peek back beyond that point, on what grounds apart from a faith as deeply held by the most adamant of theist does one conjecture that something else did not exist to bring the something into existence?

One can make the case of the cosmos being all there is all one wants.

But if the triumvirate of space, time and matter is all you are going to appeal to, on what grounds do you lodge a complaint should those not wanting such a gospel of nihilistic hopelessness to infect the minds of their children want to blow your brains out?

The last segment of Sagan’s trademark mantra dogmatically asserted that the cosmos is all that will ever be.

If we are to exist in an epistemological framework where nothing is certain and there is no purposeful supreme intelligence superintending so that everything continues on a routine path, how do we know some manner of quantum cascade won’t take place tonight where one subatomic particle is so knocked off course that all of reality disintegrates back into nothingness?

For did not even the great skeptics such as David Hume concede that, just because the sun rose from time immemorial, that was no guarantee that it would do so tomorrow?

Interestingly, the proponents of the Cosmos invocation might insist that they are providing viewers insight into whatever was or ever will be.

However, what these propagandists are conveniently leaving out are those aspects of the totality they happen to disagree with or cannot flippantly gloss over.

For example, in the premiere episode, an inordinate amount of time was spent badmouthing the adherents of a supposedly non-existent God in the case of Giodarno Bruno who was persecuted for believing that an infinite God could have created additional inhabited planets.

If nothing is to be concealed in the name of approaching a comprehension of the universe as it is rather than how we would like it to be, at any point in this documentary’s presentation did Neil deGrasse Tyson — himself an avowed atheistic humanist — give an as lengthy presentation about the liberties infringed and abridged by assorted forms of atheism such as Communism in the attempt to maintain a stranglehold on power by preventing the dissemination of not only competing perspectives but as well as facts deemed inconvenient to adherents of that particular ideology?

Thus, if the hallmark of what distinguishes the modern era as supposedly superior to that of the medieval is that by the definition of these terms that we know better and are more enlightened, doesn’t that make the atrocities of Communism far greater having been committed by the self-professed adherents of science?

In another episode, Tyson became emotionally discombobulated that if we as a species did not repent of our carbon combusting, global warming ways, we could very well cease to exist.

However, once again, if the only thing that exists is the material totality of the universe and there is no noncontingent intelligence or personality sustaining these complex systems, who is to say existence is superior to nonexistence?

Science writer George Johnson suggested that the tendency to view the universe as designed is an evolutionary holdover that humanity ought to progress beyond.

Then why not this desire for continued existence beyond that of our immediate selves?

For is this for the most part a trait and bias of the human plague infesting the planet?

Swarms of grass hoppers defoliating an area don’t reflect if there will be enough to go around decades down the road.

One truism is that any resident of this realm will be subject to some kind of ultimate authority.

One can either settle for that of other flawed human beings that will in the end lead to disappointment and eventually destruction.

Or, one can look to God as the foundation and utilize a number of the tools that He provides such as His word foremostly followed by reason contemplating upon principles derived from that revelation and their operation through the handiwork of His creation.

By Frederick Meekins

Insight and Spiritual Growth in Service…with Bishop Andrew…

Folks from time to time I have in the past made public certain conversations I have with individuals that I feel may help you to understand the doctrine and theology of this ministry and so I offer you that opportunity once again. Here is a message I just sent to a woman who is like many in this world seeking God and their want to serve Him in their life. I thought it might be beneficial to some out here in the social network of the ministry and the world. So here is just my comments to part of this ongoing conversation with one of Gods children. Who knows, it could even be you I am taking to… May you find it enriching and inspiring enough to recommit yourself to Gods will for your life… (+) ————————————–

Greetings and Blessed Salutations, You’ve had a lot stored up in your heart to put it all out at one time and that is good. I won’t dissect your message but I will address a few of your statements and questions.

First, all have a past and all people can reflect back and use that knowledge and experience to make their paths straight or not. It always depends on what they hold highly and respectful in their lives first and for most. Mankind for the most part is a follower of self-will and survival.

Even many Christians are at best Part Time in the relationship with the Father and that is nothing new in the grand scheme of things. However, we in this ministry believe in helping to improve that relationship and experience in people’s lives. As an example many folks have heard me say in conversation and from the pulpit in reference to my Catholic brothers and sisters that they are at best 45 minute warriors for most. And at the end of the service and they walk out the doors of the sacristy and immediately become swept up back into the world of disrespect, gossip and immoral thought of selfishness and the like. Some just being a warm body in the pews while others try hard to find the balance of spiritual awareness and understanding within their relationship with God the Father.

You, as also with many who are dedicated to knowing as much as the can of that relationship with Christ are by far better off then those that I call part-time Christians. For really they are just as lost as they were when they came to know Christ and figure that – that will be enough to get them into heaven for eternity when in reality that is the farthest from the truth as it could ever be.

Our personal walk with our spirituality with Christ Jesus is just as important today as it was back in our youth when we may have had our first encounters with him. It is like everything else in this world, we must continually work on it in order to be fully understandable of what it is and what it is He wants of us.

You are on that path and though from time to time may have strayed into the grayer areas of that relationship He has always remained steadfast as He does with all His children, waiting and looking for that opportunity to help guide one back onto His path for the life of those who realize that they have strayed away from His shadow, fortress and shelter.

This is nothing new to God but for man it is an eye opener and in many cases a life changer. (Which really isn’t a bad thing at all). Selflessness is a gift from God to each man, woman and child and liken to faith all are given a measure of it and through this life He has given us, it is what we do with that which make the difference at the end of this life.

Many times life can be and is very much more so, in control then we are able to deal with it or even react to it in away that is acceptable to Christ however, continually being aware of this little fact which all people know to some degree is why Christ states that we are in this wold but no-longer part of it. And this is a major stumbling block for most everyone because were still here in this world dealing with whatever it is that comes our way. It is very important in order to have any relationship to work, it not only takes two to do so, but it takes work as you very well know.

I often preach about personal responsibility to God and understanding what it is we need to work on in order to at the end of life be accepted into the gates of heaven for eternity. And knowing all we can will only aid us in that quest when the day comes. So your never to late for God, and God gives us all ample time to change and learn and redirect our selves and our lives back towards Him and His ways for each of us. And that is another aspect that folks forget and even at times become discouraged with when it comes to having a closer personal walk in His light and ways.

You are on the right path for you and being aware of that fact just means your that further along than most in the world. I can tell you this for sure that because you have never truly given up on Him, he has never given up on you but rather allowed you to go a path that would keep you seeking and asking Him for guidance through all those dark times of your life.  So trust me when I say, you really are OK in his eyes and favor. Remember God is always watching us, near us and waiting for us to come to Him as any parent would. Well at least most parents anyway.

I would advice to continually make personal time for Him and seek that place that helps you to come to that center in your relationship with God over some other secular things and times which may steer you away for finding that quite place. Matthew 6, 6, state for us to go into our prayer closet and speak with Him who hears in secret and will answer openly. As long as you do this you will never be far from His presence and He, never far from you.

As for your work within the Body of Christ with this ministry there is always a place for those that truly want to have that more personal walk with the Savior and there are several ways we can help you “fit in”.

So lets look at a few of those options that might help you achieve what you seek along your path in this life to do the will of the Father with others that may know a lot about “religion” as opposed to a personal walk with Christ.

We are about empowering all Gods children with the opportunity to bring Christ back into the center of people’s lives, making Him first and foremost once again as opposed to always seemingly to be playing catch up and never getting there. But it takes dedication and devotion, just as we expect God to be there when we need Him. He to wants us to be ready to minister and bear fruit when He needs us. It is a two-way street, so to speak.

I have found that the world is becoming more distant from Gods will in people’s lives because this is truly Satan’s playground. And he really does rule here on earth and breaking down whatever God try’s to build up and because people are for the most part engulfed in this world and not in touch with the spiritual aspects of it, can not begin to understand what it truly all means to be 100% Christian – full time.

With that said we started a new program a little over a year ago and that was to give women the opportunity to be “a nun” in any of our church plantings, including our non-denominational church planting. To me we are all called to serve and we are all called and “ordained” by Christ to serve. Weather your married, divorced, widowed or whatever. We have been looking for and praying hard for our Lord to send women to us that wanted just that, to serve Him and others as they go about their day-to-day business of nurturing family and community.

It is more about commitment to His will then doing our own. So maybe this might be an avenue for you to meditate on as away for you to get not only involved, but more so committing your life to Him and allowing Him to use you accordingly in all you do.

I say this because you have indicated more than once that you do better on an individual basis as opposed to large groups. However, with that said we do offer women the opportunity to become “evangelical ministers and lay ministers and even priests” if they are willing to work at it.

We are not an organization that will ordain just anyone, and we do turn away many who are looking for that certificate for their wall or to just be able to perform an occasional wedding if needed to. We are not that kind of ministry but expect all of our clergy to work full-time as much a possible in that united goal of doing His will over their own and helping others to do the same. For how can anyone expect to get into heaven for eternity if they know little to nothing about Him whom they say they have faith in and believe in. And they go about their lives saying and doing all the wrong things.

So think over what I have stated here and pray about it and we will chat again soon should you decide to pursue one of these paths with Celtic Cross Ministry.

As always, IHS and yours, with much affection of Gods love being prayed upon you always, Bishop Andrew