People are Suffering, we need Your HELP !!!


Folks we’ve started a small campaign to help support our ministry’s efforts in helping others in need. There is so much that is offered through this program but, it can not support it’s self indefinitely. Every dollar goes to support this 501 c3 organization which is now part of our ministry efforts by forming the HSACC. (Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Division). And everyone knows it takes funds to do all the good we do and help us to expand the program and sustain it for years to come. So please, help support our efforts, it will be greatly appreciated. The campaign officially ends at 11:59pm (EST) on Dec. 23rd, 2014. So help us make Christmas and the New Year, a little better for those individuals and families. Your financial aid and support is needed now ! (+)

——————– Our Program ——————-


Holy See of Antioch

Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Program

Serving our Lord Jesus Christ

and His flock wherever and however He guides our hearts and efforts.

Organizational Affiliations through our ministry efforts.

Chaplain Richard Allen Lanza

Executive Director of the Lorain County Aids / Hiv Task Force

& Director of the Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Division

with the Holy See of Antioch International Chaplains Association of the Celtic Cross

With blessed greetings to life and service of Gods children in need.

Below you will find videos, stories and Outreach programs that go above and beyond the calling of just preaching behind a pulpit.

Our ministry is proud to bring to your attention the work of our ministry and partners that continually seek ways to help those that need help the most.

Here in our own communities around the United States of America


around the globe.

(More to be added as information warrants)

Holy See of Antioch

Celtic Cross Medical Outreach Program

Lorain County Resource Center

1800 Livingston Ave. Building A, Suite 301

Lorain, Ohio 44052

Office Phone: 440-233-1086

Fax Number: 440-233-1089

Our Motto’s

“ A community of individuals, helping individuals in our community “

“Help Spread the word of prevention and help stop the spread of HIV”

Coming together for the community to access the needs in Lorain County, Ohio.

The services we offer at NO cost or charge.

1. Lorain County Aids Task Force

(Is a 501 c3 non-profit organization with 100 % volunteer force.

A. HIV testing, Oral swab with results in 20 minutes (test kits provided by the Ohio Dept. Of Health

B. Also we help the need of housing with a designated Housing Case Management for PLWA. (People Living With Aids)

C Plus Case Management Services for PLWA and Food Pantry Assistance Resource for PLWA patients and their families

D. Referrals and Follow Up to medical care

E. HIV Prevention Counselors

and HIV Outreach Programs

F. Support Groups for HIV / Aids

infected and affected people

G. HIV / Aids Advocacy

H. Education programs to the community regarding HIV / Aids

I. Collaboration with other community agencies to provide improved services to PLWA and their families

2. Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center

3. Ohio Benefit Bank

Counselors help in applying for assistance from Lorain Count Jobs & Family Services

4. Tax Assistance: During tax season

5. SSI.SSDI Specialist Counselors

help with applying for disability benefits

6. Golden Buckeye Card (Processing for the disabled)

7. Red Ribbon Ministries

8. Voter Registration Center

9. Community Service Site: For non-violent offenders

10. Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Church & Ministry Program Services

Celtic Cross Chapter of Awareness & Wellness

An Open Public Meeting format educating people with Addictions, Mental Health Issues and Spiritual Growth

The Watchman Group Bible Study Program

Featuring the Word of Promise Biblical Audio Program for better learning
New Testament and Holy Bible Distribution Program

and much, much more !



AIDS WALK & commUNITY Picnic, September 13, 2014.

Greetings Folks, I want to encourage all of our Lorain and Northeast Ohio Residents to mark this September 13th on their calendars and join me in this walk for a cure and awareness of this debilitating disease.There is power in knowledge and strength in unity for this type of cause. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and though we in this ministry have drawn the proverbial line in the sand on a social issue of immorality and perversion, I have said many times that I would cross over that line in order to help our brothers and sisters who may be lost to the understanding of the faith and will of the Lord for their lives. No I will not preach to them for it is not that type of event. It is however, an opportunity to show Christs love and unity for a cause.

With that said, I truly do encourage you to come and walk with me along side of those needing support on this important heath issue which knows no discrimination. It is not a “Gay or Homosexual”, issue. It is a community and national health issue. It is a disease that can affect anyone and we as Christians are to do as God commands us which is to “Love our neighbors as ourselves”, and it is with this spirit I will continue to do as our Lord directs and a disease and cause such as this fits that criteria.

We do not hate those that believe differently than us but, love all mankind equally no matter what is affecting them or by Race, Creed, Color, Nationality Religious belief or Sexual orientation.

We live in a world that is lost and needs compassion and love of Christ to shine on all. This is why we except Christ’s ways over our own personal and spiritual ideology. We are a community, a family under God and I do support this cause because it is a program of awareness and unity. Which is Christ’s way.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Bishop Andrew Manley (+)

AIDS WALK & commUNITY Picnic, September 13, 2014.