City Club Cleveland, Ohio – On the Vatican…

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City Club of Cleveland Ohio

My personal comment and thought to this broadcast.

If you are a member if the “Catholic Church”, you need to listen to this. The good, the bad and even the ugly of what is at the very core of the Church today. And yet, though we the many are frustrated with the Vatican, we still very much love our Faith. There is a difference between the two. The Church is changing and so must the “Faithful”.

I have my own personal view and feels as to the Roman Catholic Church and by choice and by being lead by my heart, which by the way belongs to Jesus Christ. I have chosen to be an Independent Catholic / Universalism, which is Catholic. Yes I do operate two fold ministry and I take great pains to break down the barriers that hinder the movement of the Holy Spirit among the masses. We folks, you are the masses.

The love of Christ is not denominational. At least, not any more. If we do not begin to work together as a family of the Holy Trinity I have to say that billions of souls will be lost to Satan and his demons which oppose “Christianity” and the Church / God’s Church with all the vigor it can from in fighting to miss guided philosophies of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. The answer to it all is You! The masses, individuals that can see through and past the rose colored glasses that are distorting the love of the world and it’s hope for salvation. That is Our Lord and the worlds Savior, Jesus Christ.

So take a few moments and listen to this wonderful insider message to the goings on of the Holy City, one of the oldest religious institutions left in the world and which most every Christian faith that is in existence today owe their  understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ to. Weather they chose to believe it or not, it is the facts.

There is room for all peoples in the love of Christ Jesus, in this world, but not if we just stand back and let it “Christianity” fall to rune. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are reaching out for your help. Are you just going to sit back and ignore what is happening, or are you going to listen to your heart for once maybe, and know what God is wanting of you.  And be willing to do it at all cost?

It’s not hate, it’s not anger, it’s not frustration. It is however, unity! True Christian brotherhood as well as sisterhood. We can make a difference and for God’s sake, we must make a difference NOW!!!

Sincerely yours in the fellowship of our Lord Jesus,

Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD.