The Line is Drawn !

Today is a sad day to be a Christian. My heart is heavy for the lives lost and freedom of choice, denied.

Yes, I am a CHRISTIAN and proud to call myself HIS ! For I answer to HIM and will be accountable to HIM, alone.

Obviously the majority of mankind, fears man and does not fear or respect God and His will and ways for them.

Since when is being a Christian and standing on God’s will for mankind constitute a crime. I guess today in some States. You might as well imprison me now and throw away the key. I do not hate and will not tolerate hate. I am Christian and I am a minority, what of my rights ?

If you don’t like the message, change the channel. Go someplace else. No one here is forcing you to agree or disagree. I care about all mankind’s eternal SOUL, maybe you should to.

My Lord taught me to show love and respect to all people. But obviously people don’t have to accept this but feel they have the “right” to force their “want”, on my will.

We as a nation and a people have worked hard as a society to get away from discrimination and segregation but it seems that this is not good enough but now we have to be forced to accept what we do not believe in. Or face the wrath of public criticism or worse, even death. That folks is not love and that is not what Christ Jesus teaches.

The public is entitled to their opinion and I and others like me are not? How is this fair? I have never said folks could not live the way they wanted or believe what they want. I have always treated everyone with fairness, love and respect.

Yet now, in some places in my own country, let alone around the world, I can be imprisoned, beaten, ridiculed and abused without probable cause. What’s not so funny is the fact that it wasn’t accepted when it was happening to others, but now it is accepted for those that chose to follow Christ.

Even though, I have never done these things to anyone. I have fought for fairness and equality for others for decades. Yet I ask, who will stand with me and our Lord now? I never thought that would ever be a question needing to be asked. But there it is !

I hope and pray the Clergy, Preachers, and Ministers of the (TRUE) faith, start teaching the whole word of God and quite selectively pandering to public opinion. Which in my opinion is disrespectful to my Lord.

Keep in mind that you are not doing God service in not doing so, but rather giving Satan service and support by not doing so.

But opinions change and only time will tell if people like myself and this ministry can stand the fiery darts and or sway the hard-hearted non-believer as to what it really means to be the light on the table.

As for me and my house, we will serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My line is drawn.

Sincerely IHS and all mankind’s,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley

Online POLL to pick, Chaplains Corps – Shield / Badge… VOTE NOW !

Okay folks. We need your help. Were taking a POLL, to see which of these two sets of Chaplains Corps Shields / Badges, you like best. This will be an ongoing POLL with the announcement being made of the winning set on Monday, APRIL 6th. The day after Easter Sunday.

You can go to the ministry website and vote. Only one Vote per person. We will be watching and counting as well as having this POLL posted in other parts of our Social Media sites.

So please we want this to be your choice because this is your ministry and church and were here to serve you, the best ways we can.

The two sets will be separated here to make it easier for you to make your decision. And thanks in advance for your opinion and voting in our POLL ! … (+)

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If gluttony is a sin, than obesity would also be a sin


Fellow Christian Warriors and NOT ! I am sharing a message of concern and hope about personal health and obesity. It is a national and international problem and awareness needs to be the order of the day for all on this topic. It is open for discussion and I encourage you to do so and get involved. Below you will find a short banter between a fellow Christian Warrior, Sister Adrianne Kendell and myself. With several links for you to explore on the topic of what I am calling the Sin of Gluttony in Human Behavior… (+)

It all starts with this comment from Bishop Kinney Townsend.

I hear the spirit of the Lord saying to the PRAYER WARRIORS ….Its time to get in physical shape so we can be as the prophet ISAIAH said ….THEY SHALL RUN AND NOT BE WEARY… THEY SHALL WALK AND NOT FAINT….


Adrianne Kendell – People think it’s a Game, but He is not realizing that one of the GREATEST areas where the WARFARE will be is IN the FOOD!!!!!!! OBESITY IS KILLING FOLKS. Left and right…..!!!

Archbishop Andrew Manley – One of the “seven deadly sins” is “gluttony “, which would entail over eating as part of the definition. It is most likely one sin that is most overlooked by mankind today. Do to the social climate for which we all live. Awareness and Action are required. Along with a willingness to change personal habits by seeking help to over come this trait of human behavior. So your right, Sister Adrianne Kendell in your statement. However are people in society today willing to change to this awareness and make the tough choice to do so? That is yet for them and God to know and to influence. It may come from comments like the ones posted here or by loving people around those individuals through intervention. Either way the process has to start and people have to take notice and get involved for the sake of all mankind. Gluttony is a sin so that would make obesity a sin as well. For the human body is the temple and home to God the Father in every human being and it needs to be attended to quickly… Bless you all and bless you Sister for posting this topic for discussion… Sincerely IHS and yours, Ab. Manley (+)

Adrianne Kendell – Archbishop. Awareness is FIRST indeed. I promise you that the LORD has mandated me to teach others HOW TO GET FREE!!

THE DECISION TO MAKE A CHANGE IS MOST IMPORTANT. I have been there. I have struggled with it. And the SOLUTION is TOTAL mind renewal.
DAILY SUPPORT, in the process!
Body And Soul Now | Change Your Eating, Change Your Life
I am so thankful that you’re ready to take the challenge…

Archbishop Andrew Manley – I am going to share this topic and your comment along with mine. It is a humble sort of intervention through awareness that I hope other will take notice and respond. I will also add it to our ministry blog for the folks that stop by a read it as well. Any way I can help, please contact me. Your right again, this message has to get out… Peace and Prayerful blessings to you Sister Adrianne Kendell… (+)


So folks this is the topic of which I and many others are concerned with. It is a matter of Changing our thinking and approach to handle the topic in society today. So what do you have to say ? Leave your comments here and lets start talking about it and do something about gluttony in America and the World today !


Sincerely IHS and yours,
Archbishop Andrew R. M. Manley

The question is, “Life for Jesus” and my answer is !

This was the question/statement,
“Life for Jesus-Lets see how many people we can find that are not ashamed to admit they love Jesus”.
I responded…
I’m not ashamed, never was, never will be.
But then again, not everyone is me.
So I reckon I’ll lift up those that are on the fence and that they see the light, and feel the loving hand of our lord and savior.
Then, we all will be elated for reaching their decision to walk with God in their heart forever. And, as their notice of their rebirth reaches the heights of heaven, and it is placed by special delivery into our Fathers hands, the celebration will be jubilant, so loud will be the joy of the saints that it shall shake the gates of Hell, letting those know that it could have been them that the angels rejoice for, but no it is a never ending reminder of the indecision of their own free will that has placed them in the bowls of perdition forever.
With that said, the one that makes the right choice will see their life take on new meaning and they can rest a sured that they are not alone, ever. For now they are family. And what a big family it…. .
Thank you God for excepting another poor sinner into your loving arms and may they remain with you for an eternity… This is my daily prayer for myself and for each and everyone of you…
What about YOU????
Dr. Andrew ~ Chaplain, and family…God Bless…