Welcome to the Sisterhood of St. Brigid

Reverend Mother Kathleen Ann Sisterhood of St. Brigid - 11.02.2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Christian Warriors, One and all,

I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our St. Benedictine Sisterhood. Ms. Cathy Salvatore who has taken the Holy and Blessed Church name of Reverend Mother Kathleen Ann.

Retired now from secular life but not her spiritual life, she lives in Hamilton, New Jersey. Her Convent of St. Kathleen Ann is affiliated with the Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Celtic Catholic Church of the Cross. Which has the Patron Saint to the Holy Order for the Sisterhood, being St. Brigid of Ireland.

Most recently Reverend Mother Kathleen Ann became an author. And has been writing a series of Christian Children Books of which, several have been published and another in the pipeline to be published soon. She was an office worker doing typing for an Educational Testing Service in the Princeton, New Jersey area as well.

Her background includes being a Certified Home Health Aide with a diploma as a Nursing Assistant working with Hospice Care. She was a Certified Dental Assistant for many years and was Certified to distribute medication in her aide work.

Her previous church experience, which will be a vital asset and a true blessing to the Sisterhood. She was an Ordained Deacon with the Slackwood Presbyterian Church in the town of Trenton, New Jersey and taught biblical principles to 4th and 5th graders with a Lutheran Church Congregation, All while singing in the Church Choir.

However, I think it best to let Rev. Mother tells you in her own words about her hopes and prayers when it comes to her ministry in the Sisterhood of St. Brigid here with us, at the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Church and Ministry.

Rev. Mother Kathleen Ann; “I want very much to guide the lost in this world, for we know it is already corrupted. I wish to have the blessing for healing. I pray for this, but it is Gods will be done. I have wanted to help save souls, since I was a young girl. This was in my heart for all these years. So, only the Lord knows us so well”.

As you can see everybody, we have truly been blessed to have such commitment, devotion, selfless love and compassion joining us in ministry and service to the flock of our Lord and Savior to all people, Jesus Christ.

I have to say, what a blessing it is as to how appropriate, it is of our Lord to lead such a blessing to His ministry on this auspicious weekend of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. So please give a hardy Celtic Cross Welcome and help us bring into the ministry, Reverend Mother Kathleen Ann… (+)