Adoption ! It is a better choice !!!

Folks, were always trying to look out for you. The things that matter and the things you may have questions on. This is one issue I am very passionate about and that is adoption. But maybe not for the many reasons others may think.

The reason I am and this ministry is pushing to educate and you and offer you alternatives to the difficulties of rearing a child (and NO, I’m not a fan of PLANED PARENTHOOD’S Organization. By No Means), but rather because I was one of those children that became a product of the Foster and Adoption care system. And though I was never adopted, I think I turned out just fine do to the many influences that were apart of my up bringing.

So please consider in you need to, want to or even have to, the need for a reputable adoption agency and program that truly cares about you and the children. Check out this link for more information. It may just save a life that will make a difference in other peoples lives as well… (+)

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley