Your help is very NEEDED… Please…

Warriors, Your help is needed, please click the link below and if God leads your heart to help Karen and her son through a real tough time please do so. Time is running out. And there are few if any options left for them. This is very, very important to me.

I don’t and have not asked anyone for tithes and only once in 4 years have I asked for a love offering to help this ministry and at no time has anyone ever sent help. That is OK, in my heart I never really expected anyone to come to my aid.

But this is different. It’s not for me but for two people who I know very, very well and who when I was homeless, helped me out and yes their story here is true. I have even been helping these folks out by putting them in contact with state and county agencies here in Ohio but to no avail.

Now they have no where to turn and I am still doing what I can to help them. Karen and Jon are really good people and they really do, need your help. So please do what you can and donate even a few dollars.  For every dollar truly does help.

Remember what goes around comes around and who knows, you might find yourself or someone you know in this same type of situation. Besides you know as well as I do that God loves a cheerful giver and that you will be blessed 100 fold for doing so. Thank you with all my heart and prayers…

Center of the Universe !

Christian Warriors and people of the world,

Many, many, many years ago, man thought that this plant (earth) was the center of the universe. Over time men figured out that the Sun is the center of the universe.

Well I’m here to tell you that the Sun is not the center of the universe but rather the Son is the center of the universe. For without the Son, the universe would not exist. So here is a suggestion for the whole human race, that being, why not be a “SON” worshiper?

You can even start today, for there is no time like the present to say thank you Father for the SON, and His light that shines upon all of us, everyday.

With fatherly love for His children, I’m sure he’ll keep the light on for the world to see and find their way…

Sincerely, yours in the service of the SON.
Bishop Andrew R. M. Manley DD., O.S.P., O.S.M.
Universal Life Church of the Celtic Cross.