The supernatural is nothing to take lightly.

Folks the supernatural world around us is very real. There are folks out here that are avid “ghost hunters” and then there are those that are curious about it for one reason or another.

I am the Spiritual Adviser to the Northern Ohio Paranormal Scientific Society, here in Lorain, Ohio. (

I’m posting this on behalf of our affiliate organizations that truly respect the powers of the supernatural. Folks the spirit world / purgatory, is not something to “dabble in”. It’s real and you must be careful, because you never know what you may be dealing with until it happens.

Both the NOPSS and the S.O.S.M. are professional organizations that are available to anyone that has any questions or concerns.

So please, don’t think the spirit world isn’t real and go into a situation unprepared. I’m here to help and so are my brothers and sisters with these two fine and reputable organizations (with a proven track record), we are here to help in whatever way we can.

To know more just contact us or these two spiritual investigation companies. Make sure you take every precaution possible. Don’t go into this blind and unprepared. If you do encounter the unknown of the spiritual world, be sure to wear the whole armor of God. (Know your Holy Bible). In other words, “know what you’re dealing with and doing”. It may just keep you safe from the unknown.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley





I say NAY on Gay Adoption!

Folks it is a potentially and very harmful and slippery slope we as a nation and world are traversing when it comes to the children of our world. And we know that those that call themselves Gay are lost souls within this secular world we are all apart of.

I am not a hater of the Gay Community. Nor an advocate for the lifestyle they have chosen, nor do I condone hate towards any person. No I am not for equality of same-sex marriage, nor do I condone those with this promiscuous life style, having the right to influence young impressionable minds of children through legalized adoptions.

I was a ward of the State of Ohio’s Family Services within the foster care system from the age of 4 to the age of 17 years of age. I was also a ward of the organization known as the Catholic Social Services Agency at the same time.

I hold fast to the commandment of Christ to “love my neighbor as myself” and I hold fast and I hold the hard-line on the issue of respecting God and all mankind. But I draw the line when it comes to Gay Marriage and Gay Adoption. I fear God, not the radical loud mouths that think they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

We have a major problem in this world when it comes to Child abuse on many levels and I’m not saying that a “Gay couple” could not love or provide a good home for a child, however, the lifestyle which individuals choose to live is for them to live and not to hand over or even force a “child” who only wants to be loved, respected and have a family fall prey to the whims of a selfish social class of citizens feeding on the innocence of self-endowment and of a child’s innocence, emotional and mental state.

The life style that the Gay community chooses is as God calls it, an abomination to Him and His ways for mankind’s life here on earth. And YES I am going to refer to the Holy Scriptures, specifically the Book of Leviticus chapter 18, verse 20-26 and Chapter 20, verses 13-16. For where else can we draw the line of a world that seems to have lost their senses and way. The blood of their action and sin of their choice is upon them “and” those who condone it, to be acceptable.

Forcing a child who doesn’t know better, who is vulnerable and only wanting to be loved, happy and cared for, would also be a sin to be placed with such a union.

Yes, I am drawing the hard-line. I will stand on the faith of Gods will against any individual through the righteousness of His will. That is to say, that it is truly for the best interest of all mankind. I will not give even one inch to those that feel differently. I have a “ZERO” tolerance to mans sinful nature. I don’t hate the sinner, but the sin it’s self. I fear the Lord my God! Not man, nor mans personal feelings.

All people are Gods children, even those that have turned their back on His will and ways for their life. I truly do love and respect all people’s. But, I will not tolerate, nor sacrifice the innocence of a child to the selfish will of those that refuse to obey the will of God, Christ Jesus, who is all people’s (whether they accept it or not) Lord and Savior and I also will stand with their Holy and Divine Spirit (known as the comforter).

Yes I am a product of the adoption and foster care system and it is broken and needs to be reorganized Nationally and Internationally. Refined, streamlined and enforceable as quickly as possible.

If it were not so, then we would not need laws to protect children. And I’m going to stop there before I go on a tirade about the protection of the worlds unborn children, who also need laws for their protection again against mankind’s selfish will.

Yet, I will say that those that are God-fearing individuals of all faiths, denominations and cultures, “MUST” unite together on this issue with one united, loud and very clear voice. NO ! Before even one child becomes lost to the selfish will of a society of careless and reckless inhibitions with no moral compass to guide them, and no ethical virtues to stand on. If not, then that will have a devastating effect on such a young persons impressionable mind and future.

Those that do not fear nor respect the will of God, will answer to Him and to Him alone will you stand to try to justify your self-will over His. Just as I and all people’s, will have to do.

Sincerely and Devoutly IHS and yours,
++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley
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