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The Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Monastery and Convent Programs of the

Order of St. Benedictine Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Being a Monk or Sister in Christ

The Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry is seeking men and women over the age of 18 years old, world-wide to enter into our Monastery and Convent programs with our Saint Benedictine Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Our program is designed to encourage a spiritual growth through structured guidance and education. We offer all those accepted into the Monastery and Convent Programs the opportunity to study through our online courses with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Seminary of Theology, at no cost or charge except if one wishes a hard copy of their certificate or diploma. All will receive one via email upon completion of the program structure. Which then, maybe printed out, at their convenience at no charge except what it costs one to do so.

All of our Candidates remain where they live. Their homes and apartments become their Monastery and or Convent. Their studies are done at a pace that fits their time frame, desire and dedication to complete the program studies and succeed to the next level of service to the church and to the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ. And they are mentored and guided by our Ordained Clergy with the Church planting they chose.

Note: the costs one accrues are ones own responsibility. As they are for all members of Clergy throughout the world. But we will help the individual to find the best quality and price for what they need as part of the mentoring program.

Church Plantings

We offer three Church Planting Programs which is like noting any religious organization has to offer. It is the goal of the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry to break down the religious bearers that have caused so much delusion in dogma and theology. With respect to the dishonor of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and mankind. That is among the faithful and those seeking the true answers of Gods word for this life and the next. Yet leaving in the best of the traditional and combined respects to the relationship of the Church (relationship with Christ Jesus), as a whole and as the foundation. With it being built as the Corner Stone of ones faith and understanding which is being Christ centered in one’s life and ministry on a daily basis.

Our three Church Plantings are;

1.) The Holy See of Antioch Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross, which is part of our Non-Denominational Christian Church Ministry Program and Division. Adhering to the standard principles of Christian Belief and Faith as it pertains to the Divine Teachings of the Gospels and word of God through a Protestant understanding and relation of the Sacraments.

2.) The Holy See of Antioch Canonical Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross. This being our Celtic Catholic Church Ministry and Division. Based on a more Orthodox teaching but with a foundational relationship being followed by the first 10 plus centuries of Christianity. Meaning the faithful meeting and worshiping a few individuals coming together or within small groups of central communities within private homes, chapels and buildings of worship. Or even along with the public meetings / services, offered in the open air of the great outdoors or better known as in Gods Cathedral. Or maybe even in small or large groups held in private yards, or fields, public or private parks and the such. Yet still performing the sacraments of the Universal Faith of the Church or rather Catholic Faith of the Church (whichever way one prefers to call it), as it was preformed in the day’s of old, but through a standard Mass structure of worship.

3.) The Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross, in this planting we worship our Lord through a more Modern Mass setting and Liturgy with the Sacraments. More so to what the Catholic Faithful are more used to today but with the traditions leaning towards the Anglican and Liberal Catholic ceremony of worship. That being more traditional in its presentation of the worship service, liturgy and ceremonies themselves.

What we expect

As one can see, we are not your typical stereo type of Ministry. We are progressive and yet traditional in respects to structure and organization. We are governed by our Canons, Code of Ethics and the knowledge of moral turpitude that opposes the ways of our Lord God’s ways and laws for one’s life. Remembering always to do that which we know is right in the eyes of God and Mankind which are set at a higher standard within our Statement of Belief. Knowing that we will stand in judgment at a higher level of righteousness and persecution, than any land or country could minister or enforce.

We hope you are encouraged to take the calling which you have serious and to the next level. Following the guidance of your heart and soul to join us in ministry which our Lord guides you. He has led you here now to read and to pray on, what we here at the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry stand for and are doing on an individual and global scale.

Were here to help you with that structure and guidance, to be more fulfilled spiritually and disciplined in devotion and dedication. That is to say, to that spiritual growth and relationship one seeks to have with God the Father. That is to give one a better understanding of our Lord’s ways for their life and of those one influence day-to-day.

We are called to be instruments of His, Peace and Love, an example and representation of Him, our Lord Jesus upon the world. We are to present ourselves Holy, Clean and as white as Snow spiritually. This is the goal of a devoted Brother and Sister of the Monastery and Convent programs with the Order of St. Benedict and the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

Let us help you to make the decision to join us in Brotherhood and Sisterhood with our St. Benedictine Monastery and Convent orders. Request your application today. And if you have questions, were here to help give you an answer that will help you make the right decision and hopefully, that being with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry. So email us now, with your request for an application. And start your life anew in following our Lord in this very special form of ministry. You’ll be glad you did.




May our Lord, God bless you and guide you all the days of your life. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

The Most Rev. Dr. Archbishop Andrew Robert Moses Manley D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

H.O.S., O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.E., S.O.BB.

Phone: (440) 949-0573 or (440) 670-4640

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