State of the art TECHNOLOGY begins in Northeast Ohio…

Folks from time to time something comes along that is so impressive that you just have to tell everyone you come into contact with and with the blessings of one of our regional TV News Agencies here in Northeast Ohio (WKYC Channel 3 an NBC affiliate) aired this story of an innovative new company that has developed a painting process that is sure to take the world by surprise.

It’s a really cool story on a new type of painting process. And as we like to say up here in Northern Ohio ” See the Possibilities” and I’m sure you will. It is absolutely revolutionary and it is one of those things that can and will change the world in ways that can not be totally fathomed to date.

So check this story out and share it and leave your comments. We would love to hear what you think and what possibilities you can come up with for its use. Click the link below and be amazed !!!

Light Based Paint Technology