Does Enslavement Uplift Spirits?

Islamic propagandists are insisting that women that wear hijabs have a higher body image.

If a woman wants to wear such an outfit, that might be her business.

However, isn’t the more pressing issue at hand the women being forced to wear these getups in areas where the particular form of extremeism such garments exemplify is on the rise?

Is one to conclude that the jihadists that hacked off the breasts of Christian women were instead simply trying to liberate these women from body dysmorphic disorder?

Regarding adherents of this creed that parade about in full heathen regalia to the extent that even their faces are concealed.

What assurances does an instructor in an academic setting have that it’s the same student that shows up everyday adorned in such a potentially deceptive manner.

What if a member of the Ku Klux Klan showed up making their daily rounds in public in complete costume?

Tolerancemongers will insist what the Klansman is doing is intended to excite a spirit of fear and express hatred.

But so is the Mohammedan.

For such ensembles are not donned so much out of sincere religious devotion but out of contempt for our liberties that allow such subversives to cavort about without opposition or even question.

By Frederick Meekins

Are you worried about the direction your Church leaders, are taking the congregation?


Ladies and Gentleman, I know I have drawn the “HARD LINE” on many social issues that are causing such confusion and unrest on society. I want you to keep in mind that it’s not my duty to “BUCK THE STATUS QUO”, it’s about doing Gods will, not my own. So be advised that it’s not about me, but rather about all people who claim to be Christian and every Church denomination on the planet. Along with every, Minister, Clergy and Priests speaking with “ONE VOICE, ONE DOCTRINE” which is Gods will for all humanity.

So please, do what you can to convince your church leaders to stand firm on the Holy gospel of Jesus Christ and the Devout and Holy Word of God our Father. For He, (Christ Jesus) is the head of all Christian churches and Christian faiths and the Christian faithful. Which is YOU.

If they will not listen and continue to be inept to the Holy Word of Gods ways, then wipe your feet at the door and wash your hands and be clean of them. Leave them to their fate and God will deal with them. I know what I am asking you to do, but someone has to stand up for Jesus against those that no longer fear nor respect Gods will. So search your heart and pray over this comment and directive for me.

Come and stand with us here at Celtic Cross Ministry. We know where the line is drawn because we’ve drawn it. And we’ll always reach over that line to lift those who want, out of their despair and bring them to the light, which is Christ Jesus’ path for all people and all faiths. No matter what religion they belong to.

We all need to be speaking with ONE VOICE and that is HIS, the one who gave the order to do so… Sincerely IHS and yours, ++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley… (+)

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