Like Unto the Beast: National ID System Poses Threat to Liberty

In A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens says of the days of the French Revolution, “It was the best if times, it was the worst of times…” The same could be said of the policies and proposals being considered in response to the kamikaze attack upon the United States by fanatical Islamic terrorists.

While the Bush administration is to be commended for taking steps to address the oozing international threats allowed to fester over the course of the past several presidencies, the President would be wise to gauge with a degree of skepticism the crackpot schemes crawling out of the woodwork in the rush to formulate a response to this profound tragedy befalling the nation.

Often the shackles of tyranny do not initially appear as binding chains, but rather as a comforting blanket designed to take the chill out of the concerns of the moment. It is only after more careful reflection that they are revealed for what they really are.

One proposal being bantered about to placate fears regarding terrorism is the possibility of implementing a national ID card. Such a system could result in concealed repercussions those calling for this system are reluctant to discuss.

Before Americans could find the time to organize their thoughts and feelings regarding the nature and meaning of this profound calamity, a ream of so-called policy analysts and technology experts burst onto the national scene endeavoring to convince the American people as to our need for a national ID system.

Michael Cherkasky, president of Kroll, Inc. Security Consultants, told the New York Times that each American could be issued a computerized smart card allowing authorities to immediately ascertain the identity of individuals at specified security checkpoints. It’s argued these cards could cut down on crime and possibly prevent another terrorist attack.

What those clamoring for the implementation of this technology often fail to point out is that the drawbacks of the program likely outweigh any potential benefits.

These cards would provide more than name, address, and mugshot of their respective holders. The New York Times notes these computerized cards would collect information as to one’s location, financial activity, and just about any other kind of electronic information you could possibly imagine — including the speed at which you are traveling down the highway, according to the September 19th report.

Some of this stuff is none of the government’s business, even if there is a need to conduct a rigorous campaign against the threat of terrorism. Such a card would end up penalizing perfectly legitimate activities by bringing them to the attention of authorities.

For example, what’s going to happen to armchair scholars and researchers interested in the study of violent revolutionary phenomena from an academic social science perspective when these otherwise harmless bookworms check out a library book on terrorism or weapons of mass destruction? I should not be sent to jail for investigating a Tom Clancy novel detailing acts similar to those perpetrated by the September 11th terrorists.

Some may dismiss this as an overreaction, but it is not a farfetched scenario. During the late 1980’s, the FBI operated an intelligence program targeting the library records of readers daring to express a bibliographic interest in Eastern Europe. And as recently as the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, prosecutors sought to subpoena a list of the reading materials purchased by that particular bawdy intern.

Just think how much more widespread and incriminating such a program would be in an environment of heightened security with the information readily available in a single database. Frankly, if the stuff has been deemed appropriate enough to sit on a library shelf, it’s nobody’s business who checks it out, whether it’s the Pope and Billy Graham or Bin Ladin and Hussein themselves.

The problem is not so much that this information alone would be used to nab terrorists, saboteurs or other murderous malcontents, but rather that it would be used in pursuit of other libertyinhibiting agendas aimed at social engineering.

For example, if all commercial transactions and economic exchanges are to be cataloged in a gargantuan database, what’s to stop the government from penalizing those of us who eat too many Big Macs or who buy more sugary snacks than we should at the local supermarket? What’s to stop the government from rationing gas or denying a car loan to individuals who bureaucrats deem to go on too many extraneous daytrips? Even worse, what’s to prevent this information from being used by employers and insurance companies against overweight or sickly employees or beneficiaries?

Of course, in the eyes of some, such concerns don’t really matter. Representative Mary Bono (whose primary qualification for office was having been married to Sonny) told on September 20, 2001, “When we consider ourselves to be at war, people are going to have to recognize that some of our freedoms are going to be gone.”

You can rest assured though that, as with most of the statutory impositions it inflicts upon the American people, Congress will no doubt weasel its way into exempting itself from many of the proposed counter-terrorism measures, since (in its own eyes at least) our representatives are too important to be confined by such rigors. Bet the likes of Ted Kennedy or Barney Frank will never endure the humiliation of being tossed in a jail cell and body cavity searched (something Frank might enjoy, on second thought) or have their life savings confiscated thanks to a glitch occurring in this technology, which some will no doubt imbue with near-religious infallibility and reverence.

This proposed system of ID has very little to do with preventing terrorism and everything to do with imposing yet another layer of bureaucratic control upon the lives of the American people. Such a conclusion is borne out by the positions taken by House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt regarding specific proposals designed to stem the tide of terrorist violence.

Enthusiastically endorsing the need for a national ID system, this Congressional leader is reported by Matt Drudge as saying, “We are in a new world. This event will change the balance between freedom and security.” Yet this Missouri Democrat has no intention of tipping the scales in favor of security when it comes to saving lives, as Gephardt vociferously opposes plans to arm pilots to defend against highjackers.

The attitude of the British government regarding the ID issue is particularly revealing. While at one time standing as one of the few defenders of liberty in the world, Great Britain now speaks with a duplicity that would make the Soviet Union cringe.

While purporting to be a totally voluntary program, the British Sunday Mirror reports that without an ID, its subjects there cannot board an airplane, buy gasoline (as if that will do anything to stop terrorism), open a bank account, or get a job. Such draconian stipulations remind us of that chilling passage in Revelation 13:17 foreboding: “…no man might buy or sell, save he have the mark.”

Matt Drudge also quotes British Home Secretary David Blunkett as saying on the BBC that we cannot be hamstrung by an excessively “legalistic” interpretation of human rights. In other words, we are going to end up losing our most fundamental constitutional axioms when “Congress shall make no law” no longer means Congress shall make no law.

All that said, the blame does not lie solely with those holding public office or employed in the allied policy professions such as media or public interest research. At present, President Bush wisely concluded that a national ID would have negligible impact in curbing terrorism. However, such discernment stands in marked contrast to the nearly 70% of those polled by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press clamoring for this technology, ready to trade away their birthright of liberty like Esau for a pottage of illusory security.

What do the panic stricken think will be solved by electronic security cards? How is it going to prevent another round of mass murders? Most of the attackers and those aiding in this atrocity were foreigners of dubious moral backgrounds to begin with and should have never been let in in the first place.

It’s also argued that a national ID would produce the spin-off benefit of curbing all forms of illegal immigration, not just those with a propensity towards suicidal martyrdom. With the concessions made to multiculturalism over the past several years and the obsequious praise lavished upon certain immigrant groups for undermining traditional American culture, does anyone honestly believe that the U.S. government will use these ID’s as a catalyst to deport illicit émigrés?

As is being done at certain banks that waive documentation requirements to allow illegals to open special accounts and in states granting them drivers’ licenses, the Federal Government will probably grant the ID’s willy-nilly, without any proof of legality whatsoever, to members of certain ethnic groups with whom politicians of either party are rushing to curry favor. Just don’t get caught on an airplane if you happen to belong to a group without the same degree of clout in the voting booth.

To put it bluntly, the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks were partly the fault of a number of government agencies and certain components of the travel industry in the sense of their failing to exercise proper vigilance against threats they very well knew existed. Immigration authorities should have barred this human slime from desecrating the sovereign soil of the United States. A number of other reports emphasized that traditional antagonisms between the FBI and the CIA might have prevented the flow of intelligence needed to foil such a plot and prevent such a cataclysmic loss of life. Other than tightening security at transportation centers, certain government buildings, and clamping down on the riffraff crossing the borders, there is no reason to punish the American people for a shortcoming not their own.

Benjamin Franklin once noted that those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security. The terrorists have succeeded in taking away our sense of security. Now there are those within the government and among the people who would take away our freedom as well.

By Frederick Meekins

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Operation Burundi Africa


Greetings and Blessed Salutations Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I come to you with a special Decree to be fulfilled by all Clergy, Knights and Dames, Chaplains and private citizens who follow and support what we are doing in our Lord’s Holy and Blessed Name here in the United States and around the world.

It is the world I come to you this evening for. To ask you to help this ministry and our Church Plantings around the world in our humble effort to spread the Love, Peace and Grace of our Lord to those who have lost hope and had the world as they knew it, ripped from it’s very foundation and uprooted them to far off lands seeking help and finding some but mostly adversity and evil along their way.

I come to you with a heavy heart and great burden, one that has cut deep into my soul and spiritual essence. That being those of a small sovereign country called Burundi, Africa. The people of Burundi have been facing a major Civil War for over a decade now and has seen genocide committed for one standing firm on the belief of individual freedom and democracy. The people have lost so much of their life and hopes and even dreams do to the atrocities committed by those elected to give them hope, fairness and a new life. Instead they have been met with a diminished way of life, some isolated, some segregated, some cast into slavery and servitude and some even unto death for standing up against the very law and governance that swore to protect and serve them.

I was asked more than a year ago to try to help and through the last year and several months, I have been looking into the situation unfolding in Burundi and followed other groups and individuals that have seen first hand what I speak to you about this evening. My heart is heavy for the people of Burundi as it is for many cultures around Africa and the rest of the world, even here in the United States of America where we to have people persecuted for their belief and shunned because they have not wealth or education or even good health, but are aging and trying to survive just like others around the world, even in Burundi.

To I ask you to quit looking the other way. Keep in mind that the worlds problems are just as important to address as our own personal and even private issues. We are all interconnected we are all brothers and sisters even though we have different ways, customs and traits. We who call ourselves Christians know that what I say is true, we are all indivisible under God. One God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac.

The Celtic Cross Foundation Board of Directors and I have decided to commit every resource at our disposal to help the citizens of Burundi, the Refugees from there which are now scattered throughout the neighboring countries around that tiny nation. Millions have been displaced from their homeland and are wearing down the resources of the countries next to it as people by the hundreds and even thousands cross into their sanctuary borders trying to flee the death and destruction they left behind.

Yes, there are a few groups and organization doing all they can to help in and with this crises. But it is not enough. More needs to be done and more can be done. Keep in mind that the tiny nation of Burundi is the key to almost all that is going on in Africa that is causing it to be unstable. Greed, is but one cause that is the issue. And for the fact that people like you, either have not heard of what is happening there or maybe you just don’t care because it doesn’t affect you on that same personal level it does them.

Well that is where you are dead wrong. You should not only care but should do all you can to help create an environment that is conducive to all people. A place where true democracy can flourish for the betterment of all people, not just a few. I know many of you do care and, that you want to do something to leave this world better off than when you were here. That is for the next generations of family and friends.

Trust me when I say that enough is NOT being done. For if we continue to ignore what is happening elsewhere in the world, even in a tiny country like Burundi, how can we look God in the face on our judgment day and say honestly, that we did all we could. Knowing in our heart that we could have done more and not sacrifice our own comfort and security. Remember, God is the seeker of mankind’s heart and mind and knows all. So he truly knows if you have or have not.

I am not judging you but you are being judged on this as well as all things you experience, do and don’t do in your life. That is just the facts of the matter.

Yes, I am trying my hardest to get you to move and help in something that is truly bigger and more monumental than most likely anything you have done before, excluding our war-time veterans and their families. The world and the Christian civilization is under attack in many ways.

Isn’t it time to truly stand up and be counted worthy to be called Christian and a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ for the world. For by helping the world, we help ourselves and future generations.

It is time to STOP being selfish and self-centered. There is no, me in the Trinity. But rather One God, One Son and One Spirit. For there is something you can do and you should be doing it. Otherwise you are not doing the will of our Father in Heaven.

I know what I have said thus far may seem harsh, unfair and even by some who read this as insensitive. But you are so very wrong.

What is harsh, unfair and insensitive is what is happening to the people of Burundi and elsewhere in the world. I am merely trying my humble best to provoke your inner spirit to do as I have done and investigate the situation at hand and get involved.

I do not intend to hurt or intimidate you to get involved but unlike many in the world today that are having their freedoms and liberties ripped from them, is more than you or I, will most likely go through in our lifetime. That is not to say it could not happen, for it can and just as easily so.

Though many would fight back the best they could. It is that, that makes you and many relate and understand the seriousness in my words here. It is time and we must no longer look the other way. People are dyeing, struggling and fighting for their life and freedom to live and provide for their families and loved ones. So try to walk a mile in their footprints before you do decide to not get involved and help in some way. Even the smallest gesture contributed by many will add up to be a great deal by those who have nothing.

So with all of this stated, I am hereby committing the CCFM and every department and division to commit to doing all they can to help those who are suffering and lost. Who only want peace and to be able to return home to live in safety and security. Those who wish a better life for themselves and their families and loved ones just like we have in varying amounts.

We can make a difference, YOU can make a difference, we all together, can make a positive difference. Thing is, we must first commit individually as well as collectively and move on from there.

Yes, this is a massive undertaking and commitment of the next 5 years to see it through. I know we will be able to make a positive difference not only for the people of Burundi, but also for our world and it’s future.

We here at the CCFM pray every Tuesday evening as we did this evening and we pray one particular verse within it that states; “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, I believe with my whole heart that this is true and that what we do from here on, will make the world a better place. Remember, Christ was but one person and look at the profound difference He made on the earth for all mankind. You too can be part of this vision of a safer and free Burundi. And help stabilize the Eastern and Central Africa, which will have a ripple effect on the whole continent of Africa before we are though.

So go to our Ministry and Church website at the link below and see what we see and let us know how you wish to help. Remember the only thing stopping you, is you. Nothing else.

Thank you for your time, prayers and support in helping fellow-men and women and their children have a dream of home, security, prosperity and most of all love from you to them for their success.

Any question, comments or concerns, please ask. Resources are available to help you and your group or organization. Just please don’t delay, lives are depending on what you choose to do this very minute and into the future.

Humbly and Sincerely IHS and yours as well as the people of Burundi Africa,
Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

Narcissism Or Aversion To Communalism?

The cover of the 5/20/2013 edition of Time Magazine reads, “Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents. Lazy and entitled narcissists might be reason for moral concern and reflection, but on what grounds is it the business of the wider society as to whether or not individuals live with their parents?

In regards to such an issue, Scripture is largely silent with individuals of regard and esteem living in a variety of ways in relation to their respective parents. It seems Isaac remained at home until his 40’s. Some have speculated that the Virgin Mary might have been as young as 15 or 16 before having the Christ child and fully becoming the wife of Joseph

It might be that the demographic targeted by this intended smear might skew a little “too White” to be extended a number of the privileges other such categories.

When was the last time a major news weekly (if it hadn’t already ceased print publication) published a cover story criticizing welfare recipients (especially minorities) for being “lazy and entitled narcissists”?

Yet many of those not only incessantly suckle off the public teat but also grumble indignantly nearly to the point of threatened uprising if what flows through the civic nipple grows increasingly sparse or diluted in their opinion.

Just what is being categorized as “entitled”?

Does this include things such as Obama phones and the cancellation of student loans after 20 years irrespective of whether or not those willingly assenting to such debt are anywhere near to fulfilling this financial obligation?

Is “entitled” apparently preferring to live in the comforts of the home they have known their entire lives rather than in cramped, roach-infested apartments filled interestingly with the kinds of “entitled” folks good liberals such as the editors of Time Magazine lack the spine to criticize?

Young adults born into American families (especially of a Caucasian phenotype) apparently deserve condemnation should they decide for whatever reason to stay with their parents beyond the time upheld as standard ironically by those the most insistent that standards do not exist.

Yet these very same radical relativists heaping condemnation upon typical American young adults living at home with their parents turn around saying how wonderfully family-oriented it is when nearly a dozen immigrants pack themselves into domiciles that begin to feel cramped with four people residing in them.

Granted, self-absorption can be taken to extremes. Lindsay Lohan, numerous members of the Kenendy clan, or the British royal family clearly attest to this truth.

However, given what is known about the kind of liberal mindset predominant at the highest echelons of American journalism as typified by Time Magazine, the discerning should probably read a little between the lines.

If an individual is residing with their parents, it can inoculate them to an extent against a number of social or mental pathologies that many liberals and secularists applaud as the “New Morality”, which isn’t quite so new anymore. Such allegedly cutting edge ethical reflection is beginning to sag in many places like the aging hippies that thrust their decadence into the face of American popular culture and public awareness.

For example, sin can take root in any of our lives in the dark corners that we would least expect. However, the young adult living with parents that expect those living under their roof to abide by what would be considered a broadly traditional morality will probably have to work a lot harder at things such as boozing and generalized carousing if those are the deepest longings of one’s heart beyond those brief temptations that plague us all in weak moments.

In the collectivist mindset serving as the foundation of contemporary liberalism, “narcissistic” does not necessarily mean a propensity to wallow in the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life as warned in Scripture. To many of those that would like to see American society revolutionized away from an ethos of responsible individualism and single family orientation to something more group oriented, narcissistic can mean nothing more than tending primarily to the concerns of one’s own household, looking to one’s own abilities and resources to make it through the struggles of life, and expecting that all but the extremely disabled or the aged that have paid into the system ought to do the same for themselves

This is evidenced in the numerous graduation exhortations delivered on the part of the Obamas. In these orations, the President and his consort admonish the students not to pursue private sector careers marked primarily by what they consider the material comforts that accrue as a result of success and achievement in that particular sector of human endeavor. Instead, those persuaded to embrace President Obama’s vision of the good life will give themselves over to what is considered the public sector such as government and forms of the nonprofit activism fomenting revolutionary upheaval such as community organizing.

However, it is through the overwhelming majority of businesses that exchange a good or a service for financial profit that most needs and desires are met. As John Stossel pointed out in a documentary on the subject, though her motivation may have been nobler, corporations such as Walmart and Microsoft have actually done more to elevate the material status and quality of life of a greater number than Mother Terresa ever did.

To those of the Obamaist mindset, the ideal place for young adults is not laboring to establish the foundations of their future by either getting their own place or by residing with their parents and saving for the day when they will be on their own by purchasing their own home or inheriting one upon the passing of their parents. Rather, the totalist progressive would like nothing more than to see these organic sociologically processes disrupted by altering whatever trajectory the productive young adult might find their life headed by conscripting them into some form of involuntary servitude.

The minds of most are set to a default to conceptualize of that as some form of military service. As such, many are programmed to respond, “And what is so wrong with that?”

Nothing in a time of actual declared war where the very survival of the nation is on the line. However, contrary to the hypothesis put forth by luminaries such as historian Stephen Ambrose and, to an extent, even William F. Buckley, the military during peace time does not exist to ensure that everyone sings from the same songbook.

During such periods in American history, the nation is better served by a force of volunteers that have decided to pursue military service as a life’s calling or only for a short season. That way the number is sufficient so that the country is protected but not so large that the interests of the military threaten the well being of civilian institutions.

However, when liberals such as President Obama extol the glories of compulsory voluntary service, those tasks within the narrowly defined parameters of the military are the last such orators are calling for the completion of. What these elites have in mind are more akin to the police state functions undertaken by the infamous totalitarian regimes of the early decades of the twentieth century.

For example, as he was laying the groundwork for his regime, Barack Obama announced his vision for a civilian security force as large as the military and capable of intruding into areas of your life where the traditional military would never dream of intruding. Michelle Obama reiterated that, under Barack, we would not be allowed to return to our lives as we had previously known them.

Though abandoning or altering a number of fundamental worldview assumptions regarding the nature of work and the relationship of the individual to the overall economy, communalist elites are able to manipulate the unsuspecting into viewing the most basic and innocent of activities as acts surpassing the most vile acts of debauchery in terms of overall subsversion.

By Frederick Meekins