Attention to all of our Clergy and the General Public

Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry Shield 2015

Attention to all of our Clergy here in the United States and Around the World. I wanted to inform you that I have made some changes to the website and the over all appearance of the Ministry.

As you know and I’m sure everyone does at this point, we are one of several ministries with the Holy See of Antioch. With that said, I have taken it upon myself to change our ministries identity back to something more us. And before anyone say’s what, we are still and always will be with the Holy See of Antioch as well as in spiritual communion with the Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of Cardinal Paul Roberts and Pontiff, Paul Joesph. So no worrying, please. All is good !

However, I have made some cosmetic changes to our Ministries Logos, Icons and Art work. Very little of this will have direct impact on you. But I will be reproducing a new Episcopal Coat of Arms for everyone as well as new ID cards in the coming new year which will reflect these changes. And yes, your ID’s you received are still valid and good. But when you do receive the new one, please use it instead.

After much prayer and communication with our Parent Ministry, I feel it was the best thing for us to regain our personal identity as a ministry. And nothing more. It is 100% on me to do what is best for our ministry and if anyone has any question, you may bring them to me directly (IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE). I want us to get a good start in this upcoming New Year, especially, with as many changes and new personal coming into our ministry. We here at the Global Hq are pleased and blessed to have each and everyone one of you serving your communities and the Lords flock.

With that said I also want to inform everyone, that we are still going to receive our Charter with the Knights Templar, “but”, we will not be accepting any members into the order at anytime, for the for see able future. The reason is that the response has not been what we had hoped. We only have had three individuals from around the world request an application and I’m not willing to advance Charter Membership into such a Sacred Order to be so fledgling and without ample support.

Maybe in the future we will try again, but for now it has been decided that NO Applications will be submitted or sent out. This comes from the top. And in this case since it is our Charter, it is what it is. So please keep the ministry and the Holy Order of Solomon in your prayers as well as our beloved, Holy See of Antioch and all clergy here at home and around the world. But think for a moment, if I can’t get anyone to contribute to a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization or the Church, how then can I justify bringing people into the ministry to help financially seed programs and ministries elsewhere in the community here in Ohio, let alone around the Globe.

So until later, I do wish you all a wonderful and very Merry Christmas and I will be praying for each of you as you step forward and do more with the ministry here and in your communities in the coming New Year. Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Sincerely IHS and yours and humbly so,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley

P.S. if you would like to see the new Art Work, Logos and Icons, you can see them all on the Ministry Website at, … Also see the updated Episcopal Coat of Arms in the Belief Statement section. Remember you can click on most any picture to see a larger view of it… (+)