Let us PRAY for your needs…


Folks just a reminder that we have a place for folks to come and reflect on prayerful meditation of ones personal needs and wants for others around you.

I am honored and blessed to you all that have come to me for your prayer requests and I am always more than happy to lift up your concerns and intentions. Please feel free to come to me directly with your petitions and also take the time to add to that by going to our ministry website in our about us section where you can leave a written request as well as light a virtual candle in honor of your intentions.

It really does offer you a wonderful opportunity to meditate on your request yourself. The virtual candle stays lite for two days and you can always go and check on it and even light more if you wish. It is always a blessing to aid you in seeking our Lord for whatever need you feel is important enough to act on the behalf of others you love and care about.

So again please continue to send me your request and use our ministry website and have others pray along for your petition as well. In that way many are praying on your behalf and they to along with you are blessed as well. Thank you and bless you one and all.


Syriac Cardinal Daod