Heaven or Hell ?


Folks our dear Brother and National Spiritual Contributor Frederick Meekins posted this statement on his FB page and it caught my attention. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this conversation with the fine folks here on our blog but, thought it pertinent enough to re-post.

Here’s what I’m talking about folks…

From Br. Frederick
Note something will you. Pastors are often fond of the text that our love for Christ should be so intense that our love for family should look like hate in comparison. But never in this exposition do they have backbone to preach that our devotion to Christ should be so singular that our love for the organized church in comparison to that of her Christ should also look like hate.

My response to the statement…
Replied by Bp. Andrew
Well stated Br. Frederick. I try to preach with conviction and stir those that attend or watch our videos to act. However, we live in a selfish world centered on individualism, not love and devotion. Yet I will continue to drive or even pound that message into people’s minds and hearts until the either change their ways or die trying. Than when they stand face to face with Christ and try to explain to God that they did not know. I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears when they do. By the way, God’s reply will most likely be a point of His finger towards the door and back out the pearly gates to the one way elevator down. But as I always say, it’s their choice to act now or pay later. It’s their choice and I won’t argue with them but I will try to reason with them. As to having them see which to do, fear God now and enjoy eternity in heaven or enjoy themselves now and suffer for eternity in hell. Thanks for posting this. Sorry I went on a little rant and rambled a bit. But your right. So very right in deed ! (+)

Br. Frederick response…
Well, it is more an individualism that has gotten out of control. Sort of like the communal impulse can also get out of control.

Folks were talking about the times we live in now. If you don’t see the problem or have chosen to ignore your spirituality, faith and Gods ways, then you are the problem. When it comes right down to it, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself. That is the truth and the true definition of being self-centered and selfish.

I feel as if I need to remind folks, like yourself, that your personal belief and the saving grace of Christ, is a gift. A gift that you should value above all else in this world. It is by the way, your key into heaven.

Nothing else will do. Not all the good works you do, not all the care for others that you do, not even the so-called professing that you’re a Christian and follower of Christ will do.

The only thing that will do, is to take very seriously the teachings and ways of Christ and knowing first hand what God finds to be an abomination and then actively changing your ways and understanding of what He really wants from you in this world.

So be very, very careful listening to family, friends and even some members of the clergy. For they are human also and are prone to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the Holy Bible. Which, if you take the time now and for the rest of your days here on earth – learning and discerning the Holy Word of God, you’ll be much better off for doing so.

The gospel is truth. It is the infallible and Holy Word of God himself, it is the blue-print and instructions for you to make it into heaven and be allowed to stay there for eternity. Besides, how can you look God, Christ and their Holy Spirit along with the apostles and angels and justify you staying when you have not put forth a life time of trying to understand the ways of God. You can’t !

The only ones that can are the infants and small children, under the age of accountability. And that my dear brothers and sisters, you are not. You may just find yourself on the down elevator with no possibility of peace and happiness ever more.

Find out more by going to our website and under the media tab, take a gander and listen to what should be and is being taught through this ministry. Go to;

Find out for yourself. I personally don’t care about your personal feelings but, I do very much care about your eternal salvation and what you do to make it the absolute most important thing on our mind and in your heart all the rest of the days of your life. I want you prepared to be able to stand before God on your judgment day and hold your head high and with a straight face and without any hesitation look God in the eyes and say, you did your best to learn of Him and His ways for your life and those around you. And in return I’m sure He will look into your eyes and say, I know, well done my good and faithful servant, enter into your house, JUSTIFIED.

I do very much care about what your choices are in this life and the joy and or depression, you will have to live with for eternity. Yet it is your choice. As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”. May your choices in this life be worthy of your eternity in heaven.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Bp. Andrew