Greetings, Blessed Salutations and Welcome friend, we here at the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry are ACTIVELY RECRUITING new members to our clergy. Those that wish to be ordained into our ministry of one, two or all three of our Church Plantings and or Operational Divisions. It can take as little as 1 to 6 months or up to 1 year, depending on your level of commitment.

First of our Church Plantings is the Order of St. Andrew & St. Mary Magdalene of the Holy See of Antioch Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross, which is our Non-Denominational Christian Church Ministry. We are looking for men and women to fill the position of Disciple, Deacon or Deaconess, Apostle, Reverend Evangelist, Pastor, or Minister depending on experience.

If there are qualified applicants which would be interested and pending a review of those qualifications, that individual would be considered for an elevated position such as Archdeacon, Arch-deaconess or even Presbyter. The worship services is simple and if you have watched any of our Sunday Worship Service Videos you will see how it is done. Yet also, some variations of the service can be done but only if approved by ones superior.

Our Second Church Planting is the Order of St. Patrick & St. Brigid of the Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Celtic Catholic Church of the Cross. With this church planting there would be some preparation training involved. Due to it being a form of Old Celtic Mass. In this case we here to, are seeking individuals either male or female to become a Lay-minister, Deacon or Deaconess, Reverend Mother and in this instance is a Priest, and or Reverend Father. If the individual applying, is a qualified applicant, that individual would be considered for an elevated position such as, Monsignor, Archdeacon, Arch-deaconess or Bishop.

Our Third Church Planting is the Order of St. Brendan & St. Ita of the Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross. This candidate would perform all duties as either a Lay-minister, Deacon or Deaconess, Reverend Father, Reverend Mother and again in this instance is classified as a Priest or Monsignor, Archdeacon, Arch-deaconess or Bishop if one meets the qualifications.

Our Chaplaincy Division is unique in and of it’s self. Though this is classified as a specialized ministry it is unique in it’s own right and with great responsibilities. Within these duties and responsibilities comes rank. And that rank must be achieved on experience, merit, qualification and performance of duty. Just like any other organization of Military, Law Enforcement, Medical Field and or Corporate Industry. It is a calling of Service with Pride and Honor.

We are looking for qualified personnel for the position of Chaplain 1st Class which is 2nd Lieutenant, Chaplain 2nd Class which is 1st Lieutenant, Chaplain 3rd Class which is Captain, Chaplain 4th Class which holds the rank of a Major, and Chaplain 5th Class which is classified as a full bird Colonel.

The head of the Chaplaincy is divided into two separate divisions but both working together and along the same lines and industries. One being headed by the Chaplain General overseeing the Protestant / Non-Denominational Chaplains. And we have a Chaplain Admiral who oversees the Catholic Chaplains operations.

Our Monastery and Convent Orders are also unique and we also are the first church to offer Brothers and Sisters the opportunity to become members of one, two or all three church plantings. That is if, you wish to have a more monolithic societal life of service to Christ our King. That is to say through our Monastery and Convent Orders, which are attached to each individual Church Planting.

Keep in mind that a life of solitude or communitarian meditation, prayer and community services has many rewards of self gratification and spiritual enlightenment. If an applicant is accepted into this group, then for sake of any confusion, the discipleship is as follows.

With the Monastery Orders we have Brothers, Friars, Abbots and if qualified the Abbott Bishop.

With the Convent Orders we have Novice, Sister, Reverend Mother and Mother Superior.

Special Notation: According to the HSACCFM Policy for the Two, Re-formed Old Catholic and Old Celtic Catholic Churches of the Cross and Celtic Cross, the “Priestly position of Reverend Mother”, can be and is, the overseer of a Convent community within her community or region. As such a Reverend Mother of a Convent is the overseer of her order of convent(s), but would answer to the Mother Superior of all convents within her order and the priestly, Reverend Mother.

In the case of the Non-Denominational Church planting of the Holy See of Antioch Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross, the same policy would be in effect but instead of a “Reverend Mother”, the alternative authority would be Reverend Evangelist. For a Reverend Evangelist can be either Male or Female.

In special circumstances and most probable could happen here in the growing stage of ministry, an overseer can be of a higher position but not less than a Reverend Evangelist, Reverend Father, Reverend Mother or Friar.

Also worth noting here is, that Chaplains do not normally oversee Convents and Monasteries but under extreme or emergency situation, can be grated by mandate and executive authority by the Supreme Chaplaincy Division, closest to those facilities or by majority vote for temporary power to oversee operations of such if brought before the Ministerial Council Board of Directors on the Protestant side and or the Celtic Cross Conclave of Bishops on both Catholic sides of operations. If neither are able to make the decision of transitional power and decree temporal authority the decision would then go to the
Holy See of Antioch House of Bishops in the United Kingdom as the absolute authority.


All Candidates for consideration to the Clergy of ministry and or Administrative Operations of the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry, will by official mandate of the Most Reverend Doctor, Archbishop ++Andrew R. M. Manley, undergo a review of qualifications and information submitted through the application process and a secondary criminal background check to be conducted if needed, before anyone is accepted nationally or internationally to the Sacred Order of the Saint Benedictine Brotherhood or Sisterhood.

The reason for such strict scrutiny, is to help rebuild the trust, faith and respect of the faithful of the wayward follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith in general. (IE; meaning those Congregants and or Parishioners that have walked away and or turned their backs on their respective faith, beliefs and churches due to one reason or another). There has been to much evil intent, manipulation, hurt and wrong doing, happening within the world wide Universal Christian Faith. That is, when it comes to trust, moral character and ethics with consideration of the clergy of the respective denominations, nationally and internationally. Meaning of individual Christian organizations, Faiths, Beliefs and Denominations.

By adhering to such a strict policy of verification and ethical character, we weed-out those with alternative motives and unscrupulous intentions and those who only want the benefits that come with such a responsibility and not maintain the high standard of service to God, the Church, the Community and the Faithful individual.

It is our hope that by doing so, we can reassure the 6+ Billion Universal Christians and Catholics, that have strayed away and stayed away from the faith, that all that can be done within the ways and means of this church, is humanly being done to protect them and the church ministry itself.

It is vitally important to this ministry that we present our members of clergy of all ranks, as reliable and professional as possible to the general public. Especially after recent notices of infidelity, adultery, embezzlement and pedophilia. Not to exclude the lies, manipulation and misuse of private and personal confidence and information of members of the various churches and parishes in trusted. That is to say, to and by the clergy, to uphold the values and principles of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and God our Father.

There has been enough deceit within all ranks of all denominations and faiths of the faithful, to the church, and to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And it STOPS HERE and NOW ! It has to stop and the righting of that wrong doing and the healing process, starts right here with this POLICY of the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry. We answer to God our Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit as well as to our Ministerial Council Board of Directors, the Celtic Cross Conclave of International Bishops and the Holy See of Antioch House of Bishops in the United Kingdom of England along with the Holy See of Antioch Vatican, if need be.

These are our Checks and Balances and are governed by International Law and the Cannon Laws of the Holy Church of the Holy See of Antioch it’s self as an Independent and Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon. Which is classified and registered as an NGO and an Independent Sovereign Nation State unto it’s self. As provided by the Constitution of the Holy See of Antioch and the Knights Templar of the Holy Order of the Temple of Solomon.

We are only looking for and wanting those individuals who truly are called by God and want to serve in a ministry that supports these values of service to Christ’ flock.

It is a sacred right and privilege to do so.

Being a member of the clergy of any of our church plantings is an honor to ones self respect and moral character for stepping up and answering the call and it is more than just standing behind the pulpit and preaching. It is a matter of getting to know your neighbor, the communities where you are and building that level of trust by working hard at bearing fruit for the kingdom of our Lord.

This ministry along with our Brothers and Sisters in the United Kingdom of England and the Isle of Mann through King David of the Isle of Mann, Pope Paul Joseph the 1st, 24th Pontiff of the Holy See of Antioch Vatican and many others, to re-establish the original Vatican of the Holy See of Antioch and the
Temple of Solomon to it’s rightful place as the First Christian Church known to the modern world.

By Official Mandate and Order hence forth,
The Most Reverend Doctor, Archbishop ++Andrew R. M. Manley
D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.,
H.O.S., H.O.L., H.O.M., A.O.H., O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.BB.
Member Military Hospitaller Temple of Solomon, Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem,
The PRIOR of Magdeline and Member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) (Irish: Ord Ársa na nÉireannach) which is an Irish Catholic fraternal organization.

Celtic Cross Ministry Coat of Arms - Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley

NOTE: Electronically Signed, and official, by the affixed Episcopal Seal of the Bishop and Chairman of the C.C.F.M. and all affiliate ministry subdivisions.

Click this link and Request your Application TODAY !


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