Islamic Ideology is spreading ! Are you bearing good fruit for Christ ?


Blessings warriors, Father put in my heart to remind folks today of a verse from Matthew Ch. 3, Verse 8; which is a quote from John the Baptist that states “Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance”.

Remember we are to go and minister Christ’s way for this life to all people.

I read today in the paper that Al Qaeda’s Extreme Islamic Ideology is spreading fast and if this is true then we as Christ’s chosen need to work twice as fast and hard to spread His teachings of Love, Tolerance and Faith to all we meet. Including our own brothers and sisters who already claim Christ in their hearts but fall short of living His ways.

Working with them to “recommit their lives to Him and reaffirm in them to live accordingly”. Being cautious of the temptations of this world and hold fast to the faith of their eternal salvation.

Not to take our gift of His sacrifice and our personal salvation lightly but, hold dear to us as we hold our love for those we love through Him, dear. Remembering to “Seek first the Kingdom and knowledge of God and all else will be given unto you and them”.

Sincerely IHS and yours, Bishop Andrew… (+)