Shame on you PBS !

Please folks, with a compassionate heart for those that can not speak for themselves, I beg of you to take a moment and read this heart-felt article on late-term abortion by Mr. Matt Walsh.


It is so very wrong of PBS to use your tax dollars to produce and air this type of programing and a true God-fearing, Christian believer should truly agree and do everything within their power to see that tax dollars are cut off from PBS.

Yes, I am a PRO -LIFE ADVOCATE and it is my right to be just that.

This article by Matt Walsh speaks of the cause and effect of humanizing the doctors who perform such atrocities on what is truly a fully developed infant and the horror and reality of the facts after such an act is being delivered and carried out to completion.

You have seen me write about this matter before and if not, you can always search our ministry blog here for those writings and see where I personally stand on the issue of Pro – Choice and Pro – Life, as the debate still weavers and is discussed in private and in the open.

PBS is wrong, seriously wrong for producing and advocating such a program and to use tax payer dollars without consent from the taxpayers is wrong of our government for allowing it.

I do not hold out hope that this administration (the Obama administration) to side with my view or Mr Walsh’s statement here, nor the will of millions of loving grand-parents, mothers and fathers and people in general to stop such a poor use of your hard-earned monies. We only need to look at the Planned Parenthood organizations and see what they are getting away with, to know that this is true and fact.

But your voice along with millions of others can and will be heard and it is important with an election coming up, to seriously question the candidates as to their position on issues such as how the American Taxpayers dollars are used and distributed, and how the issuance of your money can rightly and justifiably promote the humanizing of any and all abortions.

For it is a life that in fact can not speak or defend itself though there are many documented accounts that every infant that is brutally destroyed in any form of an abortion procedure, truly does try to fight and escape the horrific fate that will case it to surely die a horrible death.

It is murder and it is wrong and the entire PBS organization for all the good works they have done for bringing light to atrocities around the world, should be utterly ashamed for have deceiving you who are funding their programing.

As of this moment I shall personally boy-cot PBS and NEVER watch anything they produce no matter how morally correct it may be for producing and airing such an inhuman act as trying to convince the public that abortions and the clinics and doctors that do such an act, and make millions of dollars in fees and services rendered, are the victims.

They are the problem and the Pro -Choice advocates are just as much to blame.

Leave no child behind is a mantra that almost every taxpayer agrees on, when it comes to education of our children but are we really doing justice to that fight when we look the other way when it comes to those who can not defend, protect, speak out or care for them selves but are still, though in the womb of a woman very much alive and kicking.

Thank you for your time to read this message and God bless you on helping, if it is your choice to do so. So again please, please speak up for the silent masses that have never been given a chance to be born, grow up and live…
For it is W.W.J.D., and that is defend life ! All life !

Sincerely and affectionately, IHS and yours,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D. of Celtic Cross Ministry (+)

I provide the link here for your research and review on this matter of “human rights”.