PSA – Lorain, Ohio County Residents – Community Wide Aids Awareness Walk


Lorain County Residents, Don’t forget the 13th (a week and a half from now) to mark your calender for the walk of support on this issue that can effect anyone. It is scheduled for 11:00 AM that Saturday at the Lake View Park on West Erie Ave.

This is just a friendly reminder and for those who want to know, the answer is YES, I will be there and make the walk with others in our community. I do look forward to seeing you there, God and you willing.

Also next week I’ll be re-posting another update to this community event to remind everyone again. Until then, God bless and pray for those that need prayer dealing with this issue and so many others. It is a sign of the times and no one is immune to it… Bp. Andrew …(+)

Pro-Life + Gala in Washington D.C.

PSA – For folks that care about life of the unborn. Life News is holding its first fundraiser to help with keeping the word of what the Pro-Choice advocates and the Abortion Industry is up to. So if you live anywhere near the Washington DC area, please check out the flyer we have attached here for them. And may God bless you and all life, especially those that can not speak for themselves. And finally I wish to thank anyone and everyone who does go to this gala and help in the fight to stop the unnecessary killing of innocence. With your help, we can prevent these types of murders from ever happening again to anyone and to any family. Help stop the pain ! We can stop this and stop it NOW ! Sincerely IHS and theirs, Bishop Andrew Manley (+) .