Our Bishops Appeal…


Folks are you willing to make a monthly commitment TODAY to help us in the continuance of our Lords work? Are you willing to help us, help others find the truth of Gods will for their lives?

The Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry has been working tirelessly without so much as a day off, ever since this ministry to serve Christ and His flock was started over 5 years ago. And never once have I cried out as I do now for you to aid us in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Lorain, Ohio or even around the world.

Many of you know we do not accept tithes from our local congregations anywhere in the world. The reason for this is because we work for the poorest of Gods children, the elderly who are on very tight and fixed incomes, we work with the mentally handicapped and disadvantaged. We work in our communities to seek those that have severe addictions and or are abused by others. Aiding them by any and all means possible with our limited resources and personal finances. This policy will not change and is part of our ministry standard worldwide, forever.

We would rather see folks with little to no money, be able to come to worship, bible study and to our community self-help programs as well as letting them use what money they do have, to take care of themselves for whatever they need. Such as paying their rent or mortgages, buying food and other household goods needed to keep their families and themselves clean and safe from harm of the elements which abound throughout the world. To pay for things like health care for themselves and their families and to buy school supplies and cloths for their children. And so much more.

Yes we have put out requests for support in the past but not like this, yes we have made references to our love offering and donations page on our website and yes we have also offered material items to you for your contribution to help us do the Lords work.

And yet, not one offering has ever been received by us from any of you except once from one person. And that was just a few weeks before the typhoon hit the Philippines which as you know was sometime ago. We stretched that gift as far as we possibly could and the individual who sent it to us, knows how very grateful we were to receive it. Every penny went to the needs of continuing the work we started years ago. And it will continue to do so but with a lot less stress and hardship.

We do a good work for the flock of Jesus Christ around the world and we will continue to do so no matter what your decision is to this message. We need your help and we are not asking for much. We only want what you to contribute if you feel you can afford to. But only after praying about the need of your own-selves and your families. For in our heart that should always come first.

Many in this world live from paycheck to paycheck and barely have anything left over to see themselves through a crises, if it were to happen. We are not asking those folks to contribute but rather those that may have the means to help. And even then we do not intend nor want you to exceed what you are truly able to give and live without in order to help this ministry.

I feel almost by making this request that I have broken my own cardinal rule by even requesting your aid to help us to continue the work of our Lord. But He, Himself put into my heart to read 2nd Corinthians chapter 8 and 9 this morning during my devotions and only after, I have for weeks tried other ways and means to acquire the funds needed to continue His work.

So here I am humbly seeking your generosity and praying that I have not made a mistake in asking for assistance from you. My faith is 100% in Gods and your hands and I ask you to please help.

If after praying and looking over your own financial needs first, making sure you have enough to take care of yourself and those you love, then and only then help us. By any means you can. Were not asking you to give for nothing but rather for those that need Christ in their lives and heart as you have found Christ in your life and heart. He gives us all things and we humbly ask you to give now, today, so we can continue His divine work throughout our communities and the world.

If you are willing and can help us you may go to our ministry website at the link below and make your contribution as a one time love offering or if you like come back each month if you are able and contribute. Or go to our E-store in our hypermarket pages and purchase an item or two, which we offer and get something in return for your gift. Remember it is always about choice to give or not to give and I will not be asking again anytime soon as I have this day and with this request.

We thank you for taking the time to read this message and we ask and hope only that God will bless you abundantly until your cup over flows for your generous and unselfish act of giving. We ask this in His Holy and Devout and Blessed Name to reward you openly for doing this great and noble thing of giving from the heart.

Thank you and God bless you and the Ministry of the Celtic Cross.
Sincerely IHS and yours,
Bishop Andrew Manley