Being heckled in Worship Service

Folks being heckled in the middle of a worship service can be either very annoying and disruptive or it can be a wonderful teaching opportunity to help those that are closed minded and their heart not being right with Gods ways and will.

It is like trying to open a locked door without a key. But once one has the key that door can be opened. And if one has the masters key then no door will ever remain locked that you can not get through.

The holy word of God in the Bible is, that master key. And when (what you learn from it) it is put into practice against a foe, then one can see God working through you and the heckler is then silenced.

Remember you can not do battle with Satan or those he uses (willingly or unwillingly) and expect to win unless you have the MASTERS KEY. Knowledge and true discernment of His words, will and ways. With that you can conquer all adversaries of God and stand righteous before Him with your head held high.

This video will prove my point. And for the First Sunday of the Advent Season, you just might get the message as to how to handle your adversaries, even if the are friend or a foe… (+)