Mankinds, inhumanity to innocence…

Warriors and folks in general.

When have we had enough of mans, inhumanity to another man, woman and yes, child as the picture shows ? Why is it that evil in this world is allowed to go unpunished and unchecked. We are held accountable for our actions and in-actions and so should the murders that do such a heinous act.

For now on, in my heart and prayers I will be looking at each and every Christian in this world that dies at the ungodly hands of one of these extremists, as a martyr for the faith. For they have shown true faith, love and devotion to Christ. As well as for all other Christians around the world.

If only we knew their names so we could honor them for holding onto their faith and love of Christ, and enduring until the end.

Read and Remember – Matthew Chapter 10, verses 22 – 42.

For in dyeing, we are reborn to life eternal. Through the saving grace and mercy of God the Father and through the precious blood of our savior and lord, Jesus Christ. For Christ is King of all men, even over those who hold the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, in such high regard and have distorted the true teaching of his ways for all Islam.

God is love not hate. For hate and evil doings are of Satan and whatever it is that has taken over the extreme followers of Islam and the teachings of Mohammed in the Quran / Koran, are so very, very wrong, lost and misguided by some form of evilness that is not worthy of God and is definitely not of God. But rather of mans will being forced upon another. Which is unlike Christianity and the way one comes unto true salvation. They just don’t get the fact that killing and forcing others to believe as they do, is not the true way of the Prophet Mohammad.

May God bless all those who love Him, serve Him and are willing to die for His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. May they live and reign with you forever and ever, Amen ! (+)

Senior Bishop Primus Andrew R. Manley D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php. O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.BB.

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