How to fight Radical Islamic Ideology…

Folks, learn how to stop the spread of Radical Islamic Extremism. Folks ask way do they want to kill Christians and Jews. Why do they want to destroy western culture. What did we do to them, for them to hate us so much as to want to rule the world. Can this be stopped and can we as a free nation and culture even win.

Yes folks the dogma of extreme ideology of the Islamic movement wants the very same-thing that Germany and Hitler did back in the 20th century and they are going about it in basically the same way. The only difference is that they believe that they are doing it for God /Allah. Which is a very powerful way to press their ideology onto young minds and hearts.

However, we as Christians and Jews know that this is false, that God is love and not hate. But because the world has not taken on this ideology seriously through the century’s, it has now become almost mainstream in many cultures around the world. With their numbers being around one billion or more world-wide. In other words, they have already infiltrated every country and corner of the world.

It’s not a matter of how they intend to do their dastardly deeds but rather why and where will they strike next. So, how can we in the free world stop them from killing.

The answer to that question lies within the Islamic Muslim moderates who are also spread throughout the world. Their voices must be heard and they are trying to be heard but our major media stations and our government officials would rather have you hear their views as opposed to hearing them counter their own Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

Western civilizations must support those that are moderate in that faith and not look at them as one of the extremists.

They themselves are the key to speaking up against the Jihadists. Jihad is a Holy War brought on by extremists of an ideology of the Islamic faith, not the faith of Islam or Mohammed himself. The extremists don’t care if you a Democrat, Republican, Independent or any other political party. They don’t care if your Black, White, Oriental or Middle-eastern. They don’t care if your Pro-Life or Pro-Choice or even if your Gay or Straight, Rich or Poor, Young or Old. As long as you live and breathe and are not 100% with their ideological point of view, you are in their cross-hairs and they will try to convert you or they will kill you for not doing so. That is the plain and unadulterated fact of the matter.

They HATE anything and anyone who opposes their view-point which most likely means you, personally and all you love and stand for.

We know this to be true because we see it and hear about it almost everyday when the tragedy of their deeds are powerful enough to warrant the media and governments to acknowledge that it is happening.

So how do we fight this dogma of ideology. The answer maybe as simple as showing unified support for the hundreds of millions of Moderate Muslims that are here in the USA, Europe and the rest of the free world as well as in Asia, Africa and those in the Middle-eastern countries. They resent the systematic hijacking of their faith and they to, are targets to those that are extreme radicals.

A concerned Sister gave me this video to watch and after doing so it has re-enforced my belief that they (the Moderate Muslims) are the key to stopping the madness. Will we as a free people and a free nation and world be able to sit back on our laurels and let them fight this by themselves, by no means. We need to be actively involved and united in supporting them by any means necessary. Even if it means standing arm and arm, hand in hand with them in this fight.

It is the ultimate show of unity, love and hope that must be the face of the answer. But we must not back down and allow one culture to dictate what is right and that anyone who doesn’t agree must die for that belief. Especially if the opposing view is as extreme as theirs is.

As far as I am concerned, we are still and always will be a Christian Nation, yet diverse in harmony for the most part as to the rights of others. We are still the ultimate super power of the world and we are not bullies as others in the world would have you and the innocence of the world to believe.

Education on this matter is key and an open dialog is the way we should be going. I believe with my whole heart that this is what Jesus would do and together we can defeat this putrid hate of religious, social and political unrest that is spreading throughout the world.

So please checkout the link below and then tell others. Hold community events and show this film to others in your family, organization, church and community. Try and make your elected officials watch it and then vote accordingly. Now and in the elections to come.

Peace can come and Christ / God / Allah is waiting for you to get involved and support what is truly right in His eyes and heart for all mankind. Virtue, Honor and Justice are His ways. Not Death, Destruction and Hate. For those are the ways of Satan, not Allah / God or Christ Jesus. Thank you and please, share this message with everyone you can. For as the Holy Scriptures state in the Holy Bible of the Christian faith, you will be known by your fruit and that pleases God. (Paraphrasing of course)… (+)

Click this link and find out for yourself what I am talking about…

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Sincerely IHS and yours,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley

Celtic Cross Ministry

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