Even Solid Pulpits Fail To Fully Address Social Crisis

A pastor enunciated from behind the pulpit that Communism was not inherently in opposition with Christianity.

Rather, only that ideology’s anti-religious accretions were evil, not necessarily the systemic imposed material equality. But doesn’t that violate the dictum of “Thou shalt not steal”?

And what about the Biblical truism of a workman being worthy of his hirer?

Furthermore, if everyone was to be given the exact same allotment, why should anyone break their backside or put forth anything beyond minimal effort?

A pastor announced from the pulpit that, if he was around during the American Revolutionary War, he could not in good conscience necessarily support the Independence movement.
The ministered based his position on Romans 13:1-7.

In this passage, it is taught there is no authority but that which has been established by God.

But the question must be asked who determines what constitutes the established authority?

In some parts of Syria and Iraq now, would that be the ISIS jihadists?

There are reports that, despite their faults, these pieces of human excrement are attempting to provide certain levels of government service.

Elsewhere in the sermon, the pastor let it slip that he accepts the rights provided by government.

If that is his political theology rather than the position that fundamental liberties as articulated by the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution exist above the institutions of government and are bestowed by God upon the individual as a result of being created in the image of deity, on what grounds does this pastor bemoan the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS if they constitute the power God is allowing to prevail in these particular geographic areas?

A pastor condemning Christian support of the American Revolutionary War insisted that the Founding Fathers were not so much intending to implement Scripture but rather John Locke which was instead “philosophy”.

But is not hostility towards philosophy itself a philosophy? Without context, philosophy is itself like a gun in that it is morally neutral. It becomes good or bad dependent upon the character and the intentions of those wielding it.

It is near impossible for any nation other than the theocracy of Ancient Israel to implement Scripture directly.

As such, the only way to do so is through a PHILOPSHY deduced from the principles contained within the pages of Holy Writ.

Granted, the Founding Fathers were far from perfect in terms of their individual belief systems and professions of faith.

However, as John Warwick Montgomery points out in The Shaping Of America, even if the Founders did not set out to provide the nation with a system of government explicitly Christian in origin, what they did provide draws profound inspiration from that specific faith tradition.

By Frederick Meekins

Thy will be DONE !


Greetings everyone, first I want to say thank you for stopping by and reading our ministries blog here. We hope you enjoy it and you find inspiration and understanding on a wide range of topics and subjects.

Much like the one here titled, “Thy will be DONE! It just so happens that this is a response message from a friend on our ministry facebook page (Here the link if you care to investigate the post there… http://www.facebook.com/celticcrossministry.com)

For this topic I am placing the comment of my friend and a fellow Brethren in Christ but with a different ministry than ours. In reference to a notice I posted about my forthcoming elevation to the Pastoral position of Archbishop Elect. So let’s get on with it, shall we?
From: Chaplain Chris O’Dochartaigh Amen my dear brother in Christ. I was informed I was almost to the point of going from an honorary title to a more permanent one.. after all these years going to experience wearing a cassock. Yet again the last one I had way to big, I weighed close to 600 pounds back then now 210 pounds. I always thought doing the work is more important than the title but after all who am I to argue with my superiors.

My response: Br. O’Dochartaigh, and to whom ever else reads this message, I gave up arguing with folks the moment I realized that my mirror had just gotten the best of me.

Now, I’ve learned the art of debating and I figure, if I lose a debate then I’ve lost nothing. For my point is made and my position is well-known. Either way, I win. Or, its at the very least, a draw and again, I still win for those very reasons.

Brother I’m telling you the truth when I say, in my past when I was managing a 25 room motor lodge in a historic community that made approximately 150 to 250 thousand dollars or more, a year. And which catered to about 25 to 50, thousand people or more each year. Mind you that was by those either walking in and or calling 24/7/365 to do business with us. Yet, not only accommodating those guests, with the highest level of customer service one person could offer. And as well at times, with only one or two employees, mainly my housekeepers, could ever muster that type of work load. And all the while with little or absolutely no help or assistance from the owners but yet we were all 100% committed to and dedicated to the mission and responsibility at hand.

We made every effort possible, going above and beyond the call of that duty and even with these disadvantages I briefly mentioned, to see that their visit and stay with us was the best we could offer. That is according to virtually providing a complete satisfaction rating of 95 to 98.5% consistently and holding a 4 to 5 star rating all year-long, year after year. All the while maintaining and remaining the # 1 lodging facility in the region, 5 years in a row. And maintaining a two A rating with – triple AAA and their standards. And being awarded each year of service for our efforts with a plaque for display in our little lobby.

That statement is verified through my guests and according to Trip Adviser, Orbits, Travelocity and Triple AAA and it’s members and many other organizations. Against the stiffest and best Hotels, Motels and B&B’s the region had to offer. The competition was stiff and the deck was always stacked with odds against, our little mom & pop operation, on any given day mind you.

And that my brother has it’s benefits as a proving ground, literally on a battlefield. The town, Gettysburg Pennsylvania and the motel “The Colton” motel.

During that time as well, I became a very active community advocate and activist for many different causes. I ran for public office twice and while winning the primary elections, only losing the general elections, both times by mere, double digits. Then in April of that last year, I lost 4 family members and a dear friend, all in a span of two and a half weeks causing me to hit the proverbial wall and walk away from everything I loved and lost.

I went on a sabbatical not knowing where I was going or when it would end. I wondered the country searching for my place. A place I could start over once again. Fresh and new. Seeking but not finding, reaching out for help in my dis-pare, friends from those old days reached back and gave me refuge and time to rest and think. But nothing was clear but that I was getting sick. Ill and to a point it almost killed me, and those friends stood by me, helped me all they could but, I needed something more.

Something more than they could offer and so they drove me 6 hours by van to the nearest VA hospital. Mind you I was in Fenelon Falls, Ontario Canada, at the time. It was there in Syracuse, New York VA Hospital where I stayed for two and a half more weeks, until I was healthy and well enough to go on.

Yet still I did not know where to go, what to do and yet again broke, busted and getting disgusted trying one thing and then another and another. I was at the bottom again. And again very thin and physically exhausted when another dear friend from those old days called, said come, come and stay with us awhile and so I did. That call brought me to Elyria, Ohio here in Lorain county. They took me in they fattened me up (Boy did they fatten me up) lololl, and they let me get healthy till it was time to go. I ended up going to a homeless shelter here in Lorain, Ohio and after two months there I finally came full circle back to the anniversary dates of all that had started it all, the death of my family.

It was at this moment in time, I started to realizing that my faith and my God were still right there with me as it always had been. God had been trying to speak to me and like billions of people in this world, I hadn’t been listening and yet, thinking I was. While all the time wondering why he had forsaken me, when in reality he was right there by my side the whole time, and had gone through it all with me. When I realized this little fact and flaw in my spirituality, I got on my knees and I prayed. I prayed like I used to, many hours and many days before when I went for walks and hikes around those old hollowed fields of Gettysburg. Repenting of my sins and asking Him for His guidance. Not realizing He was guiding me all the time.

God put in my heart to start this ministry literally with nothing but His vision and my faith and willingness in Him to do His will. Mind you Christs ways of telling you something, many times comes by Him showing you something and helping to figure out what it is He wants you to do. And so show me He did. He showed me (visually and very personally) that there were ministers and clergy making a mockery of the “Cloth they wore and the personal oath they took to serve Him,” and that “His children and flock were suffering, losing faith and turning towards the ungodly one.”

He then touched my heart and then my eyes. And when my eyes were opened and my heart refilled with His love and power, I truly saw the world for what it was, selfish, self-centered and greedy. People lost, angry, frustrated, hurting others and themselves. Yet seemingly to be somewhat searching themselves, looking and wanting truth, and not finding it. Just like I could not find it. So I told the Lord that day, I accept His will and His will be done. Not knowing for sure what to do, where to go or how to start, but I went with Him and in faith.

At that moment I had made a real pack with God my Father and I have never been alone since nor broke it. That is why I preach and teach about choice and the consequences of our choices. How we see the world and His vision on how the world should and can be once again. What a vision it is to.

Now Armed with His vision and His truth, I set out to do what I could for folks here in the community, Even though it’s like trying to give a horse pill to the many, it has to be done. Done by those who are willing to stand firm on His righteous words. Telling it like it is, holding nothing back for the time is short. And many are falling with false hope all around us. I made up my mind that I would do whatever I could to stop it or at least, slow it down enough for those who are looking for answers and God, to hopefully find him and begin to live His way. I was being called into ministry by Him and Him alone and it is Him I serve and answer to. It is this to that I preach and teach. Responsibility, Faith and Devotion, Honor, Service and Truth in His Divine and Holy Word. Teaching to His principles and ways, not mine, but He who sent me and not the worlds ways nor Satan.

I began to see small changes in people around me. Positive changes, Spiritual changes in them when they would come to me seeking answers and wanting to know more. And though I do not have what many other ministers and clergy have, I have God and so do those that come and seek Him and accept Him into their hearts and lives. Does it happen over night or in a flash or is there an internal battle that must take place, maybe so in most cases. I reach out to those that are for the most part forgotten by the churches of our modern faiths.

As Christ preached to the sinner and not the righteous, I preach to the lost, the mentally disabled, the disenfranchised of society, the elderly, the addicted, the homeless and the nomad as well as others. (Like the wondering Jews of old, yet of modern-day, the Samaritans – those who try to do good whenever they can but seemingly to forget that works alone will not get them what they want, which is in heaven for eternity, the Centurions – our men and women in the armed services who give us our freedom to worship as we choose and those that are in civil service to the masses that strive for Justice and honor of others, the Sages and Seer’s – those who are misguided clergy twisting the Holy word of God to mean what the public wants and omitting those things that God considers ungodly for mankind to get involved in thinking it not relevant to today, the Sadducee and the Pharisees – those that are traditional in their spiritual practices but are only holy a few hours a week when they are in worship services. For no sooner are they out from that personal commitment, comes the gossip, foul language, bickering and rude gestures and comments as well as remarks showing the world and God what is truly in their hearts which is not God. Seemingly forgetting where they just were. And then there are those that know the word of God, claim to be Christian and yet by their words, their actions and their attitudes when in the world are less than what they claim to be which is a hypocrite to the faith they identify themselves with.

These are the lost sheep of Christ flock and it is these for which he has called me to help redeem back to His fold),

This ministry was stated from scratch and no funds. Just me, my bible, my faith and Him, our Lord Jesus. My life and those that think it an adventure have taught me not only humility but, to stand ones ground! Never give in, never give up! If you stumble and fall, pick yourself up and dust yourself off (like dusting away the things that caused you to stumble in the first place. Sin!). To go about life in a way that emulates God. Is pleasing to Him and not ones self or caring what others think or might say. All people are placed on this earth to learn to serve Him and live His ways, not the other way around as the masses of humanity chooses to do.

And yet they think and expect that because they call themselves Christian that they will be in heaven, no matter what they do or don’t do. Well that is not for me to judge but for God and them. It is past time that all people seek what God wants of them, expects of them and even to do onto others as they would what others to do unto them.

And stand firm in what they believe. Not to stand firm in the things that are ungodly. That as we know is a foolish person and because of ignorance and a lack of respect for our Lord and Savior, insult Him with every breath they take. If in that one feels it is right, than that is what they must do. But first having one ask themself in the holy name of Jesus, or as the old phrase goes, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do!), and are they willing to risk everything they have and everything they love or are going to, to do it and see it through until they succeed. All while maintaining true to the Love of heart which should be in Christ Jesus, Honor of self, Respect to all and to do their duty and service in Him and for Him “only?” Then many will have their answers. But again it’s all about choice Brother as we very well know. And though many battles are won or lost, in His holy name, one can find peace and comfort in His divine word and ways for their lives. Just as you and I have and we pass on to those who will listen and take to heart the true meaning of life in Him.

That’s why I am in His service. For no other reason but to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God and to endure my cross, my burdens and regrets, all the while helping others along my path in this world. To stay faithful and respectful of those thing in this world and those that are spiritual and of course never forgetting that I and they must, endure until the very end.

That is what life and ministry means to me. I am so very glad Christ pulled me out of my despair and has truly shown me His light. Now it is my turn to make that light shine brightly around the globe. For as we know Brother O’Dochartaigh, the world is in a whole lot of hurt right now. It needs us all to stand firm and united in His word. Preaching, teaching and talking openly, His doctrine. Not mans or mans interpretation.

Thank you and Bless you for your comments and your service to the Cross of Christ Br. O’Dochartaigh stand firm, hold tight to your faith in Him and don’t worry about what others do or don’t do. They will be held accountable and we at a higher level of accountability. So just go with God and preach, for that was what you were called to do. And all who call themselves a Christian are to do. Nothing else.

Bless you and your ministry and efforts. Your reward is yet to come. Look forward to it rejoicing in Him who called you to serve. Keep in mind we may not be the best, yet we always try to do our best, for Him not ourselves! God doesn’t ask any more than that Brother.

Sincerely IHS and Yours,
Archbishop Elect Andrew Manley… (+)