Because we care ! Signs of a STROKE !

Good Day folks. I was taking a short break this morning and turned on the TV just to see what was on. Well what was on was the Dr. OZ show and though I don’t watch a lot of TV nor the Dr. OZ show except once and awhile. I figured this was one of those once and a while times. I’m glad I did, because he had a segment on it that dealt with the systems of having a Stroke ! And as you folks know our beloved Archbishop Paul Roberts, has just recovered from a series of these, and was very fortunate to get medical help quickly.

Which is the absolute key to do when one realizes that something is wrong.

Recognizing the systems of a stroke is something everyone should become aware of, that is who is over the age of 30 years old. Although a stroke can happen most anytime to anyone at any age, even those who may think they are healthy and living right.

So here is the link to the episode I watched with a bunch of great information on the subject and much more including, what’s in our food, and what is in women beauty products. It’s worth checking into, even I was impressed and surprised.

NOTE: There is a wallet size card available for printing out, so that if you have stroke systems, you can use it show your EMS and or Hospital staff what systems you are having. If your unable to respond correctly.

Listen, just a few years ago I found out the hard way, that I have high blood pressure and never new it. Something like this little card may have given me some indication that something was wrong sooner. Fortunately for me also, it was caught early enough and medication now keeps it under control.

So folks (Men and Women), click the link below and print out your free wallet Stroke Symptoms Wallet Card now ! And watch this episode when you have the time. Because I care, I am passing this on to you… God bless and have a great day… (+)