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Celtic Cross Ministry Inc.


Folks, help us spread the word… At the start of the new year, 2017, Celtic Cross Ministry Inc., and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry will be adding Paid Sponsorship Space to our ministries official websites. and

There will be several areas to advertise your Company, Organization, Trust, Foundation or in the Memory of a loved one, in affiliation with our ongoing efforts to raise funds to help our needs to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mission placed in our trust here in the USA and around the Globe.

We have been trying to raise funds for Bibles in other languages and dialects. For our mission efforts in Spain, Chile, Russia, Africa, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean Island Basin and Philippine Islands as well as other parts of the world needing the Old and New Testament Scriptures in their languages. So as to help our Clergy, Templar’ and Chaplains work and teach the word of God to those who need to know and learn of His will and ways for their lives.

We also are trying to raise funds to help the Refugee Crises in the Great Lake Region of Africa. Affecting the Burundian people displaced by civil war and political unrest in that country. It is affecting and depleting the limited resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We have the means and connections, we just need your financial support to help save lives and change hearts and minds in this battered and mostly forgotten part of the world.

Our Templar Orders here in the USA and around the World are working on local issues and offer what help they can with very few resources at their disposal to help the needy in their communities. Your sponsorship will go to aid their efforts.

Our Chaplains and Medical Outreach Division need support, as we see our communities and world continue to suffer and struggle when emergencies hit and panic sets in. There is a great need for Chaplains and dedicated men and women with the means to help in getting peoples lives back to a form of normality and show that there are many ways this can be done. Through health education, testing and so much more.

Our Seminary Programs and Churches around the world need help with printed materiel, computers, musical instruments of all types and in many other areas of academia. Even with just the basics to help plant the seed and spread the word of Christ in their regions.

The many orphanages around the world that call upon us for help, for basic things like food, cloths, medical assistance, help with housing and shelter, clean water, school supplies and the such.

This is just some of what this Foundation, Ministry and Church is trying to do to help our fellow man, but we need your help to see our Lord’ vision come true here and around the world.

Now more than ever, with the real threat being a personal attack on Christianity itself, it is so vitally important that we pull together and show our countrymen and the world that Christianity is not the problem but rather, the solution. That by working together, unified in the common goal of showing Christ’ love through our actions, we impact lives, one person at a time. Showing Christ manifested through us to those that may not know Him or even to those that have lost hope in Him. There by bringing them back to His loving arms through His saving grace of love, mercy, hope and charity.  

What a small price to pay for a few advertising dollars of support, to have such a big impact on peoples lives.

So please, pray on this and ask our Lord to guide His loving and ever Holy Spirit to help us help them through you, in ministry and hope by partnering with Celtic Cross Ministry Inc.

Your advertising dollars will not go to waist. It will make a difference here and abroad. We will include your campaign or marketing logo with a back-link to your website, email or contact info. So lets talk about how we can help further Christ’ great commandment of love, mercy and hope to a lost world.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

H.E. Patriarch +++Andrew Moses Brendan Patrick

Contact us at by Email: (24/7/365)

or Phone: 1-(440) 949-0573 between 10AM – 4PM  Mon – Fri  (EST)

So be one of the first to take advantage of this new program and reach a local, national and international group that follows us faithfully seeking Christ’s path and way for their lives.

The Bishop’s Appeal

Bishops Appeal - 2015


Folks, the CCFM needs your financial support. We are at a cross roads with the ministry and are seeking individuals like yourself to help us to continue to grow and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around our Nation and the World. We are very aware that times are financially tough on most everyone and so it is, also on the CCFM as well.

We have been growing steadfastly for almost 7 years now. And gone through many changes as we have tried to grow and help others with what we do. We are unique in many aspects of our ministry work, unlike many other churches and ministries. One of our policies is to do that which other churches and organizations are not doing within the communities where the CCFM functions.

As many of you know none of our ministries or churches accept tithes from anyone. We work with the Poor, Homeless, Addicted, Mentally ill, the Disabled and the Elderly as well as the general communities in which we serve the Lords flock. And since we work with the poorest of our nation and world, we are finding it a major struggle to continue in the areas of administration and in supporting the most needy with aid of all types. Such as Bibles, Education equipment and materials, Food, Clothes, Medical supply’s and equipment. To name but a few.

We also know that there are many organizations that work in these areas that are also seeking your assistance. We know that this can be burdensome and taxing to say the least. Though I have asked in the past for your support on a number of programs, we have yet to receive any.

So I am asking now for you to pray on this matter and find it in your heart as God leads you to send us a love offering or even help us with a monthly contribution if you can and are will to do so.

In the almost 7 years of operating, we have received less than $1000.00 USD and though it is greatly appreciated and we truly did stretch it as far as it would go, it is not enough. Yet by our Lord’s Grace, we have been able to continue to work hard for you and expand the ministry.

Providing as much as we can when and where we can. Each of our clergy invest their own personal incomes to their ministries just as the CCFM does here at the global hq.

However, I stated, we are at a cross roads. We can continue to progress as we are or with your financial help and support, we can move onto the next phase and reach out and do so much more for so many more, here at home in our own nation and around the world.

We have made to process as easy as we can. That being, go to our Official Website and at the bottom of the Home Page, click on the Donate Button and you will be able to, Place your Love Offering through our Secure PayPal Account. It’s that easy. (

I wish to thank you for your time in reading this plea for your help and no matter what your decision, we truly do love and appreciate you and your interest in what we do and what we try to do for others.

May our Lord bless you abundantly and always keep you safe and healthy.

Sincerely IHS and yours,
Cardinal +++Andrew M. B. Patrick
Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry
and the Celtic Rite of Churches and Ministries

Homosexuality in the Church…

The ‘third rail’ of the priestly abuse scandal: the role of homosexuality

By Phil Lawler

Last week in this space, I argued that by setting up a tribunal to judge bishops accused of neglect in sex-abuse cases, the Vatican has finally addressed the second of three related scandals. Now let’s address the third scandal.

The first scandal, as you may recall, was the sexual abuse of young people by clerics. That scandal was addressed by the Dallas Charter, which established a “zero tolerance” policy for abusive priests. But the implementation of that policy has been marred by the second scandal: the negligence of many bishops. A “zero tolerance” policy has little value if the Church leaders ultimately responsible for enforcing that policy are not reliable. Thus the need to hold bishops accountable, as the Vatican tribunal will do. But the third scandal has not yet been addressed.

The third scandal, as I explain in The Faithful Departed, is the widespread homosexual activity within the clergy.

For more than a decade now, we have been incessantly reminded that homosexuality and pedophilia are not related. That’s true if you’re talking about true pedophilia: the disorder characterized by an attraction to young children. But the scandal that has ripped through the Catholic Church has not been, primarily, a matter of pedophilia. True, there have been some priest-pedophiles, and their cases understandably drew the greatest publicity. But the vast majority of the cases that emerged from diocesan archives involved priests who preyed on adolescent boys.

Most of the victims of clerical abuse were male teenagers. Now who is more likely to go on the prowl for male teenagers: a heterosexual man or a homosexual man? To ask the question is to recognize the answer. Despite theintellectual gymnastics of the John Jay report, the problem is evident to anyone who looks at it objectively.

”A scientific examination of the crisis makes it abundantly clear that priests with homosexual conflicts present a risk to Catholic youth,” writes Rick Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist who has worked with many troubled priests. He continues:

Dr. Paul McHugh, the former chairperson of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and a member of the first National Review Board, identified the homosexual predation of American adolescent males as the primary issue that needed to be discussed and analyzed. To be clear: pedophilia was not the central issue; homosexuality was.

The US bishops once recognized the role of homosexuality in the sex-abuse crisis. In 2002, when St. John Paul II summoned the leadership of the US bishops’ conference to Rome to discuss the emerging scandal with Vatican officials, the final statement that emerged from that meeting made a subtle allusion to the issue. The statement called for examination of the American seminaries, “with particular emphasis on the need for fidelity to the Church’s teaching, especially in the area of morality, and the need for a deeper study of the criteria for suitability of candidates for the priesthood.” At the time, that statement was generally understood as a reference to complaints about homosexual influence in seminaries.

Over the years, however, concern about homosexuality in the priesthood has dropped off the American bishops’ agenda. A Vatican directive issued in 2005,that homosexual men should not be admitted to seminaries, is now routinely ignored. A priest who is guilty of homosexual activity may continue in active ministry, as long as his misconduct involves only adult partners.

Thus in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, we have the case of Curtis Wehmeyer, who is now serving a 5-year prison sentence for sexual assault and child pornography. The evidence of Wehmeyer’s homosexual inclinations was abundant, dating back even to the time before he was accepted into the seminary. But archdiocesan officials did not suspend him from ministry, because he did not violate the letter of the Dallas Charter; he was accused of soliciting young men, but none were below the age of 18.

In the criminal complaint filed against the St. Paul archdiocese earlier this month, the prosecutor’s charge cites the early complaints against Wehmeyer as evidence that the troubled priest was clearly a danger to young people. One troubled parent made the observation that the men approached by Wehmeyer in a bookstore looked as if they were under the age of 18, and his next targets might well be minors. But the archdiocese did not take action—at least not the stern action required by the Dallas Charter—because Wehmeyer had not yet crossed the line.

The current interpretation of the Dallas policy, combined with the bishops’ unwillingness to address the problem of homosexuality, requires acceptance of the polite fiction that a priest with a history of homosexual misconduct is no more likely than others to turn his attention to teenage boys—that a man who is attracted to young men is not apt to be attracted to younger men. As long as that fiction holds sway in the handling of clerical disciplinary problems, the problem of sexual abuse will not be fully resolved.


The issue will not go away until the issue is settled. That is going to take some time. But I would rather have the discussion now as opposed to letting our grandchildren and their children have to deal with it. At least while we still have a Moral and Ethical Compass to go by.

At least the CCFM has made a stand for what Scripture tells us is right on this subject. So much so that it forced us to leave an organization that we thought stood by God’s word and every letter of it. (Key words here are, “EVERY letter of it”). Not the ones someone feels should be accepted or not. But every letter !

Mankind does have a choice, the question is where will the line be drawn on Morality and Ethics in Society and in the Faith. Liberalism in my opinion, is the downfall of mankind. Not the Conservative values or stance… (+)

Something to think about. Christ says to Love one another, and I do. Every Man, Woman and Child, even those that disagree and even show intolerance with my comments and stance. But that is their problem, not mine or this ministry. Yes we have in place tough standards and I will go as far as stating a “ZERO TOLERANCE” towards deceiving the flock by manipulation of the Holy Word of God our Lord and Savior. All of His words (Old and New Testament) are Sacred and hold value and truth.

Sincerely IHS and yours, providing a platform for all that is Sacred and Righteous in our world and the next.
Abp. Andrew Manley


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Attention: Public Notice of the HSACCFM

Embossed Design - HSACCFM - 2015

The Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

Monastery and Convent Programs of the

Order of St. Benedictine Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Being a Monk or Sister in Christ

The Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry is seeking men and women over the age of 18 years old, world-wide to enter into our Monastery and Convent programs with our Saint Benedictine Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Our program is designed to encourage a spiritual growth through structured guidance and education. We offer all those accepted into the Monastery and Convent Programs the opportunity to study through our online courses with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Seminary of Theology, at no cost or charge except if one wishes a hard copy of their certificate or diploma. All will receive one via email upon completion of the program structure. Which then, maybe printed out, at their convenience at no charge except what it costs one to do so.

All of our Candidates remain where they live. Their homes and apartments become their Monastery and or Convent. Their studies are done at a pace that fits their time frame, desire and dedication to complete the program studies and succeed to the next level of service to the church and to the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ. And they are mentored and guided by our Ordained Clergy with the Church planting they chose.

Note: the costs one accrues are ones own responsibility. As they are for all members of Clergy throughout the world. But we will help the individual to find the best quality and price for what they need as part of the mentoring program.

Church Plantings

We offer three Church Planting Programs which is like noting any religious organization has to offer. It is the goal of the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry to break down the religious bearers that have caused so much delusion in dogma and theology. With respect to the dishonor of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and mankind. That is among the faithful and those seeking the true answers of Gods word for this life and the next. Yet leaving in the best of the traditional and combined respects to the relationship of the Church (relationship with Christ Jesus), as a whole and as the foundation. With it being built as the Corner Stone of ones faith and understanding which is being Christ centered in one’s life and ministry on a daily basis.

Our three Church Plantings are;

1.) The Holy See of Antioch Evangelical Church of the Celtic Cross, which is part of our Non-Denominational Christian Church Ministry Program and Division. Adhering to the standard principles of Christian Belief and Faith as it pertains to the Divine Teachings of the Gospels and word of God through a Protestant understanding and relation of the Sacraments.

2.) The Holy See of Antioch Canonical Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross. This being our Celtic Catholic Church Ministry and Division. Based on a more Orthodox teaching but with a foundational relationship being followed by the first 10 plus centuries of Christianity. Meaning the faithful meeting and worshiping a few individuals coming together or within small groups of central communities within private homes, chapels and buildings of worship. Or even along with the public meetings / services, offered in the open air of the great outdoors or better known as in Gods Cathedral. Or maybe even in small or large groups held in private yards, or fields, public or private parks and the such. Yet still performing the sacraments of the Universal Faith of the Church or rather Catholic Faith of the Church (whichever way one prefers to call it), as it was preformed in the day’s of old, but through a standard Mass structure of worship.

3.) The Holy See of Antioch Re-formed Old Roman Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross, in this planting we worship our Lord through a more Modern Mass setting and Liturgy with the Sacraments. More so to what the Catholic Faithful are more used to today but with the traditions leaning towards the Anglican and Liberal Catholic ceremony of worship. That being more traditional in its presentation of the worship service, liturgy and ceremonies themselves.

What we expect

As one can see, we are not your typical stereo type of Ministry. We are progressive and yet traditional in respects to structure and organization. We are governed by our Canons, Code of Ethics and the knowledge of moral turpitude that opposes the ways of our Lord God’s ways and laws for one’s life. Remembering always to do that which we know is right in the eyes of God and Mankind which are set at a higher standard within our Statement of Belief. Knowing that we will stand in judgment at a higher level of righteousness and persecution, than any land or country could minister or enforce.

We hope you are encouraged to take the calling which you have serious and to the next level. Following the guidance of your heart and soul to join us in ministry which our Lord guides you. He has led you here now to read and to pray on, what we here at the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry stand for and are doing on an individual and global scale.

Were here to help you with that structure and guidance, to be more fulfilled spiritually and disciplined in devotion and dedication. That is to say, to that spiritual growth and relationship one seeks to have with God the Father. That is to give one a better understanding of our Lord’s ways for their life and of those one influence day-to-day.

We are called to be instruments of His, Peace and Love, an example and representation of Him, our Lord Jesus upon the world. We are to present ourselves Holy, Clean and as white as Snow spiritually. This is the goal of a devoted Brother and Sister of the Monastery and Convent programs with the Order of St. Benedict and the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry.

Let us help you to make the decision to join us in Brotherhood and Sisterhood with our St. Benedictine Monastery and Convent orders. Request your application today. And if you have questions, were here to help give you an answer that will help you make the right decision and hopefully, that being with the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry. So email us now, with your request for an application. And start your life anew in following our Lord in this very special form of ministry. You’ll be glad you did.




May our Lord, God bless you and guide you all the days of your life. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely IHS and yours,

The Most Rev. Dr. Archbishop Andrew Robert Moses Manley D.D., Th.D., M.R.Php., B.D.

H.O.S., O.S.A., O.S.P., O.S.B., S.O.E., S.O.BB.

Phone: (440) 949-0573 or (440) 670-4640

Email Address:

Web Address:

A question on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Warriors, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, a question was asked as to what my opinion was on the subject of Sola Scriptura and in return as many know, I am inclined to give a response on certain topics. Even such as this. I hope you will read this and in turn, have a better understanding as to why I preach and teach the way I do. So here is my response on the topic of “Sola Scriptura”…

Sola Scriptura
(Meaning: by Scripture alone or rather only)

To help understand this topic, one needs to relate it in contents. Contents to four other facts that the Holy Scriptures and it’s understanding, alludes to. These would be, 1.) Faith alone/only, 2.) Grace alone/only, 3.) Christ alone/only and 4.) God alone/only. Which knowledge and understanding or interpretation of the scriptures is of and comes from each by and through the Holy Spirit.

The term, Sola Scriptura, stems from a period of history of mankind known as the Protestant Reformation, back in 1517 or as some say the beginning of “Western Christianity”, that is to say in the 16th century. Which is directly a result of the now 34 plus thousand beliefs of Christian faith. Meaning it is what caused the “split” of the Christian faith as we experience it today between denominations and belief.

At least it is my personal opinion as to the respects to the understanding of scripture, interpretation and traditions with which most denominational thinking and traditions are based. Such as the Holy Sacraments and other examples which were laid down by the actions of Christ and the Apostolic. All of which falls back on the four understandings of scripture now known as doctrine and or theology of each body of Christ known simply as the “Church or rather Faith”.

The Church today is still and will remain split until the issue of doctrine is resolved by the Holy Trinity at the time yet to come, known as the rapture. The return of Christ which will be to claim His chosen in the Apocalypse known as Armageddon. At least that is my opinion.

However, it is by choice that mankind is given by God’s love to man through Grace alone, that can bring the body known as the flock of the church/churches, back to the center core of belief/faith through the scripture. Which in my opinion again, will be the second Reformation of the body of Christ/Church.

Again, in my opinion it is the “Independent – Universal/Catholic body of churches” be they called Catholic or Non-Denominational, which will be the leaders of this second meeting of the minds and hearts/spirit of mankind, preparing all those living, to repent and turn from the misguidance of man and Satan through their personal traditions of doctrine and theology. Returning the whole body of Christ/Church/Flock of lost souls, back to the basics of the one belief and faith in the “Holy Trinity”. Meaning the core or center of a personal or family belief as to living the Holy Word of God through the general knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the scriptures.

Man has an uncanny way of getting in between the Spirit of God and man himself which in turn, causes the confusion and the impending doom of humanity. Over all else but not limiting it to and through but to include it to the seven deadly sins which are, 1.) Wrath, 2.) Greed, 3.) Slothfulness, 4.) Pride, 5) Lust, 6.) Envy and 7.) being Gluttony.

Which in most cases can and will be the cause of yet, another split within the faith. However, there is hope, grace, mercy, and love of the Holy Trinity for mankind, that will bring calm, understanding and the faithful back to the original banner of Christ, known as the body of the Church making it one, once again through faith, reverence and devotion to Him and mankind.

There is much more that can and will be discoursed on this topic in the days and years to come but, only through the very will, of those that want the body (Christ’ Church/Flock), to know the true truth of God for themselves as well as for the world. This will then and only then be the beginning of and the ebullience or rather in enabling factor to breakdown the divisions that keep the faith of Christ apart from one another. (In my opinion).

Sincerely yours in service to the one Christ, Jesus our Lord and Savior of all mankind,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley, DD., O.S.A., O.S.P., S.O.BB., S.O.M.A.
Of the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry and the New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross and the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross, Celtic Cross Ministry and the Christian Warrior Network.

Just for the Ladies…

Weather you are a Non-Denominational Christian Woman or an Independent Catholic Woman, I would like to  Introduce  to you our ministries, Mother Superiors.

Mother Superior
Linda Ann Kreeger O.S.MM.
Director of the Sisterhood of the Holy Order of Saint Mary Magdalene

Mother Superior Linda Ann Kreeger O.S.MM. of the Order of Saint Mary Magdalene of our Non-Denominational Christian Ministry the New Horizons Church of the Celtic Cross & Director of the Sisterhood associated with this part of our ministry… And yes folks we are very aware that we are the ONLY non-denominational ministry that has a sisterhood of nuns. However, Mother Superior made some very strong points as to why we should have our own order in the Non-Denominational Church and so we have it.

Also meet,
Mother Superior Lady Sheila Tracey Sherwood O.S.B. of the Order of Saint Brigid of Ireland of our Independent Catholic Ministry the Traditional Old Catholic Church of the Celtic Cross & Director of the Sisterhood associated with that part of the ministry… And here to ladies, we believe we are the only Independent Catholic Church Ministry that has an order of nun’s as well. And I must say that the dedication shown by these women is second to “none”. ( lol, a little play on words)…

Mother Superior
Lady Sheila Tracey Sherwood O.S.B.
Director of the Sisterhood to the Holy Order of Saint Brigid of Ireland

So, please keep both Mother Superiors in your prayers as they embark on a good will mission to seek other Christian Women who wish to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church around the world. Bringing them to fellowship and service to Him where ever the Lord takes them and and to those He puts in their paths to join the Holy Sisters of the Convent of Divine Faith, Hope, Charity, as well as the Convent of Charity and Prayer…

On behalf of both Mothers, I personally wish to thank you in advance for your remembering these very devout Women of God, for and in their love and service to the Heavenly Father and all mankind.

Sincerely yours in service to Christ Jesus the King,
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.A., O.S.P.
Celtic Cross Ministry and the Celtic Cross Foundation of Ministry

For More information on the Sisters of Cenobite and their respective Holy Orders,

please follow the link below and see for your self what they are all about in Service to Christ the King. )

Celtic Cross Ministry, on the WWW…

Yes folks  does exist in the world wide web. It has taken several years to get to this point but were here now. And were here to stay. So go ahead and check us out.

It maybe a small presence on the web but it is a start. Call it humble beginnings if you would. We have grown into an international ministry thanks in part from folks just like you. So with you we can only continue to grow. The Holy Trinity has bless Celtic Cross Ministry and with that blessing we will continue to do His will in the world.

If God be for us, who can be against us. Satan and his demons and those that wish to follow them will have their work cut out for them. It is our calling to ready the watchman and prepare the Christian Warrior for battle. Battle everyday and every night around the world. There is to much hate in this world and not enough love. Love of Christ Jesus that is. Well that is going to change right here and right now.

Christ is calling out to you and He is waiting for your answer. You do have a choice, follow the Lord Jesus or follow the devil. It’s your call. It’s your life. It is your eternity. So make the call. Join us and help spread Christianity around the world and in and around you, or stay out of the way.

We are in the time that the Holy Bible states and that being the end of times. We all have our demons to contend with and it’s a lot easier to deal with them when your not fighting alone. Victory and vengeance is the Lords but helping to save souls is something only people can do. You and Christ that is, so pick up the whole armor of God and hold His righteousness in your hand and defend your love for Christ with all you can muster and be rewarded with eternal life in the presence of God the father for eternity.

So folks, follow the link and see what were up to in the name of Jesus Christ and the all’s of heaven. Come and join the ranks of His chosen and faithful, for with your support we can win the battle over evil. And create a place where peace and harmony can and will prevail for all times sake.

Celtic Cross Ministry want you to commit to being a true Christian and a genuine Christian Warrior for God. Now is your chance, now hear the call in your heart and answer that call. There’s plenty of room to grow and use your talents for the glory of God and all of the saints in heaven.

Click the click the link or copy and paste it into your browser and join the world of Christianity and lets give Him thanks and praise for the rest of our lives. Here in the present as well as after death. God loves you and so do we. Celtic Cross Ministry is talking on and meeting the goal that Christ has set forth for us and we will not look back but rather keep our eyes focused on Him. Now and forever, and ever.

Sincerely yours in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.A., O.S.P., )

Remember, were here for you, today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. In other words, forever more. That sure sounds good. Good to know that your not alone in your love and support for Christ Jesus. Amen.

Independent Catholic Sunday Mass

Sunday, August, 12th, 2012

This is the 19th Sunday of ordinary time. Join us with Bishop Bruce to celebrate the word of God for our lives.

This is an Independent Catholic Internet Radio Mass.

Sponsored by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters of Carrebelle, Florida.

E-mail address is… www.ulc

Web site is…

Just food for thought !!!

If it is the littler things in life that make it better, than what of the big things??? A little brotherly love can go a long way but, a lot of love can heal most everything.

Isn’t it wonderful to know how much the Holy Trinity loves you. You might even say the love that you receive is three times as much love as opposed to not knowing the love of Jesus Christ in your life. Just food for thought !!!

May you always have three times as much love around you all the days of your life,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley  DD., O.S.P., O.S.M.  Universal life Church of the Celtic Cross, An Independent Catholic Church and Non-Denominational Christian Church Ministry