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CCFM - CWN - 2014

So what are you waiting for, this is your opportunity. We are looking for people who want to not just be a member of the cloth but are willing to give God all you can, 100% of the time. There are no part-time ministers here. If that is what you want, then we won’t be a good fit.

Saving people’s eternal souls and educating them to the ways of God is first and foremost with helping people to make Christ and His ways, center in their lives and in their house hold.

So if this sounds like what you feel ministry should be, then by all means send us your request.

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Being bold for the Lord, enduring until the end…

Folks I realize that many of you may not be fond of what I try to bring a to our page here on facebook, twitter and our ministries blog etc., etc. However, I do it to try to get everyday folks like yourself to think about what is happening around you and your family in the real world. The part of the world that you do not and can not control except to ignore.

It’s this open discourse that is at times deeply rooted in the back of people’s minds and hearts that other wise would not be discussed and though I have not been overly successful in many ways, I try to incite you to respond. I do believe that I am getting you to think and question yourselves as to the ethical, spiritual and morality of hot topic issues. That by choice might be avoided in discussing with your loved ones and even strangers.


With that said, I feel I need to be frank as to why I take the proverbial hard-line on many social issues which in one way or another affect us all on some level.

As a devout man of God and caring deeply for all mankind’s personal spirituality (maybe more so then one is used to by their priest, pastor or minister), I feel it necessary to continue to strike those proverbial nerves that most clergy steer away from. I’m pretty sure that many clergy fear that they may offend someone in attendance or that may misunderstand the intent based behind whatever issue is being discussed. So let me make myself perfectly clear here. That being, that I care deeply about every living persons eternal soul and the understanding of what the effects that our world views have on each persons eternal salvation. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only member of the clergy that try’s to help you understand this fact. Yet at least I don’t try to sugar coat my discussions and sermons to pander to a few overly sensitive individuals that feel it has no place to be discussed in scenarios such as social media and or from the pulpit n church or in worship services in general.

Well this is where I disagree strongly. It is the exact place we should be having them and I always encourage folks to continue asking questions of those they feel should have a good answer. How else can you to make a sound decision on a topic that has the possibility to effect the human race for decades and even centuries to come? That is f your questions are not investigated or discussed properly.


The fact is, we all question the opinions and comments made of others to some degree. That is to say on most any given topic at some point in our lives. We should voice our opinions and concerns so that for any other purpose, we can decide within our own hearts and minds what is good and right for one’s self and in the eyes of God. That is of course if we love and respect God enough as well as those around us. Deciding that is, what should be right and good for others around us. If not, how else can one come to some sort of conclusion of sound judgment and to take a stand on anyone particular social issue.

People who know me well know that I don’t beat around the bushes, they don’t expect me to deliberately upset individuals but rather that behind my comments they realize that there are sound spiritual and social motives that for the most part are not always taken into consideration. That is when we form an opinion about a hot topic issue of social and spiritual integrity.

So it is with this last word (Integrity), I come to you with issues that for the most part are NOT being talked enough about from the pulpit or on a long drive to some other place when one has a captive audience. So to speak. I encourage folks (like yourself), not to take my word on anything and I want you to challenge what you hear and even question yourselves on the opinions you dig into and hold fast to as if it were gospel.

I expect you to take it to heart and draw your own conclusions as to what you feel is “right or wrong, good or evil and yes even moral or immoral”. That is what a true and honest open discussion is all about.

Granted there are many in the world that are just as stubborn and even bull-headed as I am but, not in the same way. I come to you with an open heart, an open mind and the knowledge of Gods Holy and Devout word. Hence should be the same for yourself and society as a whole. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the terms of conservative vs liberal, orthodox vs unorthodox, believer vs unbeliever and even catholic vs whatever, so on and so forth. I continually try to provoke you to question yourself and those around you.

Why you may ask do I even care, well it is for this very reason that I say “you are who you associate with”. We as human beings for one reason or another like to associate with like-minded people and for the most part there is nothing wrong with that until, one makes up their mind that they are right and the world around them is wrong. In many cases that may hold some truth in it but, not always and when that realization kicks in, that is when trouble starts. It rears its ugly head in many ways which I remind you we don’t have to look far except to our newspapers and news networks to see the atrocities that are being committed and forced on others, all because a few people within the minority class feel and think they have the right to do so.

These individuals are usually self-centered or feel they have been wronged in some way by the majority. And in some cases, they may be right to some degree. Yet not always will their rhetoric be understood or taken seriously. And this is where the danger truly lies. Not taking them seriously. For human nature for the most part is to lash out when oppressed or backed in to corner. And many people today are doing just that with no regard as to the long-term effect it will have on society and future generations to come.

With all of this said we here at the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and all of our governing bodies and sub-divisional ministries are going to continue to try to reach people around our communities and the world to see what God has to say on the issues of today’s society and what the cause and effect of ignoring His will and allowing the minority to take hostage His ways for the love and peace of people’s lives, no matter where in the world they are found. We will be bold in the Lord and we will do our best to help you and those around you to understand that what mankind wants, is not always what mankind needs. At least what is best for all when it comes to what is sociability correct but not always politically

Be strong for God

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and allowing us to re-enforce our commitment to you our readers, friends and families. Remember to Seek Him first and pray for understanding of His Holy Word for your life and the world around you in general.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Senior Bishop Primus, Andrew R. M. Manley D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.,
O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.BB.

Patriarch of Celtic Cross Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network