Were The Georgia Guidestones Used In A Satanic Ritual?

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The Line is Drawn !

Today is a sad day to be a Christian. My heart is heavy for the lives lost and freedom of choice, denied.

Yes, I am a CHRISTIAN and proud to call myself HIS ! For I answer to HIM and will be accountable to HIM, alone.

Obviously the majority of mankind, fears man and does not fear or respect God and His will and ways for them.

Since when is being a Christian and standing on God’s will for mankind constitute a crime. I guess today in some States. You might as well imprison me now and throw away the key. I do not hate and will not tolerate hate. I am Christian and I am a minority, what of my rights ?

If you don’t like the message, change the channel. Go someplace else. No one here is forcing you to agree or disagree. I care about all mankind’s eternal SOUL, maybe you should to.

My Lord taught me to show love and respect to all people. But obviously people don’t have to accept this but feel they have the “right” to force their “want”, on my will.

We as a nation and a people have worked hard as a society to get away from discrimination and segregation but it seems that this is not good enough but now we have to be forced to accept what we do not believe in. Or face the wrath of public criticism or worse, even death. That folks is not love and that is not what Christ Jesus teaches.

The public is entitled to their opinion and I and others like me are not? How is this fair? I have never said folks could not live the way they wanted or believe what they want. I have always treated everyone with fairness, love and respect.

Yet now, in some places in my own country, let alone around the world, I can be imprisoned, beaten, ridiculed and abused without probable cause. What’s not so funny is the fact that it wasn’t accepted when it was happening to others, but now it is accepted for those that chose to follow Christ.

Even though, I have never done these things to anyone. I have fought for fairness and equality for others for decades. Yet I ask, who will stand with me and our Lord now? I never thought that would ever be a question needing to be asked. But there it is !

I hope and pray the Clergy, Preachers, and Ministers of the (TRUE) faith, start teaching the whole word of God and quite selectively pandering to public opinion. Which in my opinion is disrespectful to my Lord.

Keep in mind that you are not doing God service in not doing so, but rather giving Satan service and support by not doing so.

But opinions change and only time will tell if people like myself and this ministry can stand the fiery darts and or sway the hard-hearted non-believer as to what it really means to be the light on the table.

As for me and my house, we will serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My line is drawn.

Sincerely IHS and all mankind’s,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley