This is your chance to join the Celtic Cross Templar Knights !

Greetings to all this evening. Over the past few weeks you may have heard some rumblings about our ministry being granted an Official Charter to organize our own Division of Knights Templar Order. Well this message is to confirm that the rumors are true. We will indeed get the Charter.

So with that I am officially starting an online campaign to collect names of those interested in becoming a truly genuine member of the Celtic Cross Templar Knights. It is an ancient order that has been apart of the Holy Order of Solomon since its early years. (For more information on the Knights Templar’s Holy Order of Solomon go to our official website for more information;

However, for those individuals and organizations that know about the original order and would like an application to be considered for membership to the Order, then by all means let me know. You can contact me through Face Book Private Messages or Private Email at ( or ( No other consideration will be considered. I will be using the information, questions and comments to aid in the processing of individuals to acceptance to the Orders.

That’s right I said ORDERS. I have discussed the need to form a separate order for each of our Church Plantings and I was told that I have permission to do so. Under our Charter. So that is what I will be doing with the information. If you are interested, again, please let me know your wish and intent and to which Church Planting you wish to affiliate with. Your Choices are as follows.

1.) The Holy See of Antioch Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross Templar Knights. Our Non-Denominational Protestant Christian Church Ministry

2.) The Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Celtic Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross Templar Knights. Our Old Catholic Celtic Church Ministry


3.) The Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross Templar Knights. Our Old Roman Catholic Church Ministry

Three separate and independent Church Plantings each with their own official Templar Knights Order. Below you will find the design of our unique Shield logo and the individual Church planting banners which will incorporate the orders identity. I will also be posting this on our other FB Ministry pages that are in affiliation to these Church plantings and Subdivision Organizations run by the CCFM.

So it is now OFFICIAL and You are encouraged to sign up today if you truly do care about protecting the Faith of the Church. This is a limited opportunity to solidify the Charter for the Church and Ministry. Again this is your chance to learn and know the true facts of what it means to be a “Knights Templar of the Old Original Order”.

Inquire TODAY to join and be a CELTIC CROSS TEMPLAR KNIGHT !

Thank you and Bless you and the Church and all of its soon to be members to the Sacred and Holy Order of Solomon.
As always you as our Lords flock and His chosen, are always in my prayers. Sincerely IHS and yours,
++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley




HSACCFM Knights Templar - Sheld - 2014

HSAECCC Templar Knights - Flag - 2014

HSAROCCCC Templar Knights - Banner - 2014

HSARORCCCC Knights Templar - Banner - 2014


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