Introducing our Newest Member to the Celtic Cross Ministry

Chaplain Ist Class Ricky Alen Lanza

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you our newest member to the ministry and our Ministerial Council Board of Directors. Chaplain 1st Class Richard Allen Lanza. His duties come with great responsibilities. I say this because he is the President and Chief Operations Officer of the Lorain County Aids Task Force.

Which will now come under the Ministry of the Celtic Cross. And do to the work and new operational duties of our esteemed member, we have now been able to launch a pet program of mine after five and a half years.

That is, the Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Division program. And as this new department and division grows so will the services we will offer through it. The Aids Task Force does on site HIV/Aids testing and soon will be adding a department to test for Hepatitis A, B, & C.

As many of you may know, that have been actively partaking in programs of our ministry, you know that more than 35 million people have died since Aids became part of our world health concerns.

Over time, we will be expanding this division and providing testing and counseling as well as meeting the spiritual needs of individuals infected with these killer diseases.

As time goes on, we will bring more news as to what this new ministry and division will be doing and so you know, all services are provided 100% FREE to anyone who wants to be checked out.

So please, give a hardy welcome to our dear Brother in Christ and friend to the community, Chaplain Ricky… (+)