I have a Double Life !

I realize that this title may sound cynical or even implement me into some form of who knows what. I assure you it is nothing like that at all. Even though it really may not be so far fetched in away and or even for someone else.

In away we all lead a double life in a way. I mean to say it in a manor that might be obvious to some and than to others, maybe not so much. We as human beings in a way morph into any number of things in the course of our day to day activities. No, I don’t mean it in a since that we turn into some form of Power Ranger or even one of the Ninja Turtles. That would be extreme for just about anyone to be able to do. Also I am not referring to the word morph as some sort of costume and make up drag queen either.

Besides any of these situations might require the need for some sort of mental or psychological intervention in a professional way. That is if it became a life style rather than just for a party of some sort or even an event program. Yes, there is always that sad case when it becomes a reality for someone that maybe schizophrenic to some level or degree. In this case what would be needed is a lot of prayer as well as professional council.

What I am eluding to however, is that our persona changes as quickly as our mood changes. And there should be nothing strange about that. Yet just the that someone has or even would admit to having such a personality or even life, is in away very intriguing. Even I would be curious to know more or see it with my own eyes.

Yet this to is not what I am referring to in this message. So let me just explain it the best way I can. I in a small way, I am trying to take care of two things at one time. Two personalities if you will. Note this is not a strange thing by my standard only do to the fact that I was born in the later month of May. Which make me a Gemini in the Zodiac since of the definition. So in being a twin in this case as it refers to my personality. And so now you understand how I came up with the title.

Anyways, I am trying to live two lives and in doing so I need your help. Yes, I need help. For a person never to admit it, than that would be a person setting themselves up to fail. And a failure I am not. I have accomplished many wonderful things in my short 50 years. Some of it was accomplished on my own and much of it was with help from people just like you.

So here it is. Even if some of you already know what I am about to say, than please bare with me. I don’t ask for much from people because I am a firm believer that people want to help when they can, and in this statement I am asking nothing less. That is with no pressure on you, do as I ask. But please go with your heart. For when one leads with their heart than positive things are accomplished for both parties. With this said, and please note that it is very difficult for me to even say it. I need your help to aid me to continue to accomplish what Christ put into my heart to do and to what I have set out to accomplish to do in that mission. That is to say to build a program that will be in operation long after I am called away from this existence. As we all will someday.

My double life has come about by a life changing event for me. And I do not regret it one bit. For it put me on the road of life I am now. And it is a wonderful life. See I am not only a Minister of our Lords service, but because I have never asked anyone for tithes, mainly because those that I work with now are destitute in their own life and just scraping by to say the least. Anyways, last year I began to try and figure out away that I could continue to the Lords work, full time and still make a living at least part time. So I have been looking into the affiliate marketing business and though it is a every tough racket to excel at, I figured it is my best shot. Due to my circumstances at this present time in my life.

So with that said I am sure you have noticed at the top of my ministry word-press blog, there are several links for folks like yourself, can go and checkout the service or product available. And only if you like it, because I would not want it any other way. Than I ask that you please continue all the way to the checkout for with each item bought by you, I receive a communication. And it is a lot better to have this type of income come in to support myself and the ministry than to put pressure on those that I help that can’t really do so. That situation doesn’t work for anyone and it may also cause these fragile lives to loss faith and than pull away from our Lord instead of giving them selves 100% to him.

Which is the whole purpose in ministry right, Helping others. Well as I said this is difficult for me to ask even of you. But maybe, if you are unable to help me than maybe you can re-post this message and pass onto someone that might be able and willing to help this ministry to go on. Even though I have been ministering for many, many years, I have only started this part three years ago. And to this day I have not asked anyone for aid and by the Grace of the Father we now have helped many people around the world with services I provide to them and to those here locally with me here in northeast Ohio.

If you like I have another site here on word-press that I have started to help folks to get into this venture and in doing so there are several programs that I will be adding over time that won’t even cost a penny. In other words there are things right now on these sites that are free. Absolutely, free.

See I’m not a guru in this stuff and nor do I want to be. I just want to offer something to you that I found to be a help or interesting. That maybe could help you in someway or even for someone you may know. Well I’ve said enough but if you would like to send me a message with your ideas for products and or services, I would love to hear from you. And if you like what I am trying to do or not, I’d like to hear that as well. For in every ones life there is room for improvement.

The sites for now are located at this blog which is,

and also at,

So it is like I have said, I have a double life. Quite mannered as a minister by day and marketeer by night. I just had to say that you know…. 🙂

Also that you know, I will always keep the two separate from each other as to the products and services offered. I also want you to know how deeply appreciated I am that you have taken a bit of time out of your day to even read this message in the first place. I am so very grateful and humbled.
Thank you so very much for your show of support. God bless you from my heart to yours.

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P. ~ Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross
Email: celticcrossministry@gmail.com

A. Manley Company ~ Affiliate Marketing International
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To members of clergy on a day of prayer for those that Mourn…

by Msgr. Andrew Manley
Dear Brothers and Sisters, of the cloth of Christ’ service on earth. I start this statement off in this way for a very specific reason. That is, as each of us that are committed to the cause of prayer and or even fasting on this auspices occasion I would like to point out that this day of prayer for those that are in mourning should also include ourselves, as we who maybe called upon to a bedside of the dieing and or dealing with those around that are also dealing with the immanent effects of administering the sacrament of the sick and also called last rights in the Catholic faith of Christianity.

We as ministers of the life and word of the Holy Trinity are called upon to do something that many people could not, and that is to help bring calm, guidance and compassion into a situation that may have no order. This in it’s self, can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to dealing with those that have just lost a child or even a life long companion. We must first be able to keep ourselves from getting to wrapped up in the moment of sporadic emotional turmoil.

What I am alluding to is this, we have to be able to have come to grips with the level of loss, suffering and grief in our own lives before we can except the responsibilities of being the comforter to those that may or may not be of a spiritual acceptance or understanding. We our selves need to pray for all members of the clergy that are and or will be called upon to preform such an emotional task. Yes we can rely on our on strengths of spiritual guidance but in some cases it is better to be true to ones self and or know ones own limitations and maybe in a word, be a bigger person, and that is to step aside and or between now and then (meaning, the call to preform last rights and or to console those that grieve), we should draw from each other an understanding of not only the process of death or rather stages of death but also the stages of grief as well. Yes granted prayer can and will get us through the situation but at what cost to our own spiritual life.

I suggest that care be given to this subject and would ask that we each take some time to pray for one another so as to show a level of support within our own ministries. There are organizations in most every community that deal with the terminally ill and those that suffer along with them. Some organizations are the Hospice, or maybe a religious nursing program or even attending community programs dealing with palliative care and intervention. These to will better equip ourselves with not only the spiritual armor of the word of God but also the spiritual armor of humanity and compassion.

Please forgive my rant, but this is a subject I have personally had to deal with for the better part of three to four decades of my own personal walk in spirituality. I would like you all to remember what our lord Jesus said in two parts, 1st the book of Luke chapter 4, verse 18 the latter part of this verse, “to set at liberty them that are bruised”. Also in verse 23, of Luke where Christ says “physician, heal thyself”. Granted both quotes are somewhat taken out of contents, but it is left to interpretation. When I read this, it was like Christ, Himself put it into my heart to pass along here. That is that we know our calling to minister is of God or other wise we would not be here. But we are to take an understanding of what ministering is and or should be. Yes, we are called to pray, but prayer without meat is and empty plate. We are also called to be that same example of comforter as Christ was, and although, when He referred to that part of verse 23, I felt our Father saying inside of me say to be vigilant to the expectations of ministry under adverse circumstances such as death and grief.

On a final note I would suggest to all clergy to explore educational means outside of your comfort zone to help aid you as a minister of the great comforter. Acquire the armor needed to show support into how to respond to immediate circumstances, such as rolling up on a tragic scene or even dealing with the consoling and counseling of those dealing directly with a long term illness or those that have to move on and get over the dangerous aspects of depression, guilt or even conflict.

So please, please take a few moments during this day of prayer and pray for one another and as for those that may not be comfortable or even ready to deal with such situations as the grief and or dieing of others, aiding them both through the gauntlet of emotional exasperation. To consider looking into ways to aid you in becoming a better comforter yourself.

May God bless our meager prayers and thoughts and exhort them with a true compassion of His grace that only He could ever provide.

Sincerely your newest brother in the service of Christ Jesus’ the true comforter of all mankind.
Msgr. Andrew R. M. Manley DD. O.S.M. Chaplain