Islamic Ideology is spreading ! Are you bearing good fruit for Christ ?


Blessings warriors, Father put in my heart to remind folks today of a verse from Matthew Ch. 3, Verse 8; which is a quote from John the Baptist that states “Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance”.

Remember we are to go and minister Christ’s way for this life to all people.

I read today in the paper that Al Qaeda’s Extreme Islamic Ideology is spreading fast and if this is true then we as Christ’s chosen need to work twice as fast and hard to spread His teachings of Love, Tolerance and Faith to all we meet. Including our own brothers and sisters who already claim Christ in their hearts but fall short of living His ways.

Working with them to “recommit their lives to Him and reaffirm in them to live accordingly”. Being cautious of the temptations of this world and hold fast to the faith of their eternal salvation.

Not to take our gift of His sacrifice and our personal salvation lightly but, hold dear to us as we hold our love for those we love through Him, dear. Remembering to “Seek first the Kingdom and knowledge of God and all else will be given unto you and them”.

Sincerely IHS and yours, Bishop Andrew… (+)

Reconciliation and the Gift of Fatherly forgiveness

Four parts of Lent

What are the benefits of Reconciliation?

Probably the most important is a spiritual benefit. Saint Augustine was once asked: What is the secret of holiness? He said it is humility. Then he said the second and the third secrets of holiness are also humility. In order to grow in holiness you need humility, and there is no better way to become humble than go to Confession.

Sin is predominantly an act of pride. So forgiveness comes from the opposite: being humble. There is no greater act of humility than to say, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.” And that brings about God’s grace. Just going to Confession and acknowledging that does something for you. No matter what the priest says or doesn’t say, that is a great act of humility.

Forgive 77x7 - 149x131 png

Another benefit of every sacrament is an encounter with Christ. A sacrament is meaningful because it echoes what Jesus did. Jesus healed people, and we have the sacrament of anointing. Jesus fed people, and we have the Eucharist. All the sacraments resonate with the actions of Jesus, and one of the greatest things that Jesus did was forgive sinners.

That was a huge part of his ministry. When you go to Reconciliation you are encountering the same Christ who forgave Peter and so many others in the gospels and who welcomed Matthew the tax collector and the other disciples even though they had let him down during his hour of suffering.

Reconciliation is a personal encounter with Jesus who is full of mercy and compassion, and there is no greater way to experience God’s love than to experience God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something people deserve. Forgiveness is a gift, and God keeps forgiving us over and over again. When you genuinely celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation, you genuinely touch the love of this God, and I think that is the most beautiful thing about it. Because we’ve chosen a way of life which says that God is most important, prayer is central to our lives. Think of it as a deep level of communication with God, similar to the kind of communication that happens between any two people who love each other. Our relationship with God grows and deepens with prayer.

Since prayer is important, many priests, sisters, and brothers spend about two hours a day praying. Part of that time we pray with others at Mass. We also pray other formal prayers like the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary, or spend time with others less formally reading and reflecting on readings from the Bible. Part of the time we also pray alone, perhaps reading or just being quiet with God. One of the positive effects of prayer, whatever shape it takes, is to keep us aware of God’s activity in the people, events, and circumstances of daily life.

forgive - 222x317

Written by; ++Archbishop Paul V. Roberts DD., HDD., MPR., APP., M.Ph. In Law., O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.BB.

Senior Vice President of the Ministerial Council Board of Directors and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Here is a topic from our Ministry Forum…

Contribute your thoughts on Today’s lawlessness…

Presented by: Sister Wendy Eriksson, O.S.B., O.S.J.A., O.S.BB.

Hello everyone,

I have recently had a few situations come up which have caused me to ponder long and hard on the treatment and punishment of today’s criminals.

To illustrate, here is one such incident which happened only yesterday.

For those of you who don’t yet know, I am an avid horse rider, and I keep 6 horses agisted on about 45-50 acres. My family and I are well acquainted with the actual owners of the property, and they have other horses agisted on their ajoining acreage. The owners live in a house on the property which is up on an elevated rise, so they have clear views of all their property.

Yesterday, as I am in the daily habit of doing, I went up to ride one of my boys. I didn’t feel like an argument with my stronger-willed horses, so I chose my quietest Thoroughbred. I have owned him for 6 years and have ridden hundreds and hundreds of miles on him over that time. When I haltered him yesterday, he immediately began to display aggressive and VERY uncharacteristic behaviour toward me. Bear in mind that he is my “go to” horse if I am at events or out riding on roads etc.

I was shocked to say the least, but I don’t let horses get the better of me, so I groomed and tacked him up anyway. I no sooner had my foot in the stirrup and he started. First he moved off before I gave him the ok. This quickly escalated to rearing and some mild bucking. I dismounted, checked my tack – all good. I was at a loss. After some thought I decided the most prudent course of action was to untack him and go home to “count to 5” and regain some composure. I needed to figure this out.

In the meanwhile, the property owner had called my mother to say her neighbors had reported seeing a four wheel drive enter my paddocks earlier in the day, and they were towing a boat. They were seen putting the boat into the dam and spent an hour or so in the boat, and, to my horror, also chasing my horses in their car.

That explains Ranger’s disgusting behavior. He was frightened, and being a Thoroughbred he takes quite a bit to calm down after he’s been scared.

So here I am today buying padlocks to padlock 7 gates…..quite an expensive exercise.

What sort of people are so blatantly in disregard of the law, that they would brazenly trespass onto private property in broad daylight and in full view of passing traffic and neighboring houses?

A lady who works at the Pharmacy nearby to me told me this morning that she had thwarted a man in a four wheel drive who had entered her property while SHE WAS CLEARLY AT HOME, and was in the process of hitching her jet ski and trailer to his car. When she approached him and asked him in no uncertain terms what he thought he was doing, he actually said to her, “This is mine”. I won’t repeat what her answer was to that on a public forum. He was obviously not used to country women and took off – minus jet ski – in short order, lol.

Is this what we have become as a society? Are we so soft on criminals, so duplicitous when it comes to ‘truth in sentencing’, that we have created a species of thief (and the Lord knows what else) that has NO REGARD for consequences or the Law? Is this what an explosion of ‘do-gooding’ has generated over the past 30 years or so? And how do we feel, as Christians about things like “reforming the criminal” – is there in fact any such thing for those other than petty crooks?

This line of thought led me to tossing around questions about worse criminals, in fact serial killers. I personally believe these people are demonically possessed, literally. Whether you agree with that theory or not, can beings like this be reformed? Should we lock them up and use tax payers money to keep them? Should they be executed?

These are big questions generated from a relatively minor few incidents, but the point is, do we as a society need to bring in tougher sentencing starting from more minor crimes upward?

It is of great concern to me that people have become so sure of their “rights” that they are willing to brazenly step on the rights of others. Is this ultimately a sign of a world that has turned it’s back on God, removed religious instructions from schools (most any religion teaches that stealing etc is wrong), and created and promoted extraordinary rights for children and adults which almost override the Laws of the Lands???

Had my horse been any other, he could well have gone rodeo completely and I may have been injured or killed. Not so minor then.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and musings on these questions. Please don’t be shy, put in your 2c worth!! Very Happy

Oh, I did ride Ranger again very late yesterday afternoon, and thankfully, he was back to normal. Needless to say, I have prayed over the land and all my horses, and the others, for God’s protection.

Regards and Blessings,
IHS and yours,
Sister Wendy Eriksson, O.S.B., O.S.J.A., O.S.BB.
Convent of Joan of Arc,
Diocese of Queensland, Australia.




Crime and Punishment…

Dear Sister in Christ Wendy, Your comment here is very well thought out and composed. You bring up several good points. Though I do not know how liberal or not your laws are down under, I can say that you are not alone in your thinking. We here in the United States deal with issues like you speak of and worse, more than you think.

I thank God that some states still enforce the “death penalty” for the most harden criminal. However, the liberal mind set is beginning to crumble, so to speak. As the monetary cost continues to rise in order to house and “rehabilitate” the criminal at all levels, it is becoming a growing concern as to the financial cost to the good citizens to maintain the system at a level that is more then lenient with most all offenders.

I myself believe in “corporal punishment”. That is through public humiliation. Once a petty offender is made to stand in the town center in a stockade wearing a notice of their offense, chances are they will never do it again. Then and only then in a three strikes sentencing program should the tax payer be burdened. Even then, the offender will be required to do continual community service during and after the time served, until every penny is paid back.

But that is my opinion. However, what God say’s the punishments should be for offenses of varying degree, is far more stringent then what even I am proposing. I firmly believe that the punishment should fit the crime. Once folks realize what the punishment is, then and only then will they think twice. That is if they are somewhat normal upstanding citizens to begin with.

But no matter what, discipline begins in the home and bringing God, Christ and the Holy Word back to the center of the family unit will be the only way to curve the situation. At least until the liberal mindset has had enough of the way things are. Or it directly effects them in an emotional, physical or financial way. Nothing is going to change, but only get worse.

I’ll keep praying for you and your neighbors and hope that vigilance will prevail. We are all “WATCHMEN”, in more ways then one…

Sincerely IHS and yours, Bp. Andrew
To live is to be blessed. ARM

A question on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Warriors, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, a question was asked as to what my opinion was on the subject of Sola Scriptura and in return as many know, I am inclined to give a response on certain topics. Even such as this. I hope you will read this and in turn, have a better understanding as to why I preach and teach the way I do. So here is my response on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Sola Scriptura
(Meaning: by Scripture alone or rather only)

To help understand this topic, one needs to relate it in contents. Contents to four other facts that the Holy Scriptures and it’s understanding, alludes to. These would be, 1.) Faith alone/only, 2.) Grace alone/only, 3.) Christ alone/only and 4.) God alone/only. Which knowledge and understanding or interpretation of the scriptures is of and comes from each by and through the Holy Spirit.

The term, Sola Scriptura, stems from a period of history of mankind known as the Protestant Reformation, back in 1517 or as some say the beginning of “Western Christianity”, that is to say in the 16th century. Which is directly a result of the now 34 plus thousand beliefs of Christian faith. Meaning it is what caused the “split” of the Christian faith as we experience it today between denominations and belief.

At least it is my personal opinion as to the respects to the understanding of scripture, interpretation and traditions with which most denominational thinking and traditions are based. Such as the Holy Sacraments and other examples which were laid down by the actions of Christ and the Apostolic. All of which falls back on the four understandings of scripture now known as doctrine and or theology of each body of Christ known simply as the “Church or rather Faith”.

The Church today is still and will remain split until the issue of doctrine is resolved by the Holy Trinity at the time yet to come, known as the rapture. The return of Christ which will be to claim His chosen in the Apocalypse known as Armageddon. At least that is my opinion.

However, it is by choice that mankind is given by God’s love to man through Grace alone, that can bring the body known as the flock of the church/churches, back to the center core of belief/faith through the scripture. Which in my opinion again, will be the second Reformation of the body of Christ/Church.

Again, in my opinion it is the “Independent – Universal/Catholic body of churches” be they called Catholic or Non-Denominational, which will be the leaders of this second meeting of the minds and hearts/spirit of mankind, preparing all those living, to repent and turn from the misguidance of man and Satan through their personal traditions of doctrine and theology. Returning the whole body of Christ/Church/Flock of lost souls, back to the basics of the one belief and faith in the “Holy Trinity”. Meaning the core or center of a personal or family belief as to living the Holy Word of God through the general knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the scriptures.

Man has an uncanny way of getting in between the Spirit of God and man himself which in turn, causes the confusion and the impending doom of humanity. Over all else but not limiting it to and through but to include it to the seven deadly sins which are, 1.) Wrath, 2.) Greed, 3.) Slothfulness, 4.) Pride, 5) Lust, 6.) Envy and 7.) being Gluttony.

Which in most cases can and will be the cause of yet, another split within the faith. However, there is hope, grace, mercy, and love of the Holy Trinity for mankind, that will bring calm, understanding and the faithful back to the original banner of Christ, known as the body of the Church making it one, once again through faith, reverence and devotion to Him and mankind.

There is much more that can and will be discoursed on this topic in the days and years to come but, only through the very will, of those that want the body (Christ’ Church/Flock), to know the true truth of God for themselves as well as for the world. This will then and only then be the beginning of and the ebullience or rather in enabling factor to breakdown the divisions that keep the faith of Christ apart from one another. (In my opinion).

Sincerely yours in service to the one Christ, Jesus our Lord and Savior of all mankind,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley, DD., O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.BB., S.O.M.A.
Of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross and the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross, Celtic Cross Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network.

Just for the Ladies…

Weather you are a Non-Denominational Christian Woman or an Independent Catholic Woman, I would like to  Introduce  to you our ministries, Mother Superiors.

Mother Superior
Linda Ann Kreeger O.S.MM.
Director of the Sisterhood of the Holy Order of Saint Mary Magdalene

Mother Superior Linda Ann Kreeger O.S.MM. of the Order of Saint Mary Magdalene of our Non-Denominational Christian Ministry the New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross & Director of the Sisterhood associated with this part of our ministry… And yes folks we are very aware that we are the ONLY non-denominational ministry that has a sisterhood of nuns. However, Mother Superior made some very strong points as to why we should have our own order in the Non-Denominational Church and so we have it.

Also meet,
Mother Superior Lady Sheila Tracey Sherwood O.S.B. of the Order of Saint Brigid of Ireland of our Independent Catholic Ministry the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross & Director of the Sisterhood associated with that part of the ministry… And here to ladies, we believe we are the only Independent Catholic Church Ministry that has an order of nun’s as well. And I must say that the dedication shown by these women is second to “none”. ( lol, a little play on words)…

Mother Superior
Lady Sheila Tracey Sherwood O.S.B.
Director of the Sisterhood to the Holy Order of Saint Brigid of Ireland

So, please keep both Mother Superiors in your prayers as they embark on a good will mission to seek other Christian Women who wish to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church around the world. Bringing them to fellowship and service to Him where ever the Lord takes them and and to those He puts in their paths to join the Holy Sisters of the Convent of Divine Faith, Hope, Charity, as well as the Convent of Charity and Prayer…

On behalf of both Mothers, I personally wish to thank you in advance for your remembering these very devout Women of God, for and in their love and service to the Heavenly Father and all mankind.

Sincerely yours in service to Christ Jesus the King,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.A., O.S.P.
Celtic Cross Ministry and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

For More information on the Sisters of Cenobite and their respective Holy Orders,

please follow the link below and see for your self what they are all about in Service to Christ the King. )

P.S.A…Official Notice…Be it here by KNOWN to all…

Attention: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy’s and Girls, Christian Warriors, one and all of Gods loving, an God fearing brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, June 15th, 2013, this ministry and I personally were put on official notice to cease and desist with the using of the Universal Life Church name in all affiliations, from our former Bishop, Brother Michael J. Cauley of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters in Carebelle, Florida.

He stated to me that he alone owns all rights to the name of the Universal Life Church and though we have not been associated with Brother Michael since December of 2012, he has given me little choice but to comply. Though I have not spoken with any other U.L.C. Organization at the time of this message, I feel that with Brother Micheal’s past track record of suing other major U.L.C. Affiliations who are much larger and longer established in all forms of ministry, Christian and not. That I am officially breaking all ties with all U.L.C., organizations world wide. Forthwith.

It saddens my heart to see a fellow Christian ministry threaten and strong arm his authority and power over, now smaller Christian Churches like us. It leaves me little choice. We have been providing services to many around the world, our nation and herein the community of Lorain, Ohio.

Without going in to detail or specifics of his and my conversation, I ask only that in the Love and Grace that is the Heavenly Father, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, that you pray for Brother Michael as well as all of his ministers, clergy and missions around the country and the world by asking Jesus to bless him and the entire U.L.C. Companies with nothing more that well wishes and good health for the task at hand for the ministry of Jesus Christ.

However, at every end of a journey there are new paths, and so you all know that we are blessed by God and not mankind, in the calling that is upon myself and all of us, we will continue to spread the Holy Word of God to all who wish to come and be sanctified with this ministry. Under a new banner and affiliation that was being set up with us as a new communion and affiliation, weeks ago.

Late into the hour last evening God placed a light of His hope and blessing upon us. I like to think of it as Gods Saving Grace has shown solidarity and unity in the face of utter destruction. Strong words, I know, but from where I sit in communion with the our Lord, His Peace is our blessing.

You may have noticed starting a few weeks ago our recognition of a Christian organization called the New Horizons Church, Traditional Old Catholic Church across the big pond as we say, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. As of last evening, after praying and speaking with a quorum of our Ministerial Council Board, an olive branch of brother and sisterhood was offered and we excepted graciously and with loving arms stretchered towards the Heavens giving praise to the Lord for His faithfulness to our mission here with you and others around the world.

Knowing full well God is with us, so who can be against us. I have to say honestly, no one can tear apart what God joins together. When all we do and have ever done was to enlighten you and glorify Him, who called me and others to minister to his flock of lost and mislead children.

So as of this message, our Non-Denominational Ministry as well as our Independent Catholic Church Ministry will remain forever in the hands and loving protection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as with our brothers and sisters of the New Horizons Church, Traditional Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and around the world.

So expect changes, and know that these charges are necessary and with most anything new, there will be bumps along the way but nothing we can’t together through the love of Christ and Prayer overcome and forgive.

So starting right now, officially we are now the,

New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross on the Non-Denominational Christian side of the ministry.

As well as the,

Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross on the Independent Catholic ministry side.

There will be growing pains and stumbles along the way and we hope you will embrace this new direction for this ministry and know that it is in loving hands and hearts lead by God and His called to minister and lead forever more.

Until my next up date, may the Lord we all love and worship keep you and increase your faith so that you to, will remain on the righteous path He and only He has sent you.

Sincerely your fellow servant to the Savior Jesus Christ, now and forever, and still your Bishop in His service.
Bishop Andrew Robert Moses Manley O.S.A., O.S.P.
The Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and
Celtic Cross Ministry

Thy Holy Writ


Thy Holy Writ
Matthew chapter 2, verses 17 & 18 (NKJV)

17) Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet, saying:
18) “A voice was heard in Ramah,
Lamentation, weeping, and great mourning,
Rachel weeping for her children,
Refusing to be comforted,
Because they are no more.”

Many times folks as you may know, life doesn’t always have a happy ending as we have witnessed first hand this past week here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. However, no matter what comes one’s way, we always have an opportunity to minister, and bear fruit for the kingdom of God.

Be it in celebration or in mourning. God always has a reason and a testimonial for someone to experience. Christ said, that there is no greater gift that one can give than to lay down their life for another. Well we can’t always be the one to give such a gift to someone in need. Yet we can sacrifice apart of our life by giving of our time, our energy, our personal testimonial to help someone to get through the tough times.

I see to often how folks get neglected and it seems that no one cares about the person next door, or the stranger down the street. Face it, were all to busy doing stuff and there never seems to be enough time in the day anyhow. Thing is God knows this already and he keeps giving us another day to get involved, right?

So don’t forget that we are to do all things in our life to please Who? Ourselves? No, your right, but rather, God the Father. We also have been taught that works alone will not get us into heaven but think on this for a while, will you?

If we do good works for someone in need and set out, doing it to please God, don’t we give a blessing to them and to ourselves by helping them get over a tough time? Don’t you think that is pleasing to the Father? Of course it is, your right again. Well then, if this is all true then are you not laying down a portion of your life (even if it is of your personal time)? Of course you are and God is taking notice of that unselfish act. Laying it down out of love for the Father and the person or persons you give of yourself to. Wow, what a wonderful gift to give someone you don’t even know. Wow.

Remember, it is time you can not get back, and isn’t that sorta like laying down your life for another. Again, of course it is. It is all about prospective and love. Love for the right reason is never a bad reason to love. Doing the right thing in the eyes of God and doing it for Him, is never a bad thing either. Yet being selfish and self-centered and even self-absorbed, is a bad thing.

Karma does work both ways and so does Gods love, both ways that is. Be it receiving or giving. Besides wasn’t it He, that lead you to do what it is you are going to do for that other person? Yes, right again.

So, see you are a blessing and you do have something to give and there are many, many countless ways one can help someone in need. Especially when it is done out of love. Be it spiritual or carnal. Just make sure your heart is in the right place and you will never be wrong if you do it for and out of love and nothing else.

Make sure though you do not ask for anything back in return unless it is, to pay it forward.

Have a blessed day folks and enjoy putting a smile on someones face and thank God for the opportunity to do so and the testimony you’ll have to share later on for doing it.

Sincerely your servant in Christ Jesus,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.A., O.S.P.

Thy Holy Writ


2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, verses 7 & 8 (NKJV)

For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.
And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

Isn’t God wonderful ? Isn’t He Great ? He is righteous and brings justice upon the evil that resides in mans heart.

We as a world have seen Gods power to expose evil and bring it to the light and inflict justice, all over the air waves, from sea to shinning sea, and that the jubilation of the masses are personified by an ecstatic outburst of joy and praise in His Holy Name.
There is a satisfaction and renewed hope for mankind, when we can witness an injustice be corrected before are very eyes.

Those that have evil in their hearts should take note that He is the living God and this is one reason why we worship and praise His mighty name. So let the church bells ring out and let the voices of those chosen by Christ sing out for their love and faith have touch the heart of God and he has answered with a deafening roar of thunder of His will on behalf of those who truly love and worship Him.

Thank you Lord for rescuing, the four young ladies (Amanda Berry, and her daughter along with Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight) and for also exposing the evil heart of mankind and bringing it to your light.

May your judgement be swift and may this be a reminder to those that have evil in their hearts that their deeds will not and have not gone unnoticed by you, and that you will judge them and their deeds more harshly than mankind could ever imagine.

Truly we love and serve a mighty God, the God of all mankind. And He waits for you and is calling you out of darkness and into his loving arms of grace.

Have a blessed day people and continue to rejoice and sing your praise and shout it from the hose tops and in the streets, He lives and He answers the prayers of those who seek after Him and follow His commandments to the end.

Sincerely in Gods love and loving embrace,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.A., O.S.P.
Celtic Cross Ministry of the Universal Life Church
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E-mail Address:

The Consequences of Redefining Marriage

This article & video clip brought to you by the
Celtic Cross Gaurdian Gazzette
Crossroads: The Consequences of Redefining Marriage
By Heather Sells
CBN News Reporter

Supporters of gay marriage have reached a major goal, with two cases — California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act — before the U.S. Supreme Court. That platform and recent wins on the state level have provided new momentum for their cause.

But as the New York Times recently acknowledged, a new generation is emerging to defend traditional marriage.

Ryan Anderson, a fellow at the influential Heritage Foundation and author of the book What Is Marriage?, argues that redefining marriage makes the institution more about adult desires than children’s needs.

“Marriage exists to bring a man and a woman together as husband and wife to be father and mother to any children their union produces,” Anderson wrote in a March 20 Heritage Foundation article.

“Marriage is based on the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman and on the social reality that children need a mother and a father,” he continued.

“And as ample social science has shown, children tend to do best when reared by their mother and father,” he concluded.

Is the battle for traditional marriage lost? Heritage Foundation fellow Ryan Anderson will address that question and more on “The 700 Club,” May 3.


To watch the video on this topic, click the link below.

The Consequences of Redefining Marriage



My views are well documented on this subject, and I hold firm to my personal and spiritual belief of the status of marriage as defined in the Holy Scriptures. I will even go a step further by posting and post here our ministry’s position on the subject which is stated in our ministry’s doctrine and belief statement, located on the ministry website.

Quote:   MARRIAGE: We defer this issue to the reference of Gospel referred to in the book of;
Matthew, chapter 19 verses 4 – 6 and it states as follows; 4) And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ 5) and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6) So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate”.(NKJV)

Note: The sanctity of marriage is sacred and no other union is acceptable. This goes also for the general consensus that Gay and Lesbian couples should be allowed the sacred right of the union of marriage. This union would be by scriptures standard a sin, in the eyes of God.  For the sake of debate and argument we here in the ministry of the Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross and the Independent Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross as well as the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and all of it’s subsidiaries, hold fast and dear to our heart and biblical belief, the sanction of the union of matrimony. Only recognizing it as between a man and a woman and all other circumstance are ungodly and a sin. We in this ministry and our affiliate ministries do not and will not support such sanctions or said union of the such under any circumstance. For the Law of God supersedes and is the precedence for which we stand united with the creator. If mankind rules to allow such a union than let the governments preform the service through the means of the Justice of the Peace, the Mayor or if at sea than by the Captain of the vessel, but by no means will a  union be preformed or sanctioned by this ministry or any affiliate member or ministry.

Sincerely yours in the fight to protect all things Sacred and Holy Word of God,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD. O. S. A., O.S.P.