Bully’s in the sky, I’m glad cow’s don’t fly.

No Bully Zone

Folks, I realize that we take a hard-line on a number of social issues that effect society but there is a darn good reason for us to do so. And your about to see why, yet again. This time if you haven’t guessed yet, my subject is the issue of bullying.

What started out a few weeks ago as a wonderfully great, fun and creative challenge to raise awareness and funds to help those with A.L.S., also known, if you don’t know by now, is Lou Gehrig’s Disease. An ultimately fatal form of cancer. The event as many know is the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. Simple described as challenging people to either donate funds to the cause or get a bucket of ice and water dumped over their head. It as many know, has not only raised awareness to this disease but also raised over 10 million dollars in donations as well.

Simply a boom for the ALS researchers and the advocacy organization. Good, I’m sure everyone can agree that it is a noble cause that needed much recognition to help possibly and hopefully aid in finding a cure for this debilitating form of cancer.

However, we had a story break tonight here in Northern Ohio, about a young 15-year-old teenage boy with autism and a speech impediment who this past week was coaxed by a small group of boys from his local High School to participate in this ice bucket challenge. Sounds harmless enough and so the young teen said yes, he’d do it.

Now the bullying part begins. I say this because it would have most definitely been premeditated and long-planned in advance. The idea of what appears from the video to be about a large garbage or trash can full of human urine, spit and only God and the juveniles involved know what else. Was placed in the can and carefully (most-likely), hauled up and placed on the roof of what looks to be a garage to a house. Not the standard container of ice and water that ten’s of thousands around the world have been using for their challenges.

Anyways, this young boy who is described by his parents as having special needs and is the kindest and most fun-loving child, ends up completely drenched in this terrible stuff all as a prank.

If this isn’t bullying then I have no idea what bullying is or what the definition should be. I can tell you that it is not a Christian thing to do, nor is it acceptable under what would be “normal” cultural standards. So it’s BULLYING.

I stated a moment ago that I figured it was premeditated because how long do you think it would take to fill up a can of that size with urine and whatever else and then haul it up on a roof and wait for this young teen boy to come by coaxing him to participate and then, dump it on him. I’d say a lot of planning went into it. And it is wrong! And though it maybe funny to some, I’m sure you will be the exception, and your also part of the problem. It is and was a definitely and absolutely, despicable act of human behavior I have now seen through the video of mankind.

And no I’m not even going to bring up the horrific acts of torture and horror happening to people oversees in the middle east, in comparison. But I will add, that-that behavior starts somewhere and it’s acts like this and other forms of moderate bullying that ends up festering into down right hate and evil towards another human being.

I really want everyone to think about not only what these Juvenal delinquents (and that’s putting it as nicely as I care to), have done but, also the lack of moral character and values they receive at home. and other homes like there’s. Yes, I said home. This is just as much the parents fault as it is the kids that did this act.

What is happening to the family core? What is happening to the lack of responsibility of the adults for not teaching kids about honor and good values and the Christian standard of “love thy neighbor”. Not pour urine on them. So you see why I say the parents are as much to blame as the kids are.

Were supposed to be passing positive roles and examples onto our children. Not allowing this type of behavior to even come to be.

There are times like this I wish corporal punishment would be re-installed in our society. I think the public stockades in the downtown square would be a great place for them to be. Folks like these and other child bully’s need to be made an example. And for them to remain in the stockades for the day with a sign over their heads telling what they did and why. From sun up all the way to sun down. And then give them 300 hours of community service or a month, cleaning out our regions rest stops bathrooms, port a johns and other public bathrooms. Say at the mall or after a concert venue.

Anyways, watch the video and see for yourself why I’m on a rant today. And to think about not only what I’ve said here but also think about how we all, have let society down by allowing the liberal minds force us to remove God from our public schools and our public life.

I’m telling you folks that removing Christ from the home and the public eye, is not the answer and it hasn’t taken many years to see the damage it has caused society.

If you care to respond great, if not well like making Christ the center of your home, as in the days gone by, that is your choice.

May God bless this young teen and his family here in Northern Ohio. And all individuals and family’s around the world who are picked on, abused and humiliated by others.

The only peace I seem to have now a-day’s, is knowing that these individuals who bully others and think it’s funny or whatever, will stand before Christ one day and have to justify their actions. I wonder what kind of punishment God will deliver or if God will look the other way. I doubt looking the other way is His thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m really praying for justice for this young boy and all who are bullied.

Thanks for your time and bless you for getting involved to help stop bullying everywhere.

Sincerely and sadly to-night and still IHS service and yours,
Bp. Andrew


Because we care ! Signs of a STROKE !

Good Day folks. I was taking a short break this morning and turned on the TV just to see what was on. Well what was on was the Dr. OZ show and though I don’t watch a lot of TV nor the Dr. OZ show except once and awhile. I figured this was one of those once and a while times. I’m glad I did, because he had a segment on it that dealt with the systems of having a Stroke ! And as you folks know our beloved Archbishop Paul Roberts, has just recovered from a series of these, and was very fortunate to get medical help quickly.

Which is the absolute key to do when one realizes that something is wrong.

Recognizing the systems of a stroke is something everyone should become aware of, that is who is over the age of 30 years old. Although a stroke can happen most anytime to anyone at any age, even those who may think they are healthy and living right.

So here is the link to the episode I watched with a bunch of great information on the subject and much more including, what’s in our food, and what is in women beauty products. It’s worth checking into, even I was impressed and surprised.

NOTE: There is a wallet size card available for printing out, so that if you have stroke systems, you can use it show your EMS and or Hospital staff what systems you are having. If your unable to respond correctly.

Listen, just a few years ago I found out the hard way, that I have high blood pressure and never new it. Something like this little card may have given me some indication that something was wrong sooner. Fortunately for me also, it was caught early enough and medication now keeps it under control.

So folks (Men and Women), click the link below and print out your free wallet Stroke Symptoms Wallet Card now ! And watch this episode when you have the time. Because I care, I am passing this on to you… God bless and have a great day… (+)


Click to access StrokeRiskWalletCardPDF.pdf