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Fire devastates the Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Sweetwater, Tennessee

Dear brothers and sisters, I have sad news this morning.

I have need for urgent prayer for our Ecclesiastical Communion Affiliate Church, The Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Sweetwater, Tennessee. They have suffered a major loss early this morning via a destructive and devastating fire.

Their entire Church at this hour is a loss. Due to a possible electrical issue cased by the store unit next to them, which is where the fire started and spread, wiping out their storefront community chapel.

Fr. Jason Crowder+ is in contact with me and asking for your prayers at this time. So please keep this wonderful church family and man of God in your prayers and lets help them in whatever way we can, showing our love and support as Christ leads us to do.

I will bring you updates as I get them to keep you all informed. Thank you and bless you. And may God bless our Brothers and Sisters of the Southern Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Sweetwater, Tennessee in this sorrowful time.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Patriarch +++Andrew M. B. Patrick

Launch of our (Christians Underground Network) website

We will launch our new website dedicated to our Media Division and our Subdivisions.

 Everything media will be represented on it, from the Celtic Cross Global PRESS Corp, the Celtic Cross Radio Network, The Christians Underground Radio Network, the Celtic Cross TV Network and the Christians Underground TV Network along with space for notifications, PSA’s, Events and Campaigns.

And a lot, more! 

This will be a great source for you to keep in touch and grow with us,

as well as help support our ministry and mission efforts.

So be sure to be watching out for (

Coming soon to a search engine and browser near you!

We go live with the site Monday morning at 10:00 AM.

Help this to go VIRAL, please…

CCFM - Operation Burundi - 2016

Join Us in our Mission to help bring,
Relief, Peace and Stability to Burundi and Africa.

To learn more and to help, go to…

You can do something to help spread Christ’s love to those in desperate need of your loving, caring, support and aid.

Help is needed either with financial aid or physical effort.
Thank you and God Bless you and those who contribute today.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
+++Andrew Patrick (+++nnDnn+++)

PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE. It is a small way to show support and very much needed. Thank you to all those folks that do. May blessing over flow for your love and kindness in doing so! (+++)

Operation Burundi Africa


Greetings and Blessed Salutations Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I come to you with a special Decree to be fulfilled by all Clergy, Knights and Dames, Chaplains and private citizens who follow and support what we are doing in our Lord’s Holy and Blessed Name here in the United States and around the world.

It is the world I come to you this evening for. To ask you to help this ministry and our Church Plantings around the world in our humble effort to spread the Love, Peace and Grace of our Lord to those who have lost hope and had the world as they knew it, ripped from it’s very foundation and uprooted them to far off lands seeking help and finding some but mostly adversity and evil along their way.

I come to you with a heavy heart and great burden, one that has cut deep into my soul and spiritual essence. That being those of a small sovereign country called Burundi, Africa. The people of Burundi have been facing a major Civil War for over a decade now and has seen genocide committed for one standing firm on the belief of individual freedom and democracy. The people have lost so much of their life and hopes and even dreams do to the atrocities committed by those elected to give them hope, fairness and a new life. Instead they have been met with a diminished way of life, some isolated, some segregated, some cast into slavery and servitude and some even unto death for standing up against the very law and governance that swore to protect and serve them.

I was asked more than a year ago to try to help and through the last year and several months, I have been looking into the situation unfolding in Burundi and followed other groups and individuals that have seen first hand what I speak to you about this evening. My heart is heavy for the people of Burundi as it is for many cultures around Africa and the rest of the world, even here in the United States of America where we to have people persecuted for their belief and shunned because they have not wealth or education or even good health, but are aging and trying to survive just like others around the world, even in Burundi.

To I ask you to quit looking the other way. Keep in mind that the worlds problems are just as important to address as our own personal and even private issues. We are all interconnected we are all brothers and sisters even though we have different ways, customs and traits. We who call ourselves Christians know that what I say is true, we are all indivisible under God. One God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac.

The Celtic Cross Foundation Board of Directors and I have decided to commit every resource at our disposal to help the citizens of Burundi, the Refugees from there which are now scattered throughout the neighboring countries around that tiny nation. Millions have been displaced from their homeland and are wearing down the resources of the countries next to it as people by the hundreds and even thousands cross into their sanctuary borders trying to flee the death and destruction they left behind.

Yes, there are a few groups and organization doing all they can to help in and with this crises. But it is not enough. More needs to be done and more can be done. Keep in mind that the tiny nation of Burundi is the key to almost all that is going on in Africa that is causing it to be unstable. Greed, is but one cause that is the issue. And for the fact that people like you, either have not heard of what is happening there or maybe you just don’t care because it doesn’t affect you on that same personal level it does them.

Well that is where you are dead wrong. You should not only care but should do all you can to help create an environment that is conducive to all people. A place where true democracy can flourish for the betterment of all people, not just a few. I know many of you do care and, that you want to do something to leave this world better off than when you were here. That is for the next generations of family and friends.

Trust me when I say that enough is NOT being done. For if we continue to ignore what is happening elsewhere in the world, even in a tiny country like Burundi, how can we look God in the face on our judgment day and say honestly, that we did all we could. Knowing in our heart that we could have done more and not sacrifice our own comfort and security. Remember, God is the seeker of mankind’s heart and mind and knows all. So he truly knows if you have or have not.

I am not judging you but you are being judged on this as well as all things you experience, do and don’t do in your life. That is just the facts of the matter.

Yes, I am trying my hardest to get you to move and help in something that is truly bigger and more monumental than most likely anything you have done before, excluding our war-time veterans and their families. The world and the Christian civilization is under attack in many ways.

Isn’t it time to truly stand up and be counted worthy to be called Christian and a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ for the world. For by helping the world, we help ourselves and future generations.

It is time to STOP being selfish and self-centered. There is no, me in the Trinity. But rather One God, One Son and One Spirit. For there is something you can do and you should be doing it. Otherwise you are not doing the will of our Father in Heaven.

I know what I have said thus far may seem harsh, unfair and even by some who read this as insensitive. But you are so very wrong.

What is harsh, unfair and insensitive is what is happening to the people of Burundi and elsewhere in the world. I am merely trying my humble best to provoke your inner spirit to do as I have done and investigate the situation at hand and get involved.

I do not intend to hurt or intimidate you to get involved but unlike many in the world today that are having their freedoms and liberties ripped from them, is more than you or I, will most likely go through in our lifetime. That is not to say it could not happen, for it can and just as easily so.

Though many would fight back the best they could. It is that, that makes you and many relate and understand the seriousness in my words here. It is time and we must no longer look the other way. People are dyeing, struggling and fighting for their life and freedom to live and provide for their families and loved ones. So try to walk a mile in their footprints before you do decide to not get involved and help in some way. Even the smallest gesture contributed by many will add up to be a great deal by those who have nothing.

So with all of this stated, I am hereby committing the CCFM and every department and division to commit to doing all they can to help those who are suffering and lost. Who only want peace and to be able to return home to live in safety and security. Those who wish a better life for themselves and their families and loved ones just like we have in varying amounts.

We can make a difference, YOU can make a difference, we all together, can make a positive difference. Thing is, we must first commit individually as well as collectively and move on from there.

Yes, this is a massive undertaking and commitment of the next 5 years to see it through. I know we will be able to make a positive difference not only for the people of Burundi, but also for our world and it’s future.

We here at the CCFM pray every Tuesday evening as we did this evening and we pray one particular verse within it that states; “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, I believe with my whole heart that this is true and that what we do from here on, will make the world a better place. Remember, Christ was but one person and look at the profound difference He made on the earth for all mankind. You too can be part of this vision of a safer and free Burundi. And help stabilize the Eastern and Central Africa, which will have a ripple effect on the whole continent of Africa before we are though.

So go to our Ministry and Church website at the link below and see what we see and let us know how you wish to help. Remember the only thing stopping you, is you. Nothing else.

Thank you for your time, prayers and support in helping fellow-men and women and their children have a dream of home, security, prosperity and most of all love from you to them for their success.

Any question, comments or concerns, please ask. Resources are available to help you and your group or organization. Just please don’t delay, lives are depending on what you choose to do this very minute and into the future.

Humbly and Sincerely IHS and yours as well as the people of Burundi Africa,
Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

Help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the Globe


Folks, we are looking for “sponsors” corporate and individuals to help our Ministry and Missions in India, Africa, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Chile, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Virgin Islands and here in the United States.

That’s right folks, six Continents out of seven the CCFM is represented, That’s 12 Countries plus the United States of America. I also predict that we will have clergy in the seventh ( Australia and New Zealand) as well sometime in 2016.

Folks we need your financial help today and continuing into the future. Whether it is a long-term commitment, short-term or a one time offering, it all counts and helps the CCFM to continue to spread the Gospel and programs to those in need of our Lord and Savior. So please help us help others today.

If you can help, please visit our Website and make your Donation or Love Offering there. It is a secure transaction through our PayPal Account. You can print out your transaction when finished and use it as a Charitable Tax Deduction for helping our Churches and Ministries.

Let us know to which program you wish to sponsor or we will stretch it as far as we can. Every dollar helps greatly and they really need your help.

Thank you and Bless you this Christmas Season and well into the New Year to come.

Sincerely IHS and yours, Cardinal Andrew

Ministry Website:

Interested in becoming one of our Clergy, either Catholic or Protestant.

We want to hear from you! Our website will aid you in knowing more about us as well as what we are doing the unite and change the face of Christianity. You to can be part of this growing church planting and ministry where you live and travel.

Were always looking for God Loving, God Fearing individuals to join us in ministry.

We are the Celtic Rite of Templar Churches and Ministries. Our website will guide you to get in touch with us for your application request. Feel free to contact us at our Email Address also. (

Contact and help us help other, today!

Life Lessons from Abraham Lincoln, 150 Years Later…



April 15 marks the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s death. During my school boy years, I had a surface level knowledge of Abraham Lincoln:  President during the Civil War, freed the slaves, stove-top hat, unique beard, “four score and seven years ago”, assassinated, coupled with George Washington on Presidents Day, profile found on a penny, etc.

Last summer driving back to Massachusetts from Nebraska, I started listening to the Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln,” by Doris Kearns Goodwin and then continued reading it after I got back.

I now have a new list of associations with Lincoln: home-grown scholar, entertaining storyteller, hard-worker, humility, sense of humor, fortitude, father, magnanimity, courageous, diplomatic, shrewd, God-fearing, merciful, faithful friend, hero and even prophetic. Take your pick, learn and then choose another attribute to study from one of our greatest American leaders.  The more I read about Lincoln in this excellent book, the more I was impressed and the more his legend grew.

In the last chapters of Goodwin’s book, some, many incidents struck me, some particularly in light of our country’s modern scourge: legalized abortion.  Pro-life advocates speak of abolishing abortion and I believe the following words and actions from Lincoln are quite telling about his character and insight.

We learned in school that the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order signed by Lincoln on January 1, 1863, freed slaves in rebel states.  Lincoln feared that this historic decree could be scuttled after the war. Eventually, the push for the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States ensued.

Lincoln pressed two allies in the House of Representatives to secure votes for the passage of the Amendment in January of 1865.  A quote from the president rings out.

“I am the President of the United States, clothed with great power,” Lincoln told these allies.

“The abolition of slavery by constitutional provision settles the fate, for all coming time, not only of the millions now in bondage, but of unborn millions to come — a measure of such importance that those two votes must be procured.”

Goodwin points that these men understood the president’s powers included “plum assignments, pardons, campaign contributions, and government jobs for relatives and friends of faithful members.”

But to me, the two words “unborn millions” recalled the unfathomable number of lives lost to abortion — close to 58 million — since Roe vs. Wade and the thousands more who die daily.

Couple that with a passage taken from his Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865.  Earlier the day had been a rainy and cloudy one. However, journalist Noah Brooks noted that when Lincoln came into sight on the ceremonial platform “the sun, which had been obscured all day, burst forth in its unclouded meridian splendor and flooded the spectacle with glory and light.”

Consider these words of Lincoln toward the end of this iconic speech:

“Fondly do we hope — fervently do pray — that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away.  Yet, if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said ‘the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.’”

How will God judge our nation as abortion continues on?  For those of us who consider ourselves “pro-life,” what is our individual and collective role in being actively pro-life?  Speaking for myself, surely it is more.

Lincoln and companions visited General U.S. Grant toward the end of the war and again saw first-hand the ravages of war. The recent attack on Fort Stedman left over 2,000 Union casualties and almost 5,000 Confederate ones.  Lincoln was reported as saying “that he had seen enough of the horrors of war, that he hoped this was the beginning of the end, and that there would be no more bloodshed or ruin of homes.”

Soon after the fall of Richmond, Virginia, Lincoln toured the former capitol of the Confederacy with companions.  A small group of black workers greeted the president with shouts of “Bress de Lord!…dere is the great Messiah!…Glory, Hallelujah!”  Several of them fell to their knees.  Lincoln’s response?

“Don’t kneel to me, that is not right. You must kneel to God only, and thank him for the liberty you will hereafter enjoy,” Lincoln said.

As I drew toward the end of “Team of Rivals,” I delayed reaching it, knowing how Lincoln would pass.  I once heard a priest say — in the aftermath of a horrific murder of a young teacher — that it was a mistake to focus on the details of her death, missing the qualities of how she lived.  Likewise, I think there can be too much attention on the assassination of President Lincoln or other fallen leaders.  But interestingly, I learned that Lincoln was shot on the evening of Good Friday while sitting next to a woman (his wife) named Mary.

When Lincoln eventually died on the morning of Holy Saturday, his former rival, then current Secretary of War and close friend Edwin Stanton said, “Now he belongs to the ages.”

We are an Easter people and just celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday.  I for one, humbly pray to meet Abraham Lincoln in the bosom of Abraham, the heavenly banquet.  On this earth, we can learn from his life and pray beyond his death.

Justin Bell writes from the Boston area.

Read more:

Re-posted by Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley

Senior Editor of the Holy See of Antioch Global Press Corps of the Celtic Cross

Former SEALs chaplain could be kicked out of Navy for Christian beliefs

Grid Failure – Sabotage or was it a Test of Terrorism ?

Folks, this story was emailed to me this evening from Msgr. Mercier who experienced this outage first hand as did countless numbers of others in Arizona. I personally am not prone to conspiracy theories however, there are many valid points made in this article. It is worth reading. Why you may ask, because you could be next. That’s why.

If it happened in the areas pointed out in this article, it can happen any where there is a Grid.  Question is, what to do and who is going to flip the bill so it won’t happen again ? You are folks. No one but you !

I honestly feel that it was a test to see how vast of an effect it would have, how we would react, how authorities would handle it and how cooperative outside agencies would be to resolve it and keep it quite.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. This could and most likely will happen again. But when and to whom? Maybe, LA., Chicago, Dallas, NY City or any town USA or the world. That’s my thoughts, read the article yourself and let us know what you think !

Sincerely IHS and yours

Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley


CSS Offical-New-Logo2




One does not need to have insider sources to see the unmistakable patterns emerging from the false flag attack upon Arizona’s Internet covering approximately half of the state, geographically speaking. However, insider sources are beginning to emerge. But first, let’s connect some dots. After 72 hours following the attack on commerce and communications in central and northern Arizona, there are some disturbing details beginning to emerge.

Brief Review of the Facts

vandals arizona map

In Part One, it was established the Internet cables were cut, including those controlling commerce and communications in Arizona, stretching from north of Phoenix to Flagstaff. These cables were located in a remote and hard to access area. The cables were dug up and then cut with precision through a presumably encased and very thick and sophisticated aluminum alloy covering. The perpetrators made a getaway without so much as leaving tire treads or footprints leaving investigators with nothing to go on.

It is also known that the scope of the attack is much more broad and varied than first believed. Both local reports and matching insider reports are beginning to filter in. What is curious is that the BBC and Russia Today are covering this event in greater detail than the local Arizona or American media. After reading this article, the reasons for the media blackout are about to become very apparent.

Sophisticated Attack

This was a very sophisticated operation in which these remotely located cables, in rough terrain were located and cut with precision. The getaway was effected without so much as leaving a clue and we are supposed to believe this was the work of "vandals.

In Part One, it was established that this false flag attack on Arizona’s communications and commerce was the work of highly sophisticated, well-trained professionals. The location of the cables that were cut is in an extremely remote and rugged area. How did the so-called “vandals” know where to find the location? Some of the cut cables were encased in highly protective and reinforced casings. Therefore, how did they cut these cables which were designed to withstand the use of a hacksaw, which now the authorities are claiming was used? Knowing which cable to dig up from three feet deep in the ground and the prerequisite highly specialized knowledge of the function of each individual cable is important because I have been told that not all cables on the scene were “vandalized”!

Since the event began, I have literally received dozens of tips. With regard to the operational details of the attack, it is not necessary to rely on unknown sources claiming to have information. Here is what else I have learned. The cables were destroyed, and the protective casings were cut through by what is believed to be a laser. There were absolutely no clues left behind. Some present and former first responders believe that there is a chance that satellite imaging could be brought into play and very possibly the crime could be solved. Please keep in mind that President Obama announced a couple of weeks ago that DHS was taking control over all intelligence information from the NSA. If DHS does not bring this capability to bear, then we know where to start looking with regard to the origination point of this false flag attack. The fact that the investigation does, on the surface, appear to be run by the Phoenix Police Department, means that the sophistication needed to solve a crime of this complex nature will not be possible given the resources of a typical police department.

There is widespread awareness within the first responder community that this was a well-orchestrated attack and it has many people freaked out. DHS is in charge of the dissemination of media releases and information and by all reports there are many people who are not on board with what is transpiring. One of the variables that has people absolutely freaked out was that if this attack had gone one step further, critical services offered at several hospitals would have failed and many would have died as backup contingencies would have been rendered inoperable in 48 hours or less. Northern Arizona was also one step away from complete traffic chaos in both Prescott and Flagstaff. The media may not be reporting on how widespread and close to lethal this attack was, but insiders are reportedly reeling from the realization of the devastation that could have been visited upon this area. One former “first responder” told me that the entire grid is exposed and there is no way to defend every inch. Such an attack would render a city into a state of absolute panic as water, electricity and normal service (e.g. hospitals, fire departments, etc.) would be rendered inoperable.

The scope of the attack is captured in this email sent to me from Prescott, Arizona, which was in the heart of the attack zone.

Prescott, Arizona, in the heart of the false flag attack zone.

“The news media has been playing this whole event down, but my wife and I were right in the middle of it.

The media is reporting that Flagstaff’s 911 system remained up. That might have been true up in Coconino County, but 911 went down completely here in Yavapai County. Our 911 service went down along with every other feature of the landline telephone system. We could not even dial “0” to get an Operator.

On Wednesday 25 February 2015, northern Arizona experienced a complete and total breakdown of all Internet and landline telephone service. Most cell phones stopped working, too. Verizon customers still had service, but the cell towers got jammed up with everybody trying to make calls all at the same time. Some of them could only text. This went on for nearly an entire work day.

This event turned out to be a pretty good test of our response to the early stages of a “grid down’ situation.

I became aware of the outage at around 11:45 hours Wednesday. I was due to clock in to my work-from-home job at noon, so I noticed that the Internet was down. I immediately attempted to contact our cable Internet provider to report the outage, but my Centurylink landline telephone gave me nothing but a fast busy signal, both for local calls and for toll-free long distance calling.

The fact that both Centurylink and cable Internet were down at the same time (two entirely different service providers) raised the hair on the back of my neck..

We received reports of banks closing and even of grocery stores shutting their doors due to not being able to transact business without an Internet connection. People could not get cash out of the ATMs. That development does not bode well for our future well-being, if the grocery stores won’t even stay open long enough for the panic buying to begin.

Retail stores across the Verde Valley started closing up before nightfall.

A good friend of ours who works in law enforcement told me (after the Internet came back online) that there had been several fistfights at the gas stations in town. So, there was violence, but it was just boneheads fighting over gasoline…

This was just the Internet and phones, people! Our grid electric stayed on the whole time. Yet people began freaking out and resorting to violence in less than an hour.

We just simply cannot count on the majority of the people around us to act responsibly, or even rationally, once a *full* breakdown of society and services occurs. Those people are likely to completely lose their minds in less than 6 hours, judging from their response Wednesday to something as minor as the Internet and phones going down. I fully expect them to be even worse after 24, 48, and 72 hours.


This is for your approbation. Former Green Beret and present talk show host, JR Moore, once told me that he had knowledge that a Russian team of 16 soldiers, divided into two operational squads could bring down a city the size of Phoenix (four million) in less than an hour.


The Scope of the Attack

On the surface, the attack appears to be confined to one large swath stretching due north from Phoenix to Flagstaff. However, what is unreported in the media, but what has been reported to me is that small pockets Arizona, which were nowhere near the impacted area, also experienced service interruptions at the same time. Here are some excerpts of communications that I have received in the last 48 hours.



“This is the SECOND time in a little over a month, maybe shorter, time it has happened. I live in Payson Az, and the last time they blamed it on a squirrel! Seriously, a squirrel ate through the cables?

NO one up here believes it was an animal. The banks closed last time and no atm’s, no grocery stores, cell phones, land lines or CELL phones…now how did Verizon lose service from a fiber optic eating squirrel!! Nope, this is a beta test and scary it hits us up here, there’s not much up here guys.. 2 x times in a few weeks is bizarre.. should we be more worried than most folks are up here anyway?”


Please note that Payson is over 40 miles away from the impacted area.

In the southern part of metropolitan Phoenix, there was a simultaneous outage at a local high school.

Date: February 25, 2015 at 11:53:23 AM PST
To: …
Subject: DV Telephone service update

Dear Desert Vista Families,

Please know that our phone lines have been working intermittently from the time that the power outage occurred this morning.  We believe we should be operable from this point on.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Desert Vista Administration


 A subsequent follow up offered an explanation as to the problem which occurred at the exact same time as the event which took down commerce and communication in central and northern Arizona.

Ahwatukee, located in the southern part of Phoenix, is over 60 miles from the attack zone.


February 25, 2015

11:15 a.m.

Desert Vista Parents,

The power has been restored to Desert Vista High School. SRP tells us there was an equipment failure in the Ahwatukee area and they worked all morning to fix it.

The rest of the school day, including lunch period, will continue as normal. We know this was an inconvenience and we appreciate your continued support.


Christine Barela



It is interesting and suspicious that Payson and this high school located in the Ahwatukee area, which are both well out of the impacted zone experienced simultaneous interruptions of service at the same time as the “main event”. Maybe we could buy into one coincidence, but two, at the same time?

What these two events suggest is that this false flag beta test had two goals: (1) To test the capability to enact a macro event by initiating widespread disruptions; and, (2) The employment of a micro attack upon a small and well-defined geographic area. In other words, the ability to pinpoint an attack upon a specific target was executed along with a widespread attack upon large infrastructure functions were carried out at the same time.

 More Reports From Around the Country

Yesterday, I reported on the widespread commerce and communications attack from around the country which happened at the same time. There are still more reports coming in from around the country which point to a sophisticated and well-orchestrated attack that occurred at the same time. These emails/web messages, speak for themselves as to the widespread scope of the attack.

“It sounds like the outage was felt in areas outside AZ, FL and OK:  “M” says… “My centurylink internet service was down from about 9:30 pm Wed. the 25th till around 4:00pm Thurs. the 26th . This was in the Raleigh , N.C. area.”


“I live in Panama City Beach, Fl. & tried to use my ATM at 6:10pm yesterday (11/25) and it said “Not Available”……didn’t think anything about it, but WOW !!! Now I do. Time to consider taking all funds out of the bank and go a different route.”


“Lots of military helicopter activity in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Kingman/Bullhead City area over the last 48 hours. None of the local news sources reporting on this or the fact that the outage was more widespread.”


It is clear that this sophisticated false flag beta test attack upon commerce and the communications was a site-selected nationwide test. The ability to wipe out commerce and communications in both a macro and a micro attack upon a selected portion of the grid, was put to the test.

The media blackout is stunning. The silent opposition to these events by insiders, powerless to act, is noteworthy. The danger posed to all of us if these attacks are escalated to include the entire grid are frightening.




So folks, what do you have to say ?

Feathered Quill Periodical is Posted

Greetings this wonderful Wednesday, hump day. And appropriately called so. Well several months ago we made an announcement about a particular publication that would be coming online. Well folks, it is with great pleasure to inform you that the FEATHERED QUILL PERIODICAL ministry news letter, is fully up and running.

There are 8 pages of stories, news and updates all available for your enjoyment.

So feel free to let us know what you think and we’ll do better with the next issue. Which is done to come out on the 15th of February, 2015.

We hope you will enjoy reading the columns of our writers with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Global Press Corps.

Thank you for your patience and support of our humble ministry and know you are all as much apart of this ministry as we the clergy and volunteer Brothers and Sisters are. Were here by Gods calling to serve and we are doing the best we can for you and all of Gods children.

So enjoy the Feathered Quills Inaugural Debut. Our Spiritual Love and Prayers are with you always, God Bless you all in all we do in our Lords wonderful, beautiful and ever Holy Name as well.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
++Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley … (+)