New Denominations Organize To Combat Degenerate Theology

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  1. Taking the hard line of Christ’s Theology, is not always the popular stand however, it is Christ like to stand firm on his teachings and the individual to make.

    The HSACCFM and “all” of its Church Plantings, will hold this line of theology and doctrine of our Lord and ways for all mankind. We will not hate or discriminate but will expect those who join the HSACCFM to stand firm on the Gospel and word of God as the correct way for their lives and all peoples of the world.

    We shall show Christ’s love and forgiveness to all peoples, and guide them to the Lord’s truth. Yet not compromising the will of God for the sake of the lost, misguided and mislead, including public opinion.

    We want to empower the family that seeks Christ and His ways, giving them a home, a purpose and a family that holds to the same values that are taught in the Holy Scripture as the only way to the truth and the light of eternal peace and salvation.

    Sincerely IHS and yours, Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley (+)


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